Burn Notice

Season 3 Episode 2

Question and Answer

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 11, 2009 on USA
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Michael has trouble with Detective Paxson who tracks down a storage unit where he has hidden explosives. Meanwhile, Michael, Fiona and Sam help a couple find their kidnapped son.

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  • Kidnappers Again

    I wonder how many side mission will turn into repetitive one. Less whining this time. 2nd best drama show? don't see it and I don't consider this a drama show. You need complex characters development and that's not this show my opinion has always been and action/comedy show, not enough tragedy to be called a drama there's more comedy than tragedy. I like the comedy in solving the cases how they fool people into getting caught, like in this episode. It was pretty fun to watch.moreless
  • Michael helps a woman trying to see her son only to find he has been kidnapped and he must help her and the estranged husband get him back all the while trying to stay one step of the Detective that seems to have a single focus on putting him away.moreless

    I see they replaced Carla with the Detective but while a nice foil, I feel that she will be no match for Michael. While she is nice eye candy, this subplot will last a while until Michael gets her to look elsewhere.

    This was a good episode, I liked the whole interaction of all the characters. This shows promise of things to be for later in the year. Mom is still trying to be matchmaker and will Michael and Fi ever be a couple, I hope not, I think they will be great friends and occasionally after a near death experience become one night stand lovers. They love each other but both know it is bad for their lives under the current state of affairs.moreless
  • Michael and Sam help Fi with recovering a young boy who was kidnapped. Michael is harassed by Detective Paxson who is convinced Michael is a danger to the community. She has found his storeroom of C4 and he needs to vacate before she gets a warrant.moreless

    There were three parts to the story this week. The first was the kidnapping and recovery of a young boy, the second was Michael's harassment at the hands of the female police detective who feels Michael is a threat to the community, and finally it's Michael's birthday.

    I enjoyed aspects of all three parts especially the water cutter when they broke into the back of the storage facility and the way Michael's Mom is pushing Fi and Michael. Unfortunately those were very short in nature.

    I have to admit I am not annoyed much by the police harassment yet but I can see if they continue this all season how it is going to be annoying. It really only furthers the plot by putting more road blocks in front of Michael. So basically they have the police show up whenever it's inconvenient. So Detective Paxson is Carla's replacement at this point. I don't really believe they would put a police car permanently on the street or put surveillance on a possible person of interest for as long as they were in this episode. If he was really was a person of that much interest he certainly never would have been able to handle this weeks job. Anyways now that they did put all of those assets to use and they found the wall broken thru I can see things getting hot and heavy.

    The kidnapping was interesting especially the way they fished out the information from the leader of the crooks. Everything turned out alright but if that guy had a brain in his head (the crook) then he would have smoked them both (Sam and Mike) pretty early in the scam. He seemed pretty hardcore the way they portrayed him initially and in the end he was sort of a wimp. This is also not the first time they had the crooks shooting each other at the end. There were some holes in this episode but it was very entertaining which is the important part. I still have to score it pretty high. We'll see how things keep going. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Episode 302

    This was an improvement from the season premiere, but this show has still not achieved the quality we have grown accustomed to during the first two seasons and I hope the show's rise in popularity to the second most watched drama on cable has not gotten to the crew's heads. Again, tonight's episode was fine by any show's standards and as far as summer TV goes is still worth watching, but I fear that Burn Notice may be losing its status as one of the top dramas. While I liked Michael pretending to be the frail, worker for $150, and a few Sam and Fionna lines, I think we all expect better from this show.moreless
  • In Episode 2, "Questions and Answers," Michael is tasked to rescue a kidnapped boy, run interference between the child's separated parents, evade a nosy police detective, and be on time for his birthday party so as not to disappoint his mother.moreless

    How does he do it? The clients du jour, Howard and Patricia, are separated with a son named Brandon. He has been kidnapped by a determined thief named Santora, in order to extract diamonds out of Howard who works at a diamond wholesaler. At Fi's insistence, Michael takes the case but soon finds out that Howard and Jane have some unresolved issues. As an added stressor, Michael has to take time and energy to bring the parents under control.

    Enter Miami Police Detective Michelle Paxon(Michael's Worst Nightmare), played by Moon Bloodgood. It seems she has something to prove and Micheal's extracurricular activities are her solution. Michael's stash of high explosives, locked in a self storage unit, are on Detective Paxon's list of things to do in order to stop Michael in his tracks. How can he function without his C4?

    Michael's mother, Madeline, is on the warpath because she wants to have a birthday party for Michael. A kidnapping case and investigation by the police do not lend themselves to a party mood, but Madeline is determined. She tells Fi to get him to the party. She also reveals her true feelings when she tells Fi, "Loving Michael is always trench warfare."

    The plan to rescue the kidnapped boy is intricate but basically it involves Michael getting beat to a pulp by Sam who is pretending to be a corrupt Miami police officer. They use a "reverse interrogation" technique to pry information out of the Santora. Michael plays a convincing role as a junky named Shep and Santora takes the bait. He unwittingly gives Brandon's location to Sam and the child is rescued by Fi and Michael. The gang of kidnappers end up shooting each other and now it's one problem down and two to go.

    Michael's first attempt to retrieve his C4 was interrupted by Detective Paxon who was staking out the storage unit. He just smiles and takes it in stride. Not to be outsmarted, Michael waits for a more opportune moment. In the dark of night, he, Sam, and Fi cut through the concrete of the shed's back wall with a high pressure water saw(a very quiet tool) and the C4 is removed right out from under Paxon's nose. She is not amused.

    Finally, it's party time. Madeline is happy but the smile on Michael's face does not reveal his real thoughts as he stares at the cake his mother baked. Remembering Madeline's advice, Fi gives Michael a bayonet for a present as it is standard issue for any soldier about to engage in close quarter combat.

    Although not quite as exciting as the season opener, the groundwork is laid for some great plot developments. Moon Bloodgood's appearance as Detective Paxon is basically no more than Karla with a badge. This makes her just as dangerous if not more so. Michael and Fi's relationship seems to be taking a new direction, but where remains to be seen. The writers need to pick up the pace in order to keep up with Season's 1 and 2. If not, an whole lot of acting talent will go to waste.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Michael is talking to Madeline about the birthday party, the camera flips back and forth between Michael and Madeline. In one view of Madeline there is about a fourth left of her cigarette. When the camera flips back to Madeline, the cigarette is almost whole.

    • In the kitchen scene where Madeline is baking a cake for Michael's birthday she tells Fi, "Loving Michael is always trench warfare." Trench warfare was widely used in World War I. Both the Allies and the Germans fought from heavily fortified trenches, sometimes within a few hundred yards of each other. It resulted in some of the heaviest casualties of any war, if one side or the other took the offensive and left the relative safety of the trench.

    • Featured Music:
      "The Exponential" by 2020HD & Kurt Farquhar (Fiona picks up Michael)
      "Comienza La Fiesta" by Fruko & Sus Tesos (New job briefing)
      "Whiplash" by Kathie Talbot (Sam takes Santora to the warehouse)
      "Dog Squad" by Julian Beeston (Fiona follows Jimmy)
      "Pig" by Phunkpiranha (The rescue operation)
      "Aye Ma Ma" by Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers (The family is reunited)
      "Mad Orient" by DJ Kambo (The storage unit is emptied out)
      "Truth" by Kurt Farquhar (Paxson talks to Michael about the storage unit)

    • When Sam and Santora go back to the house, Sam suddenly has his own gun again - but Michael took it with him so he couldn't have it back yet.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Michael: Uh, Detective, I spoke with some officers at the station recently and I think we cleared up all the questions they had.
      Paxson: Well, I have different questions. They're about a traffic incident. Three cars blown up, three more totaled. Apparently, we have a one-man wrecking crew on our hands.
      Fiona: How can you be so sure it's a man?
      Paxson: I'm as progressive as the next gal, Ms. Glenanne, but someone matching Mr. Westen's description was spotted driving away from the scene.
      Michael: White male, dark hair, athletically built? I hope your department pays overtime because you're gonna be searching for a few hundred thousand suspects.
      Paxson: I've got just one. Stuff's been blowin' up pretty steadily since you arrived in Miami. So, you gonna answer my questions or am I gonna pick my way through everything you own?
      Michael: Uh, that would be a workbench, six power tools, four yogurts. Three yogurts. I actually had one.
      Fiona: Blueberry.

    • Michael: (Carefully opens the birthday gift box from Fiona) It's a bayonet.
      Fiona: Used during the first world war for close fighting.
      Michael: Fi, thanks.
      Fiona: Well, someone once told me that caring for you is like trench warfare. (Michael casts a narrow glance at the kitchen where his mother is) So I thought you should arm yourself.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Otázky a odpovědi (Questions and Answers)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: November 5, 2009 on Channel Ten
      Latin America: November 24, 2009 on FX
      Sweden: March 14, 2010 on TV6
      Norway: March 29, 2010 on Viasat 4
      Czech Republic: May 13, 2010 on Prima COOL
      United Kingdom: September 8, 2010 on FX/FX HD
      Germany: November 15, 2010 on Vox
      Slovakia: October 10, 2012 on JOJ Plus
      Finland: October 29, 2012 on MTV3

    • Moon Bloodgood replaced a sick Jennifer Esposito who was originally cast for the role of Michelle Paxson.