Burn Notice

Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2013 on USA
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In the final episode of the series, Michael tries to regain the trust of his friends. Meanwhile, James tries to make him pay for his betrayal.

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  • serbian

  • Michael's Day of Reckoning

    So this was it! The series finale of Burn Notice. Over the years, it gradually turned from a light-hearted action-packed adventure into a darker, somber, yet effective adventure. Which brings me to this point. We knew that Michael was going to live. We also knew that Fiona was going to live and they would end up together. But even in their survival, we knew there wasn't going to be total happiness. We knew that there going to be some type of heartache, that someone would have to be sacrificed in order for Michael in particularly to survive. We never knew that the sacrifice was going to be Madeline, Michael's mother. It all started at the beginning of the episode, with the rooftop standoff between Michael, Fi, and Sonya. Michael had to make a choice; kill the woman he only loves in Fi so that he can gain the power in taking over James' network or save Fi and kill Sonya. Of course, he kills Sonya, but that sets off a chain of events. First, James is hellbent on revenge. Secondly, the CIA now is conducting a manhunt for Jesse, Fi, Sam, and Michael. So what's the gang's plan? Take down James in hopes of clearing their names from the CIA. From there, a series of events occur and it leads to a final standoff between James and his men vs the gang. As I mentioned before, Burn Notice, particularly in the final two seasons gradually took on a more darker, somber tone and this episode was no exception. The scene with Michael talking to Madeline on the phone was one of the saddest, yet most powerful dialogue between the two. It was ironic how Michael protected his mom throughout the series' run. But this time it was Madeline who saved her son and his friend's lives by sacrificing herself to kill some of James' men. I also think that Michael was at his best in this episode. He felt so bad about his betrayal of his friends, he turned into a person with a death wish; not sure about whether he deserved to live or die. But the phone call to his mom changed his tone and he decided he had much more to live for. He still had his nephew, Sam and Jesse, and of course Fi. I hope that this isn't totally the end of Burn Notice. Maybe, they may have a sequel for Jesse and Sam. Of possibly, a movie of a mini-series down the road like 24 is slated to have next season. After 7 seasons, Burn Notice still resonates with me.moreless
  • a little above average finale for a little above average show

    well fans got what they wanted - lot of action, lot of emotions, happy ending kinda, catchy phrases from the intro (a bit lame but whatever), possible spinoff

    but you just cant be blind for the mediorce script in this show, "just make it look really cool" aura instead of make it look natural and as much as believeable, but its an action tv show, so to their standarts it was ok. Even it had many flaws in my eyes, i dont regret watching every minute of it.moreless
  • Will be missed.

    A terrific show me and my husband will sorely miss!
  • Sort of meh.

    In the grand scheme of things nothing unexpected happened -Mic killed Sonia, someone important but not too important died, Mic took down James, Fi and Mic lived happily ever after.

    TBH I'm more disappointed than anything else, the earlier 'fun' seasons are still fresh in my mind so when that aspect was dropped in favor a more dark drama vibe I assumed/hoped they would turn the quality of the plot lines up a notch -this did not happen and so the show developed a mediocre dark drama quality.

    2 things that really bugged me:

    -The thing that Maddy pressed on the C4 to blow up herself up WAS A DETONATOR, assuming that she meant to say there was no time to build a timer; the question becomes -why are they running around with timer less/non delayed/non remote detonators in the first place?

    -The whole escape from James at the relay station was a walking 90s action movie cliche, they are able to draw their guns, accurately aim and fire before the guys with SMGs already aimed at them could get a single shot off. They then proceeded to out run detonating plastic explosives lol.

    I would have preferred that this whole turning on the CIA thing happened way earlier and that he went off with Sonia to lead the organization, only to eventually see the parallels between them (and now himself) and the organization that burned him in first place, with him realizing that no organization including the CIA can live up to his idealism and so he turns on Sonia -destroying the organization and then refusing a CIA job, instead choosing to retire from spy type activities completely or going back to basics and just helping people as a PI or something.

    I also would have been happy if Mic became the leader and disappeared into the shadows with Sonia and with the implication that he would eventually become a guy that thinks that burning and then recruiting spies is acceptable.

    Both would have brought a meaningful sense of cyclic closure that I felt was lacking.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The final establishing shot of the cottage was the same cottage used in the movie The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz where Kate's character lived in England.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Michael: What will I tell (Charlie) when he's older?
      Fiona: About what?
      Michael: About me.
      Fiona: Tell him the truth.
      Michael: Where would I start?
      Fiona: Start from the beginning. Start with "My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy."

    • Jesse: Well, they missed a good funeral. Where do you think they are?
      Sam: Hard to say. Lot of places in the world with C-4 and yogurt.

    • Michael: (voiceover) A spy is never truly done being a spy until he's dead. It's part of you. The skills, the secrets... They never go away. And as long as you can be useful to someone, it's your fate to always be a spy. But if there's one thing spies are bad at, it's accepting fate.

    • Strong: About your detention, there are a lot of people here who want to leave you there. They're just not in a forgiving mood.
      Sam: Well, figured as much. You know spies, bunch of bitchy little girls.
      Strong: Yeah, sometimes.

    • Madeline: Michael, you have protected me enough, and now you need my help. If saving you means I don't get out of here, it's fine with me. God knows I've failed you enough times in the past. Give me this, please. Michael, listen to me. You made mistakes. We all did. But I am so proud of the man you are. I always have been. And I love you, Michael.
      Michael: I love you.
      Madeline: Goodbye, baby.
      Michael: Goodbye, mom.

    • Michael: I just need just a little more time.
      James: I know you. You are looking for the answer, the way out. There is no way out. There's only the reckoning now. You are out of time, Michael Westen!

    • Madeline: Jesse, how can you do this? With everything that's happened, you're still here for Michael.
      Jesse: What makes you think I'm just here for Michael?
      Madeline: You're talking about going into hiding for years, maybe, with a bunch of people who have not made your life very easy. Haven't you ever wanted to just...go?
      Jesse: I have asked myself that same question many, many times. I just... I don't know. When I was a kid, it was just me and my mom. And then she got killed, and then it was just me. Just me... Until I met you guys. I never had a family, and now I got one.
      Madeline: You do have a family, Jesse.

    • Fiona: What you did earlier, plowing into that store and then jumping on the car, almost incinerating yourself--
      Michael: It was a calculated risk. I needed information and--
      Sam: Mike, don't. We've known each other too long. There's a difference between a necessary risk and a death wish, and you know it.
      Fiona: Michael, I know you're hurting. I know you regret what you've done. But what is killing yourself gonna prove?

    • Michael: (voiceover) When breaking into a building, it's generally best not to use the door. Any entrance your enemy knows you'd use is too risky. Which means the safest way in is often the hardest.

    • Michael: (voiceover) Small explosive charges won't penetrate an armored car, but that doesn't mean they're useless. If you're desperate enough, a well-placed charge can come in handy. An armored car won't drive if its wheels aren't on the ground.

    • Michael: (voiceover) Grabbing someone on the move is all about surprise. The goal is to get your target out of his car and into yours before he knows what's happening. If you have the manpower, it's best to separate into two teams. One to track the target's car and one to prepare the ambush.

    • Madeline: I don't want to lose another son.
      Michael: Mom, I can't make any promises. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

    • Michael: (voiceover) A spy's ability to operate depends on secrecy. Your anonymity is your greatest weapon. It allows you to operate anywhere, to deceive your enemies, and when it's all over, to slip back into the shadows. When the world knows your face, your options get a lot more limited. At that point, all you can really do is attack.

    • Strong: I don't know what the hell happened out there, but I know this you and your friends have destroyed this entire operation.
      Michael: Look, my friends had nothing to do with that. Leave them out of this. I'll come in, I'll--
      Strong: Save your breath, 'cause the CIA is fresh out of deals for Michael Westen. You promised them Kendrick's network, and they didn't get it. This operation's over. My career is over. And as for you if you think it was tough being burned, you haven't seen anything yet.

    • Michael: (voiceover) As an operative, it's your job to determine how likely a particular plan is to succeed, and if something looks like a suicide mission, to call it off. Of course, that only matters if you care if you live or die.

    • Michael: I hesitated... back there on the roof. After all we've been through together, I almost didn't pull that trigger.
      Fiona: But you did.
      Michael: Why did you come back, Fi? I didn't deserve it.
      Fiona: I didn't do it because you deserved it.
      Michael: There's no way you could have known you'd make it out alive.
      Fiona: I knew that if I was wrong about you it didn't matter if I got out of there alive.

    • Michael: (voiceover) In the field, there's nothing harder than when you let your team down. Apologies and regrets do no good. You all just have to move on and make the best of the situation. It's crucial to stay focused to try to keep your mind off the past. But there are times when that's just not possible.

    • Michael: (voiceover) Every spy lives in fear of losing himself. When you work undercover, the lines between loyalty and betrayal can become so blurred, so grey, that after a while you don't know what you're fighting for anymore. You end up caught in the middle as your friends become your enemies and your enemies become your friends. Until the time comes when you're forced to make a choice.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The end of this episode had a dedication card before the end credits that read, "Freddy Figueredo 1952 - 2013 Thanks for taking care of us."