Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 7

Past and Future Tense

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 22, 2010 on USA

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  • Every once in a while they remind us of just how Awesome Michael Weston really is. And I love it.

    After a string of low key or "local" jobs, it feels good to see Michael tangle with the best of the best from the international circuit again.
    Bringing in old time spies, Soviet Spetsnaz and sleazy congressmen, this episode provides a lot of ego-stroking for Michael - but also a few depressing realitychecks.

    Being able to scare the living daylights out of hardened professionals merely by introducing yourself is Awesome, in the classic James Bond-style. Having the Soviet Spetsnaz wet work team exclaim "But there's only four of us!" when faced with the "boogeyman" himself is just too funny for words. :D

    The other side of the coin is of course coming face to face with your own possible future in the person of an old, retired, drunk and slightly senile (or just too PTSD-ridden) spy who keeps saying you could have been him 30 years ago...
    Not to mention having to lie and betray people around you for the "good of the cause" - causing your lover to start hating you just a little...

    The "Weston, Michael Weston"-moments were great. The old spy playing the ghost of Christmas future was a bit sad, but not without its lighter moments - it's a POSSIBLE future, not set in stone. But the part where Fiona starts to question his motives and ethics - that's a real kicker. Because we can't help but agree.
    Come on, Michael, you're better than this!