Burn Notice

Season 7 Episode 8

Nature of the Beast

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2013 on USA
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Michael begins to question his motives when the organization he's been working to infiltrate assigns him to take down an illicit, ruthless drug smuggler. Meanwhile, Fiona and Jesse accompany Strong to a mental hospital in hopes of finding more about the organization's elusive leader - a man known only as James.


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Michael Reilly Burke

Michael Reilly Burke

Peter Mallard

Guest Star

Peter Mensah

Peter Mensah

Marco Cabral

Guest Star

Gildart Jackson

Gildart Jackson


Guest Star

Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman

Andrew Strong

Recurring Role

John Pyper-Ferguson

John Pyper-Ferguson

James Kendrick

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    • Michael: (voiceover) One of the oldest tricks in espionage is the false surrender of a prisoner. It's a desperate move used only when you're completely outmanned and outgunned. It means approaching your enemy alone and unarmed. It's not ideal. But it will get you close enough to attack.

    • Michael: (voiceover) Extracting a high-value target from a foreign country is a challenge even under ideal conditions. If the capture of the target left witnesses and raised alarms, it's even harder. The problem is that high-value targets tend to have a lot of friends and allies. They can alert local authorities, set up search parties, and if you're really unlucky, they can bring out some big guns of their own.

    • Michael: (voiceover) Spies are trained extensively on what to do when taken prisoner. If escape is impossible, the most important thing is to make a connection with your captor. Find out what they want and try to talk your way out of the situation without bloodshed. Of course, it's a lot harder to connect with someone who happens to be criminally insane.

    • Michael: (voiceover) One of the basic rules of combat is hit first, and hit hard. You only get one chance to surprise your enemy. The important thing is to make it count.

    • Michael: (voiceover) An underwater explosion isn't something you want to be close to, 'cause water doesn't compress under pressure. A shockwave carries a long distance without losing kinetic energy. And if you're still within the blast radius when the bomb goes off, that kinetic energy will shatter every bone in your body.

    • Michael: (voiceover) If you need to sabotage a boat, an explosive charge underneath the water line is usually the most efficient way to do it. The challenge is that normal explosive devices and salt water don't mix. Remote detonators won't transmit underwater, so you need to use a timer. The components can't get wet, so you need to make sure the device has a waterproof seal. And once you're done comes the really hard part, putting the device where you need it.

    • Michael: (voiceover) When operating in third-world countries, a dollar is usually a lot more useful than a bullet. In a place where the government runs on bribes and connections, you can get a lot done with a nice suit and a bag of cash.

    • Jesse: You sure you have to meet Maddie right now? You can't just call her, say you can't make it?
      Fiona: She was upset, it sounded urgent.
      Jesse: Yeah, I get it, I get it, but we got a CIA plane waiting for us right now. If we're late Strong is gonna be pissed.
      Fiona: I'm more worried about what Madeline Westen will do if I blow her off.
      Jesse: Fair enough. Just be quick, please.

    • Michael: James, I passed your little loyalty test. Why do I get the sense you still don't trust me?
      James: You wouldn't be within 100 miles of this place if I didn't trust you.
      Michael: Then why keep me in the dark?
      James: You spent your whole life in the dark working for the CIA. I'm just turning on the lights.

    • Michael: (voiceover) For a spy, the strain of a deep cover assignment goes beyond just being alone, surrounded by enemies who'd kill you if they knew your identity. If you want to survive, you can't let any of that strain show. You have to project total confidence, total comfort, and greet your enemies like old friends.

    • Michael: (voiceover) There are few things riskier than taking down a high priority target during a meeting in a public place. You're usually operating alone, out of radio contact, surrounded by civilians, while your support has to stay out of sight, often blocks away, so they won't be detected. The hardest part of the job is that, until the target shows up, your job is to just sit there and try to act natural. The thing to remember is that you're not just setting a trap, you're also the bait.

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