Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 3

Made Man

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 17, 2010 on USA

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  • this episode was in line with the quality of the other episodes in season 4. Mediocre

    I have watched Burn Notice from the pilot episode and have been a fan ever since. I like the cast/characters and the way they interact with each other. However, this episode is much the same as the previous episodes from this season. This episode was medicore at best. The action was missing, they have taken Sam and Fiona (Spelling?) and made them much smaller rolls and have made the show now about Michael and his new buddy. the drama is gone, the comedy is gone and the action is gone...it's just kind of a dead season thus far. Disappointing to say the least.
  • 403

    The first episode of season 4 I scored a 6.5, the second a 7, and this one a 7.5. If that trend continues then the next few episodes should be nothing short of outstanding.

    I am not sure how I feel about the Jesse character just yet, I personally do not like the notion of a new crew member, but I will give it time. B Note could use a little shaking up and I suppose this is the way to go.

    The episode was high on action like always, but a little bit low on substance. I feel like they are forcing this void between Madeline and Michael for no reason and we really do not need this.

    This episode got less viewers than Royal Pains for the first time ever. If that is not a sign that Season 4 needs to improve, I do not know what is.