Burn Notice

Season 5 Episode 15

Necessary Evil

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2011 on USA

Episode Recap

Michael and Fiona pretend to be window washers in order to get into Anson's apartment and copy files off his computer.

Agent Pearce assigns Michael to a case involving a Liberian chemical company looking for guidance chips to make a bomb. Pearce wants Sam and Jesse as operatives on the mission. Sam agrees to the job in order to patch things up with his CIA contacts. They pose as black market technology dealers and pay a visit to Joseph Kumba, the man who is having the bomb built by William Resnik. He's holding Resnik's daughter for ransom, which is why Resnik is building the bomb. Jesse stays with Resnik while Sam tries to buy time with Kumba saying they need to get more chips.

Meanwhile, Madeline wants to go on a double date with Benny, Fiona and Michael. But Fiona and Michael find out from the info they stole from Anson that he's got Benny on his side. Madeline won't believe them, but then she finds photos of Fiona and Michael in Benny's house indicating he's spying on them. She plants a bug in Benny's apartment, but Anson, one step ahead, plants a bomb in his house too. Madeline watches Benny's house blow up with her boyfriend in it.

Sam keeps stalling Kumba's bomb production by requesting his team move an electrical face for fear it might interfere with the bomb. He's buying time for Jesse to get access to the guns Fiona planted. The tactic works and eventually Sam and Jesse manage to free Resnik and kill Kumba's men in the process and detonate the bomb.