Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2012 on USA

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  • Reunion

    Not much to say other than yet another quality episode of Burn Notice, a show having a great season. Some annoying guest stars in this one, but full of action, even though we did not get to see the execution.

    Good, but there's been better episodes this season. Still another fun hour of TV.
  • Burn Notice Standard Returns

    Burn Notice returns to its time proven methodology with Michael seeking his own personal justice and a client of the week's problem to solve. Fact is this works for the show when there's good action and a bit of unfolding the mystery surrounding Michael's story. I am a big Bruce Campbell fan so when he gets good screen time I'm usually happy and Sam Axe was solid in this story even if it didn't have the compelling drama of last week's uber episode. This is what Burn Notice's stock in trade is and the hunt for Rebecca split with Sam's girlfriend's son's faux pas blended nicely. It's also nice to have Fi back even if she didn't do much this time (could she take some time for eyebrow waxing?). Looking forward to seeing how Michael's letting Rebecca go unfolds. Sad ending, though good to see Mike and his mom showing solidarity. I think things will ramp up again for all.
  • burn notice keeps rolling

    SPOILERS. No matter what, this was never topping last week's episode, or coming close. But Reunion was still an enjoyable hour of TV. We saw the client of the week format of old make a comeback, and Mike even went undercover for a bit. Richard Burgi does an excellent job as a slimy loan shark/drug dealer/god knows what else. Chelsea from Two and a Half Men makes a guest appearance as Sam's new girlfriend. Found that kind of funny.

    The final minutes were a relief for me, as I was really hoping that the show wouldn't go in the direction of Rebecca being the new big bad. She appears in Michael's loft, bleeding from a previous encounter the two had where both put a non-fatal bullet in the other, and Michael puts a gun to her head. Rebecca insists she didn't kill Anson and Nate, Mike doesn't seem convinced, but in the end he can't bring himself to do it. Call me sadistic, but that was a let down. Michael finishing her right there (especially if she was later proven innocent) would have been another game changer, for Mike and the show. But they part ways grudgingly, and Westen and friends are at square one. Next week's episode looks very solid.