Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 3

Made Man

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 17, 2010 on USA
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When dangerous mobsters threaten a port worker, Michael takes on the case. With Jesse, Michael also looks for intel on an underground-artillery operation.

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  • this episode was in line with the quality of the other episodes in season 4. Mediocre

    I have watched Burn Notice from the pilot episode and have been a fan ever since. I like the cast/characters and the way they interact with each other. However, this episode is much the same as the previous episodes from this season. This episode was medicore at best. The action was missing, they have taken Sam and Fiona (Spelling?) and made them much smaller rolls and have made the show now about Michael and his new buddy. the drama is gone, the comedy is gone and the action is gone...it's just kind of a dead season thus far. Disappointing to say the least.moreless
  • 403

    The first episode of season 4 I scored a 6.5, the second a 7, and this one a 7.5. If that trend continues then the next few episodes should be nothing short of outstanding.

    I am not sure how I feel about the Jesse character just yet, I personally do not like the notion of a new crew member, but I will give it time. B Note could use a little shaking up and I suppose this is the way to go.

    The episode was high on action like always, but a little bit low on substance. I feel like they are forcing this void between Madeline and Michael for no reason and we really do not need this.

    This episode got less viewers than Royal Pains for the first time ever. If that is not a sign that Season 4 needs to improve, I do not know what is.moreless
  • Another step in the Jesse story arc. It's still early in the season but the character progression for Jesse (and corresponding reveals about Mike/Fiona/Sam) are nothing short of phenomenal.

    Another step in the Jesse story arc. It's still early in the season but the character progression for Jesse (and corresponding reveals about Mike/Fiona/Sam) are nothing short of phenomenal.

    Madeline's confrontation with Michael shows just how uncomfortable she is with his past. Despite defending Michael to the bitter end in season 2, some part of her knew Mike was capable of those things the FBI agent was showing her. Jesse's burn notice demonstrates that Michael's actions have consequences in his professional AND personal life. I'm glad the writers didn't take the cliché way out and ignore the family implications.

    It's becoming abundantly clear that the trio of Michael, Fiona, and Sam come from shades of gray while Jesse is uncompromising and blunt. Jesse was the only team member to stop those thugs from beating the security guard and his backstory re: his mom demonstrate the clear cut personality driving him. While his intentions are noble, Jesse is a crusader... which will be unhealthy for Michael should Vaughn ever turn Jesse to the dark side (it's coming trust me).

    Jesse's repeat of Michael's lines during the beat up scene. Fiona smiling at the deja vu. Classic burn notice. It's little touches like this that set BN apart from mindless action shows of the week.


    +Madeline adds more complications to the Jesse burn notice

    +Fiona sounds American again (yay!)

    +Sam's dislike for Jesse sharing his private space with the bad guy

    +Jesse not really a team player


    -bad guy seemed a little too eager to follow Sam's lead (slightly nitpicky but understandable for pacing purposes of a one hour show)

    -the client is a security guard? really? after all is said and done, you would think the team could suggest he find a different line of work (what's stopping the next pair of thugs from beating the tar out of him?)moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Featured Music:
      "El Rey De La Calle" by Rabia Cirga (Opening scenes)
      "Run & Play" by Jordan Harris and Gabriel Moses (Cargo investigation)
      "MDV-LPM 30888RH" by Latin Pulse Music (Surveillance on Tony)
      "Thin Thread" (Instrumental) by Elyzium (Michael builds a bug)
      "Unstoppable" by Santigold (Kidnapping)
      "Cloudy Toys" by Keith Hillebrandt (Sam as Chuck)
      "El Mareito" by Combinacion de la Habana (The team briefs Hank)
      "Nightrage" by Blues Saraceno (The plan is executed)
      "House Of Rage" by Beat Chamber (Sam and Tony reconsider)
      "MDV- Epic Electric" by Turnt Out Media (The meeting)
      "MDV- Encuentro" (Instrumental) by Latin Pulse Music (Sam briefs the information)

    • The security guard Hank gets his right hand bashed by a metal container door. When Jesse meets him again to receive the documents, Hank hands them over with his right hand. After suffering such a painful injury, a person would not lift anything heavy with that arm.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Madeline: I'm not gonna give away your secret, Michael. I just want to know how you can pretend to be his friend.
      Michael: I am his friend! I'm the best friend he has right now! I'm helping him!
      Madeline: You're lying to him! Take it from me, lies get out. 30 years with your father taught me that.

    • Michael: This is a mob bar?
      Sam: You were expecting red leather booths and Frank Sinatra? It's Miami, Mike.

    • Fiona: Well, I have more bad news for you, Jesse. You are never packing the cooler again. Spray cheese and bologne? Ew.
      Jesse: (laughs) You're welcome.

    • Michael: (voice-over) Spies come from all walks of life, and no two are exactly alike. But whether they're a burned former operative, a beautiful bomber with a temper, or a hard-drinking ex-SEAL, they all share one trait, punctuality. Showing up on time means you're 15 minutes late.

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