Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 9

Official Business

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 16, 2012 on USA

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    Pretty straightforward episode. Two bumbling, incompetent FBI agents cow Fiona into working for them, while Jesse and Sam again get stuck doing the grunt work for the main story arc, trying to track down whoever killed Nate. Mike plays the Sam Waterston role and just oversees, intervening when necessary. As expected, the bad guys of the week go to jail, and we get the identity of the killer, setting up the mid-season finale. There are ample thrills along the way, but nothing we haven't seen before, and I was never able to really suspend my disbelief that anyone was in real danger. At times this episode felt like a remake of Good Intentions from season 3.

    It's too bad the promo completely spoiled the main twist. I don't know who puts together the trailers at USA, but it's like they consciously decide to spoil key details in these things. Fortunately the promo for next week's show was very ambiguous, although I have a feeling of how it will turn out, based on the few vague details that have been leaked about the winter season. But then again I thought Barry was a goner in Shock Wave so what do I know.

    And wow, the actress that played Angela is absolutely stunning.