Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 2

Mixed Messages

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 2012 on USA

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  • Mixed Messages

    Not as good as the season premiere, but still a fun episode. The Fiona scenes in prison were a little over the top, but still exciting to watch and they have the potential for the mystery of the individual who wants her dead to be a great season long arc, provided they don't rush its conclusion.

    Michael's situation was alright as well, but had a very anticlimatic ending.
  • Awesome

    Fi still at prison, and she is the bad ass there too!, mike, jesse & sam axe successfully helped out CIA mission in order to get to see Fi, hopefully next episode mike will meet fi!, fantastic! can't wait for next!...
  • Exciting

    Give the writers a RAISE. They are writing at a big level for a show still on after a few years.

    The plot twists are holding us in and my DVR is totaling programmed not to miss this show. It is probably the best Dramatic/Action/ Adventure show on Tv currently. To add to the storylines the actors deliver their lines with some comedy and sarcasism. When the Emmys come around hopefully somebody on the panel will have seen one episode at least of this high octane show. Long live this "BURNT SPY."
  • Very Promising

    The season openners/finales are always captivating as is with most series. The past few seasons of burn notice have found us watching these non-sense jobs in between the plot. At times, I made sure I just watched the beginning and end of episodes just because they are all that is truly relevant to my desire to watch the show. This episode, however, has shown me the light that has been reawaken in the writers..

    After waching this episode, we find that the team's job is beautifully intertwined with the plot. Michael's succes is hinged upon a brief unite with Fi and this provides the proper tension and interest required to captivate the audience including myself. We cheer for Michael so that he may somehow make progress in his situation with Anson and Fi.

    Let's get down to the more superficial aspects of this episode. Fi kicking ass in prison? I love it. I love love love love it. I just recently watched The Shawshank Redemption and I couldn't help but feel like I was watching a kick ass version of it (despite the fact that nothing happening here has any similarity to Shawshank). Now that that is out of the way, Michael's rage is invigorating. Don't tell me your eyes didn't widen when he flipped the table, it was a statement: be involved in this season or go home.

    Jesse taking the mission solo was great. I don't understand the Jesse haters, but you have to realize how great of an actor Cody Bell is, and boy does he shine here as Jesse taking on a drug cartel as a shady DEA agent.

    I think the pace of this season is also affecting it's quality. Instead of focusing on plot at the start and finish with random action in the middle, we now see a good balance between the story lines. One minute we'll be with Michael, Sam, and Jesse, the next back to Fi. I believe a season ago they would have had Fi's story line separated in some way from what was happening with the boys. Kudos to the writers on the adjustment.

    I think the ultimate success currently is stemming from the involvement of more than just Michael in the plot. It got belaboring after a few season and I'm glad they have incorporated Anson and Fi to this mix of disaster.

    Great episode, keep watching!