Burn Notice

Season 2 Episode 16

Lesser Evil

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2009 on USA

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  • The Finale

    Love the action and explosion, Michael and Victor teaming up to take on Carla's squad priceless. We all knew Carla would meet the situation she did, but for me it's still predicable in the story area. There really isn't that many changes to the show, I have a feeling season 3 is going to be the same ol' thing. The finale shouldn't be the only greatest episode of the season, I expect a lot in season 3 because it indicates change, Michael chose not to have his life as a CIA agent back and stay in Florida, even though I would have liked some drama and twists before making that possible for him but it's done. Compare to prime time channel shows, this lacks story development to me its an action explosion show. If it was just me I would not try to do a story and just do a CSI and just help people that way it can focus on one thing and make it great. Their story is what turns me off.
  • Season Finale... and what an awesome episode. This episode discloses the issues motivating VICTOR (Michael Shanks)and also the bond between Michael, Fiona, and Sam. The ending was surprising and exciting! It's a "must-see" episode!!

    An AWESOME Finale!! I believe this series to be one of the very best on television!! I enjoy the adventures, excitement, love interest, and also the humor.
    Michael Shanks was Fantastic as Victor! At first it appeared that Victor was a 'bad guy', which I bet Michael Shanks enjoyed portraying.
    Jeffrey Donovan is Amazing as Michael Westen. His gorgeous smile and incredible good looks are bonuses to a great story!!
    I am also thoroughly enjoying Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe. I first became a fan of Bruce's years ago when he starred in the TV show 'The Adventures of Bristol County, Jr.'. I believe he brings a lot to the show!
    I am looking forward to next season's new adventures.
  • Speachless.... one of the greatest season's finale ever.

    I was a bit dissapointed with season's one finale , it didn't seem like a good ending , but this one was something special. Helicopters , boats , fast speed cars , C4 , home made bombs , snipers , shotguns ; this was a classic action masterpiece. Michael finally gets his freedom which can be a bit more dangerous than what he thinks. Fiona's wishes comes to true when she gets to kill Carla. Besides the main theme of the episode which was excellent and perfectly setted, I think Madeliene's side story was amazing too. It was a great season I am glad there will be a season 3 because this finale could have easily be the end of the series but looks we have much more Michael Westen to come.
  • Season 2 raps up with a bang.

    This episode was just incredable. It felt like a high speed roler coaster ride that took a billion twists and turns for the better. The story arc for the past 7 episodes followed Michael looking for the person that tried to kill him by blowing up his loft. Michael eventually found out that that very person used to work for Carla and is now rebeling against her, the very thing Michael has been wanting to do since the start. Michael finds a common enemy with Victor and they ally to take down that enemey, Carla, who is under heavy watch by her bosses, 'Management.'

    The end finds Victor and Michael setting off to blackmail Carla when Victor is shot by a sniper. Carla is shot by Fiona and Michael is off to meet with Carla's boss, the man that burned him.

    This was a wonderful episode because it rapped up the amazing storyline in Season 2 and Michael finally meets the man who burned him. But now a new issue stands, since Michael is free, but at what cost? Off to Season 3.
  • Michael is free.

    The first half hour of this episode fell flat. I have to admit that, despite being such a big fan of B Note. But the second half kicked into full gear and we got some really great action. The finale of the first half of season 2 was intense, but this was just on a whole other level.

    Carla dying made me upset, as she has been such a great villain on the series, but this should open some new doors. I'm excited for Season 3 after seeing this, even if it is months away. I think we're in store for a completely revitalized series after what happened in the final moments.
  • All in all, nothing too special here for a finale.

    Wow, I havent done a review on here for a long time now.

    Back to business though, for a regular episode it didnt disappoint, good episode and good story, with a small piece of the puzzle put in place.

    BUT, it wasnt a regular episode, it was the season finale, so IMO, it did disappoint, well me anyway. It didnt have anything special, nothing to keep the viewers hooked for next season(actually whats the deal with that, is it coming back, I would hope so) but since I really enjoy Burn Notice, im coming back regardless.

    I give the episode 7/10, because of my high expectations.
  • Michael has an adversary named Victor who has tried to kill him a number of times. He works with Victor to get them both out from under Carla's control. Sam and Fiona play a major role as well. This episode sets up the third season starting in June.

    Basically a really smooth piece of TV in the plot, dialogue and acting. I personally think this cast is one of the best in television today. This show is an excellent setup for the third season episodes as well as a climax to the last set of episodes proceeding it. We find out some major information about how and why Michael was burned and how difficult it will be for him to truly return to his former life.

    Victor the man who has tried to murder Michael on a number of occasions turns out to have an interesting story and through some great scenes involving lots of action and intrigue Michael and he end up working together to bring down Carla. It turns out Carla isn't the little innocent or messenger we all possibly thought. She has a checkered past herself and everything seems to be riding on Michael's decisions and which way he goes.

    The climax of this episode is a well done ballet of many pieces that come together complete with some deaths and some very revealing conversation. I won't ruin the specifics, but let's just say tune in for some really interesting stories in June.

    Sam, Fiona, and Michael's Mom Madeline all play a part in this exciting stories many parts that culminates with the final scene. You really have to admire "Michael's Team" as some real pros with obvious trust and expertise. Madeline shows some real guts in the end as well. Somehow I always suspected she would when the chips were down.

    This was an excellent piece of television and will go down as one of the best Burn Notice episodes ever. I am looking forward to finding out about some of Michael's former adversaries and how upset they really are with him.

    Thanks for reading...
  • This episode was put together very well, much better then last seasons ender. The way this episode ends opens an entire new world for what may happen to Michael, his friends, and family.

    After kidnapping Victor, Michael gets him to spill his story, which is quite a sad story. Michael learns about what Carla has done to Victor, and what shes done to his family to make him join the ops. After hearing his story, Michael decides to bite the bullet and trust Victor by working with him to give special information about Carla to her superiors, to hopefully remove her from ruining their lives even more. Sam is assigned security duty for Michaels mother, and Fiona helps Michael out for a little while, then they all come together again.

    This episode was written very well, the story was definitely not something I saw coming. I was disappointed that Victor dies (especially shocked about who finally kills him!). I liked his attitude and his sarcasm, but I suppose he needed to die for the story line to be smooth. I'm definitely eager to see some of Michael's enemies come back to bite him in the behind, since he decided not to continue to be "protected" by the agency that was after him...
  • Victor and Michael play cat and mouse with Carla and the company with Michael's loved one's every day lives in the balance.

    Two Michael Weston's is better than one. Well at least for one episode anyway.

    This was one of the best episodes they've ever done. It was rock solid. It was very focused without separate story lines competing and dilluting each other in the normal typical every day Burn Notice episode. This is just about as good as this show gets.

    The Michael/Fiona relationship kept it's minimalist pace but was very effective.

    I think Michael's mom has some secrets we don't know about herself the way she seems to handle herself in these situations. I knew Victor was in trouble when I realized how talented and effective he was. There isn't enough room for both of them in this town. And a few minutes later on the show I got my answer.

    Now, why is this review not a 10? Well there were some things that I couldn't ignore. I felt the Carla character who had also been handled in a minimalist way was really wasted. They build her up and than they discard her without any real meaningful pay off. To me at the least I want to know who you are and than you can go. The least they could have done for us fans who watched the entire season was to show us her file. But oh well I guess it's managements turn to shine.

    And I also kind of have a problem that this group who has had Michael under their thumb for two seasons now don't bug his mother's house anymore. Don't secure her back or side door and are kept out by glorified firecrackers. Look I'm willing to overlook this because this was such a great episode, but your not going to get a 10 out of me that way.

    But let me repeat this was a great episode and I wish more episodes were as good as this one. I believe this was the first time Michael actually lost a client. But we all know this show will be back to the normal clients as usual come next season, but this show is still great and I can't wait for the Summer.
  • From start to finish this episode is classic burn notice.

    If you have never watched this show or seen the billion ads on USA I think this might be a good place to start. I mean the show has been great so far but this season finale opened up a whole new plethora of possibilities! It starts with a brief overview of whats been going on so far and then it dives right into the great elements that make this show so good. You see Michael get a client, you see Fi with explosives, you see Sam be the coolest best friend an already way too cool spy can have AND you see a mother who truly loves her son. Plus you have great guest stars like john mahoney, michael shanks and tricia helfer. With a great twist and an even greater cliffhanger this show is just the coolest of USA's series.
  • What a Finale!!! Simply the Best...And a goldmine opportunity for writers in Season 3..

    What a Finale!!! I love this show even more now. I have never given a review on tv.com but this episode just had to be my debut, i mean the finale was that damn good!!.This episode has opened up endless possibilities of what Michael Weston, our lovable, resourceful spy will face in series 3 and i just can't wait.

    Everyone can be in danger in season 3 and i hope the show executives make the next season like there's no tomorrow.

    I'm not sure why there aren't any popular shows about CIA spies..There's THE Unit which is comparable (not exactly about spies but they end up being one anyway)

    If u can recommend any other shows along this genre from your own experience, i'd be great full ( not 24 though)
  • Unquestionably a ten out of ten.

    Great plot, acting, music, and camera work. They did some interesting camera angles and made it really edgy. The ending was fantastic. I loved it. I even loved the car chases which normally are not my thing but they were creatively and compellingly done this time. Tons of adrenaline. It was exciting every minute right up to the last, best minute. Wow. I didn't expect to love it this much. It kind of stunned me how good it was! bye bye carla. The episode tied together a lot of issues and sets up season three nicely, assuming there is going to be one? ...............? Yup, just checked and there is, that's a relief - I am after this episode now really happily anticipating the next round. p.s. one small area they could improve on is making the Madeline character a little more believable - her character has such potential and is in a bit of a rut right now - if they rise to the occasion and start doing her character justice again anything they come up with for her I'm sure Sharon Gless can pull off.
  • This episode changes everything. The choices Michael makes will have a lasting impact on the series, and this show seeks to not disappoint.

    While not technically a two-part episode like the last season finale, it follows a similar format that they used in that episode. People are hunting Michael down, except this time he has much more information and knowledge about who his enemy is. It pushes everything to a pivotal climax and there is a constant stream of surprises along the way.

    Michael captured Victor, renegade member of this "Burn Notice club" who finally gives some much needed information on who Michael has been dealing with. It appears that he was not burned for any specific reason, it was a regular recruitment process that Victor and even Carla had to go through.

    I have to give special mention to Michael Shanks and his Victor. The guy constantly looks like he is about to snap and has lost a little of his sanity. As part of his story, the only real surprise in store is that they give him a powerful bit of backstory to humanize him. But it was not to make him all cuddly and "misunderstood," his backstory also compels his actions in the current story.

    Everyone here is used to great extent, Sam provides Mama Westen some protection, Fiona does some impressive pyrotechnics and Michael takes risks banking on his skills to get him out of the way. What is unique about this episode is that there are no side-stories, no other thing to worry about. Dealing with these people takes priority over everything else.

    And finally Michael has a chat with "The Management" as the title card explains. Michael is given an ultimatum to either keep in contact with them or be exposed to the full fury of his past enemies. Michael says he can deal with them and he has proven that in the past. I am interested in the new direction this implies. The "Burn Notice Club" is more then likely to return but for right now Michael has no place to go, for him nothing has really changed. But what makes this episode so good is that it reveals a much larger world then they were accustomed to. It is no longer about the dealings going on in Miami. If anything this opens things up to a whole different storyline.

    Things change, and Burn Notice will likely stay on target with its usual episode formula, but despite that formula they are not afraid of producing dynamic episodes like this.
  • Season 2 finale time! In the explosive season finale, Michael learns some surprising facts about Victor's past, and is forced to choose sides in a final showdown. If you need me I'll be buying some Christmas lights, non dairy creamer and some gun powder…

    Plot Synopsis (S02E16) – In the explosive season finale, Michael learns some surprising facts about Victor's past, and is forced to take on Carla in a final showdown. We find out that Victor's family was killed by Carla (douche). Michael decides its time to pick sides, and decides to put his faith in Victor, which Carla doesn't take too lightly and goes to extreme measures to stop her two rogue spies.

    Things end badly for Carla and Victor, but Michael gets to meet the Management (played by John Mahoney) who lets him know that they've been the ones keeping his enemies at bay, and that turning his back on them will lead to more trouble than its worth for Michael – of course Michael decides to take his chances.

    More Thoughts on 'Lesser Evil':

    - Michael Shanks was great as Victor to the very end, no remnants of Daniel Jackson from SG-1 in there.

    - Madeline really cares for Michael and it really comes through in this episode

    - Fi and the audience of seeing Carla taken out the only way she should have – from Fi's bullet 'Finally!'

    - Great moment between Victor and Michael when Michael finally had to kill him. Played to full emotional effect by Jeffrey Donovan.


    Bottom Line: What a fantastic and overall satisfying season finale. The entire season as a whole has been one to talk about and I'll cover that more in my final thoughts. More at www.theplurp.com
  • wow

    I can't think of a better way to end the season... this episode is perfect! Michael captured Victor and learns why Victor is going after Carla and then decides to trust Victor and try to take down Carla and her bosses. Also, Michael's mom is angry that no one is telling her what's going on and ends up being truly selfless and allowing Sam and Fiona to go help Michael. I love Victor. His character is hilarious and mysterious and I couldn't think of a better end of his storyline. I almost cried when he got shot and poor Michael! In the end, Michael takes his chances and jumps off the helicopter. Supposedly, now we're going to see some of Michael's old enemies which should be interesting. Carla is dead, Victor is dead, and Michael and the family and friends are free! Great episode filled with action, great humor, great character dynamics between Victor and Michael, great sensitive quiet moments... just a perfect episode. I don't know how they can top this one.