Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 13

Over the Line

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on USA

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  • Over the Line

    Sometimes it is a bit much with how they make Sam, a drunk out of weigh aged man, get out of these situations, but if you are able to ignore the harsh reality of that statement, then you can enjoy a pretty strong episode of Burn Notice when you watch this.
  • Epic!

    This episode was awesome, the best episode yet! Edge of your seat stuff. It's great to see Michael just kill the guy point blank. In a grey, complicated spy world of strategy and compromise often he is forced to let the bad guy go at the time, this showed an emotional human side and was very satisfying.

    It was great to see the gang go head to head with the CIA hard hitter and Michael and co come out on top. I guess the fact that Michael is better than her really irked the CIA woman :)
  • Give Up Now or Go Down Swingin'!

    This episode was wall-to-wall action and it rocked! No client of the week just survival of the fittest. Michael Weston is in deep and what will he do to get a fair shake is the big question. Apparently the answer is anything and therein lies the beauty of this series at this later day episode. In fact it is almost a re-invention of the series as now everything is moving at warp speed just for Michael to survive.

    All cylinders are hitting here with Michael being foremost and Sam being right there by his side. Fi is also where we love her most as Michael's unfailing supporter ready to do anything if it helps them see another day with the possibility of some justice. This episode is the absolute core of what makes Burn Notice worth watching. Even Michael's mother is back at his side loaded for bear. One gets the feeling that all of six years worth of dirty deals is coming to a zenith. The whole crux of the CIA against Michael is now come to full fruition. Two weeks is absolutely 14 days too long to see what happens next! Burn Notice is back in a huge way and anyone who has gone the course is 100% in. One can only hope the story continues in this most excellent way. For one, I can't wait!