Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 3

Made Man

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 17, 2010 on USA

Episode Recap

Michael, Fiona and Sam meet Jesse at the bar where Jesse fills them in on his investigation that got him burned. Jesse tells them he came to Miami when he found a pattern in bombings, assassinations and kidnappings and connected the weapons supply lines to Miami's port. Jesse continues that he made contact with a guy who didn't show up at their meeting a couple of weeks ago and suggests they should find his contact he called Cobra to crack the case wide open.

Knowing that the illicit weapon shipments pass through Algeria, Michael, Fiona and Jesse try to find another weapon shipment at the docks when they observe a a member if the security staff getting beaten up by two thugs. Jesse decides it's time to do something about the port's gang trouble and risks to blow their surveillance to rescue the security guard.

Michael and Fiona join Jesse and Hank he just rescued from the thugs. Jesse tells Hank that the three work undercover for one of the shipping companies and offers their help. Hank doubts it and explains that the guys who beat him up are mobbed up and have been pressuring him and some other security staff to help them steal stuff out of the containers. He adds that a friend who went to the police was murdered and Michael agrees to take on the case.

Michael is not happy about the case and Jesse's plan to solve Hank's problem by using some cameras and eavesdropping. He doesn't like the idea of wiring Hank up because people who are not trained in the field get killed. Jesse argues that solving Hank's problem could also solve their own problem. They could use Hank to look through shipping documents and find Jesse's contact Cobra. They finally agree on finding out what they are up against before doing anything about it.

In front of the mob bar, Michael and Sam watch the boss Tony Caro who runs the business in South Florida for a crime family in New York. Tony has been suspected of seven murders, but has never been charged, and Michael notes that it's time to throw some dirt at Tony Caro.

Jesse makes hummus in Madeline's kitchen while he's being interrogated by Michael's mother about what he exactly does. Michael shows up to give Jesse the latest intel on their investigation. Michael tells Jesse that the mobsters are careful and believes their best bet is to convince the mobsters that the FBI is on their port operation to get them to walk away. Jesse wants to know how they are going to do that, but Michael tells him that he won't be part of it because the two mobsters at the port saw his face.

In his loft, Michael prepares a bug when Sam shows up with Michael's new identity as a recently suspended FBI agent named Ned Gordon.

After standing in front of Tony's place for half a day, Michael is brought to Tony who wants to know what he's doing there. Michael implies that he has information on an ongoing investigation he is willing to sell. When Tony's guy takes out the FBI badge, Michael uses the chance to hide the bug he prepared earlier and gives them his cover story about being an FBI agent who got suspended for drinking alcohol. Tony agrees on meeting Michael about his information. He writes down a place and tells Michael to meet him there later that day.

Michael waits for Tony while being watched by Fiona and Jesse. Instead of Tony, two of his guys show up. They know Michael is not FBI Agent Ned Godon and start beating him up to find out who Michael really is. Jesse wants to step in, but Fiona convinces him to give Michael some time to handle the situation on his own. Michael can free himself and knocks down Tony's guys.

Sam, Michael and Jesse meet in Michael's car in front of Tony's place. Sam has found out why Michael's cover blew and plays them a recording from Michael's bug. They learn that Tony has a federal agent in his pocket, but Sam adds that he found a new angle. Gio, another member of the crime family from New York, is in Miami to squeeze Tony. They guess Tony might be desperate enough to do some dirty work himself, something his fed buddy can't get him out of, and decide it's time for Tony to meet Chuck Finley, Sam's alter ego.

Jesse meets with Hank to tell him they are still working on his problem. Hank hands Jesse the papers about every ship from Algeria in the last three months Jesse asked for.

That evening, when Jesse is going through the papers in Madeline's garage, Madeline shows up with a some of Michael's old things which Jesse could use. Jesse asks Madeline if she misses having Michael around and she says yes. She discovers a photo on the table and guesses it's Jesse's late mother. He is surprised Madeline came to that correct conclusion and tells her that his mother was killed during a robbery at a convenience store when he was nine years old.

That night, Sam and Jesse kidnap Tony when he is on the men's room of a disco. Tied to a bed in a hotel room, Tony has to watch Sam as Chuck Finley getting prepared to slice him up. Sam implies that the New Yorker family has sent him to get rid of Tony who bargains for his life. Tony tells Sam that he can get his hands on a few million dollar because a huge shipment is coming in at the docks. He offers Sam $1 million who agrees and gives him his number and 48 hours to bring him the money.

Jesse visits Michael to tell him he found out that the weapon shipments went from the port to the Opa-Locka Airport. He doesn't know where the shipments go from there, but he guesses that his contact Cobra works out of there. Sam calls with good and bad news. Tony plans to hit the dock, but he is also calling his crew though Sam tried to convince him that he can't trust his people. To make Tony believe his own people are not trustworthy, Fiona attaches an explosive device to Tony's car.

After barely escaping the explosion, Tony meets with Sam alias Chuck Finley. Convinced he can't trust his own people, Tony asks Sam to partner up who agrees and promises Tony to put a crew together.

At their bar, Jesse, Michael and Fiona meet Hank to tell them about their plan to help Tony rob the docks, but to make sure Tony gets caught in the process.

Sam and Jesse as Sam's right-hand man meet with Tony at the docks where Tony lets them in on his plan to steal a shipment of microprocessors. Tony doesn't want to go with them, and so Jesse asks Sam to tell the story how he saved his Navy Seal buddy in El Salvador. Though Sam feels uncomfortable, he tells Tony how he stayed behind with his friend who was shot during a fact-finding mission until they were rescued and convinces Tony to join them. When Tony has left, Sam shows his anger towards Jesse. He explains that he didn't just tell a story, but his real life and he doesn't pimp his life to the bad guys.

Later that day, Jesse calls Michael when he has found Cobra's warehouse at the airport. Michael advises Jesse not to use Sam's war stories again and the two agree on visiting that warehouse. Jesse has just hung up when Madeline enters with chocolate cookies. He realizes she won't stop pushing until she knows who he is and tells her that he was a counterintelligence agent until he was fired and Michael showed up to save his life. He adds that Madeline raised a good man.

Jesse and Michael visit Cobra's hangar and find evidence that somebody has been dumping a body and assume it was Cobra which would explain why he vanished. They assume the body dropped out of the sky when the landing gear deployed and guess they have to track down the last place the plane flew.

Tony, Sam, Fi and Jesse get ready for their heist. Tony is worried they
don't have enough people around, but Sam convinces him he got it covered. Sam uses his walkie-talkie to talk to his road team, perimeter team, and the sniper team, each time Michael answers. Michael shoots the tire of the security car when it comes around the corner. Once the security car is disabled, they start the heist. They break into the warehouse and Sam tells Tony to drive the truck with the microprocessors while he takes care of the gate. The security guard at the gate is Hank, he opens the gate and Sam gives him his weapon to make Tony believe that Sam was caught and to drive away on his own. Tony leaves, but then he has second thoughts about leaving Sam behind and turns the truck around. He tells Sam that no one is left behind and with police sirens coming closer, the two leave.

After their heist failed, Sam tries to convince Tony to run, but Tony has
another idea. He wants to take out Gio and asks for Sam's help.

Michael, Jesse, Fi and Sam meet to talk about the new situation. Sam is less than happy that he is now the best friend of a psychopath and that Tony wants to go after Gio's crew and start a war. Jesse believes they can get Tony arrested for going after Gio and given they don't have a lot of other choices Michael agrees.

Tony expects an army and to create the illusion of force, Michael's team put out a job offering for private security guards who follow Sam and Tony's car in a few SUVs. They drive towards Gio's car, and when he is in sight, Fiona and Michael, Sam's sniper team, stop Gio's car. Tony and Sam stop in front of Gio's car, Tony gets out, shoots at Gio's car with a machine gun and demands to talk to Gio. Gio gets out and Tony confronts him about trying to kill him. Once he has declared war, Sam and his team turn their cars and drive away.

Later, Fi, Michael, Sam and Jesse meet with Hank to tell him about the outcome of their plan. More and more of Tony's people are being arrested, Tony himself is in a prison hospital and charged with killing Gio. Hank wants to know what he is supposed to say if anyone asks about the security team that cleaned up the dock and Jesse suggests he says nothing about it at all.

At their bar, Sam tells Fi, Michael and Jesse what he found out about the last flight of that plane in Cobra's hangar. The last flight went to the Bahamas where a John Doe washed ashore that day.

When Michael comes home, his mother awaits him and asks him what he did to Jesse. She has realized that Michael is the reason Jesse lost his job. Michael tells her that he is in a delicate situation and she assures Michael she won't give away his secret, but wants to know how he can pretend to be Jesse's friend and lie to him. Before she leaves, she warns him that 30 years with his father taught her that lies get out.