Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 12

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Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on USA
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    Burn Notice's Mid-season Premiere: Model Citizen, Zero Discipline

    Burn Notice came back the only way it knows how: full force and chockablock with a blueprint for future intrigue.

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    Ayn asks for Fiona's help to deal with a corrupt detective. Meanwhile Michael teams up with brother's killer to take down Card.

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    • card comes to an end

      No that Card is gone how will he show be entertaining. Sad to see agent Pierce one she was good actress.
    • Means and Ends

      An emotional episode, one that took expected, and some unexpected turns, and led to Michael making a very big decision and something not necessarily true to the character he preaches.

      Good show, a lot of action, and the dialogue was shaky, but fun throughout.
    • when you end someones you life you make damn sure that you know their name.

      An old prison associate of fiona calls in a favor roping sam and jesse into a very dangerous game of cat and mouse with a drug kingpin and a very angry cop. Maddie confronts Gabriel about killing nate, michael continues to push Card who makes a desperate play to tie up some loose ends. Just when you thihk you have things figured out - your wrong.
    • spoilers

      I went back and forth numerous times between liking and disliking this episode. Things did pick up significantly from the first part of the doubleheader, regardless. Mike and company have turned Gray into a solid asset and are using him to get closer to Card, while Mike has to come to terms with some tough emotional issues. A client of the week plot was also shoehorned in (most of the time I spent disliking this episode was when this story was at the forefront).

      It was nice to see Ayn again (Matt Nix said that we would), but that story was very poorly timed. Plain and simple, I did not care. Card was the only relevant issue in this episode, and I doubt I'm the only one that feels that way. That cop was extremely annoying, almost as much as Jesse's gangster routine. I was wondering when Burn Notice would finally acknowledge the fact that he's black. They made it through 46 whole episodes without having to go there, not bad.

      The rest of the show more than made up for it however. First, Mike had to go through the ordeal of burning down his loft (Card's orders to Gray). I'm sad to see that place go, in a way the loft was the heart of the show. I'm sure they can get by without it, the show has been gravitating away from the loft more and more since the Anson saga, but it'll be weird to see the team holding their rendezvous elsewhere. On top of that, we get news that Maddy is leaving Miami. I wouldn't mind her being gone the rest of the season, her only role in the show is to slow episodes down to a halt, very rarely every coming in handy. But wow, Matt Nix wasn't kidding when he said that Mike would go through the emotional ringer in these next 8 episodes.

      Finally, the episode climaxes with the culmination of Mike's cat and mouse game with Card. He sees that Card is getting ready to step on Gray's neck, so he bursts in and takes action before Card's team can get organized. Of course it doesn't really matter, Card kills Gray then makes his case for Mike and him to work together once again. Mike puts his head down and lowers his gun, before bringing it right back up and putting a bullet between Card's eyes. Thank god. I was worried that Mike was going to go soft again, but he does the right thing for the show and his peace of mind, and gives Card what he deserves... and from the looks of next week's episode, opens a whole new vortex of problems.moreless

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      • Michael: (voice-over) When you're on a high stakes intelligence-gathering operation, concentration is key. Whether you're in a car or on the street or doing your surveillance poolside, you have to stay focused at all times. Because even the slightest detail can mean the difference between a successful mission and a complete disaster.

      • Michael: (voice-over) As a spy, your job is often to get people to break the rules. You use their greed, their fear, or their rage to make them betray the things they value most. With a professional spy pushing them hard, most people abandon their principles. But sometimes, very occasionally, they won't. And when a target decides to stick to his principles, you can suddenly find a mission going very, very badly.

      • Madeline: Do you have a hard time getting close to people? Bad childhood? Is that why Card picked you? 'Cause you like hurting people?
        Tyler: He picked me because I'm very good at what I do.
        Madeline: Then why did my son die... if you're so good?
        Tyler: I was worried about the wind, speed, trajectory, distance. And so I switched to a higher-caliber gun. I-I knew it would go through. I took the shot anyway. It was my job.
        Madeline: Did you even know who he was?
        Tyler: No.
        Madeline: He was my baby boy. He liked cars, action movies, and graphic design. He loved his family. His name was Nathaniel Elias Westen. The next time you fire a bullet that could end someone's life, you know their name.
        Tyler: Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry.

      • Michael: (voice-over) The two most challenging parts of planting a listening device are quick concealment and power. If your target wears a radio for work, you can kill two birds with one stone by bugging a duplicate power pack and switching them out. Do it right, and you get a bug that your target carries everywhere he goes.

      • Michael: (voice-over) When posing as a hard-core criminal, the key is to come on strong. You sit in the power position in the room and take up as much space as possible. And you never, ever show any respect for the police.

      • Michael: (voice-over) Most late-model washing machines spin at speeds of over 1,200 rpms and create more than 100 g's of force. That's more than enough to rip off your finger or pull a curtain rod through a couple layers of drywall.

      • Michael: (voice-over) Planting false information for an enemy to find is a subtle art. There has to be enough solid information to make it seem credible, but not so much it can be verified. Do it right, and you can make your target so paranoid, they'll be ready to crack.

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