Burn Notice

Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2013 on USA

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  • serbian

  • Michael's Day of Reckoning

    So this was it! The series finale of Burn Notice. Over the years, it gradually turned from a light-hearted action-packed adventure into a darker, somber, yet effective adventure. Which brings me to this point. We knew that Michael was going to live. We also knew that Fiona was going to live and they would end up together. But even in their survival, we knew there wasn't going to be total happiness. We knew that there going to be some type of heartache, that someone would have to be sacrificed in order for Michael in particularly to survive. We never knew that the sacrifice was going to be Madeline, Michael's mother. It all started at the beginning of the episode, with the rooftop standoff between Michael, Fi, and Sonya. Michael had to make a choice; kill the woman he only loves in Fi so that he can gain the power in taking over James' network or save Fi and kill Sonya. Of course, he kills Sonya, but that sets off a chain of events. First, James is hellbent on revenge. Secondly, the CIA now is conducting a manhunt for Jesse, Fi, Sam, and Michael. So what's the gang's plan? Take down James in hopes of clearing their names from the CIA. From there, a series of events occur and it leads to a final standoff between James and his men vs the gang. As I mentioned before, Burn Notice, particularly in the final two seasons gradually took on a more darker, somber tone and this episode was no exception. The scene with Michael talking to Madeline on the phone was one of the saddest, yet most powerful dialogue between the two. It was ironic how Michael protected his mom throughout the series' run. But this time it was Madeline who saved her son and his friend's lives by sacrificing herself to kill some of James' men. I also think that Michael was at his best in this episode. He felt so bad about his betrayal of his friends, he turned into a person with a death wish; not sure about whether he deserved to live or die. But the phone call to his mom changed his tone and he decided he had much more to live for. He still had his nephew, Sam and Jesse, and of course Fi. I hope that this isn't totally the end of Burn Notice. Maybe, they may have a sequel for Jesse and Sam. Of possibly, a movie of a mini-series down the road like 24 is slated to have next season. After 7 seasons, Burn Notice still resonates with me.
  • a little above average finale for a little above average show

    well fans got what they wanted - lot of action, lot of emotions, happy ending kinda, catchy phrases from the intro (a bit lame but whatever), possible spinoff

    but you just cant be blind for the mediorce script in this show, "just make it look really cool" aura instead of make it look natural and as much as believeable, but its an action tv show, so to their standarts it was ok. Even it had many flaws in my eyes, i dont regret watching every minute of it.
  • Will be missed.

    A terrific show me and my husband will sorely miss!
  • Sort of meh.

    In the grand scheme of things nothing unexpected happened -Mic killed Sonia, someone important but not too important died, Mic took down James, Fi and Mic lived happily ever after.

    TBH I'm more disappointed than anything else, the earlier 'fun' seasons are still fresh in my mind so when that aspect was dropped in favor a more dark drama vibe I assumed/hoped they would turn the quality of the plot lines up a notch -this did not happen and so the show developed a mediocre dark drama quality.

    2 things that really bugged me:

    -The thing that Maddy pressed on the C4 to blow up herself up WAS A DETONATOR, assuming that she meant to say there was no time to build a timer; the question becomes -why are they running around with timer less/non delayed/non remote detonators in the first place?

    -The whole escape from James at the relay station was a walking 90s action movie cliche, they are able to draw their guns, accurately aim and fire before the guys with SMGs already aimed at them could get a single shot off. They then proceeded to out run detonating plastic explosives lol.

    I would have preferred that this whole turning on the CIA thing happened way earlier and that he went off with Sonia to lead the organization, only to eventually see the parallels between them (and now himself) and the organization that burned him in first place, with him realizing that no organization including the CIA can live up to his idealism and so he turns on Sonia -destroying the organization and then refusing a CIA job, instead choosing to retire from spy type activities completely or going back to basics and just helping people as a PI or something.

    I also would have been happy if Mic became the leader and disappeared into the shadows with Sonia and with the implication that he would eventually become a guy that thinks that burning and then recruiting spies is acceptable.

    Both would have brought a meaningful sense of cyclic closure that I felt was lacking.
  • Burn Notice - A real fine show.

    Long time since i did not see a good damn show like this.

    A tv shows where the characters evolve own characteristics, where things seems to change. But their spirits never changed.

    That is when you know that you'r in front a real fine show.

    Things seems to changed, the people in the movie seems to be different but in one moment or two, almost imperceptible, you do realize they are the same characters that attract you in first place.

    Burn Notice responsible men;

    Congratulations and thank you for this real fine show, that you all worked so hard.

    It is much appreciate it.

    Thank you.
  • Reckoning

    A little lame to have all the characters say their lines from the opening video, but in a way I did enjoy it. This had all the action that you could ask for in a series finale, and while it is not one of the best finales of all time, it was a strong way to close out the season.

    Hard to say goodbye to this show, but they did go out in a strong way.
  • Well done...

    I have actually really only gotten into Burn Notice recently. But fell in love with the characters immediately. Going into the finale I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew what I wanted. The bad guy was gonna die, lots of explosions, more nifty spy knowledge, and a fitting death for whoever was gonna bite the bullet in the episode. And Burn Notice delivered. I was most concerned with who was gonna die. I saw an interview with Jeffery Donovan and he had mentioned that it would be one of the original four and it got by brain rolling. I narrowed it down to Sam and Maddie. If it had been Sam it was gonna knock Mike back to his senses. And if it was Maddie, it was gonna be because someone was gonna have to take care of Charlie. I cried though, I'll tell you that. The choked up, cant breathe, not quite any tears cry because she was doing it for her boys.
  • Sacrifices...

    When I had heard that a main cast member was going to die in the finale, I honestly didn't expect it to be Madeline. An amazing self-sacrifice scenario. Thanks for 7 wonderful seasons with Team Michael.

  • Awesome

    What a conclusion to a great series.
  • The End of an Era!

    From the beginning, I was hooked. Every Thursday, I couldn't wait to see what Fiona was going to blow up, what smart-ass thing Sam was going to say, and whether or not Michael was going to get shot. I've known for a while that the finale was going to be big, and I was not disappointed. To me, this episode tided it all up, and I was the perfect ending to a great show.

    As for who they killed, (we all knew they were going to kill someone), I cried my eyes out, but it was one hell of a way to go out.

    Goodbye, Burn Notice!
  • loyal fan

    Love this show . Best show on tv right now.
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