Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 18

Last Stand

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2010 on USA

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  • And finally, Burn Notice delivers in a big way.

    Can an entire series be saved in 10 minutes? Because I think this series might have just been.

    I have been with Burn Notice from the beginning, and I have been disappointed with the last couple seasons, and even more so, the finales to those seasons. To me, Burn Notice has really come up short when it mattered most, including the ridiculous shoot out with Barrett in the last finale. Well, the majority of this episode, again, was pretty lackluster, and I was having serious doubts about whether this series still had some entertainment value left in it. Then, everything changed once Michael came up with his Last Stand plan. His decision to sacrifice himself for his friends and mother really ratcheted up the suspense, and frankly, would have made a great series ender. But then, even better, Fiona redeems her character by making the same decision, choosing to stand with Michael to the end rather than running for it with Jesse. This is an all time great moment for this series. Gabrielle and Donovan's acting in that near final scene with them was as good as it gets. Of course, we had Sam to the rescue to continue the series. It looks like Jesse was sent off on a great note and Michael is back with the CIA. In short, Season 5 looks great. I'll be back!
  • Another amazing finale to another great season.

    This was purley the best Burn Notice episode, I think, of the series. It censored around one thing: Survival. The title fits well with the theme of the episode, as Michael, Fi and Jesse are cramed up in a hotel room as Vaughn and about 100 special forces assault guys come and try to kill Michael and take the list of people that burned him.

    This season had a lot of things happen in it, including the burning of Jesse, the finding of the bible, and Michael working for the people that burned him once again, and this sums it all up in a great way.

    Another thing this episode does that's great, is prepare for Season 5. The question is...how does it prepare for Season 5? The ending will shock you more then....anything. A must watch Burn Notice episode that puts past finales and past episodes in it's place.
  • 418

    The season finale of Burn Notice here today, and a shocking episode it was. We now know that the burn goes all the way to Washington, and I think this leaves the door open to a lot of potentially great things in Season 5, but with this revelation there is also the chance of butchering the show we all know and love completely too. Interested to see how that develops.

    There was a lot of action here today though and quite frankly that is what you want to see from a Burn Notice season finale. It served its purpose, but frankly, I have seen better episodes of the show.