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  • What's Not to Love?

    Great cast, premise works, comedic elements abound, particularly involving the mom. Only downside - and this is somewhat minor - is that the fight sequences could be better executed. Many times I can see the air punches, and Michael is a bit small to be handling some of the bigger hombres. Just sayin'
  • All time classic

    Best show ever in tv, worldwide, in terms of... well everything!

    I only wish they could bring it back with more seasons and more Michael's adventures.

    I truly miss it...
  • Best Show On TV In The Last 20 Ever! *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

    I created an account just to review Burn Notice. I wonder about the people who say this TV show is anything less than spectacular. What do those people consider to be "great" if Burn Notice is "terrible", because surely, whatever show it is, that is so much better than Burn Notice, I would really like to watch it! Realistically, no such show exists, that be much better than Burn Notice. The only possible reasons a person could hate this show that much, is because they are likely a miserable person inside, and by default,they just hate anything, simply because other people like it! Personally, I got rid of cable and satellite TV many years ago; it's nothing but trashy garbage and brainwashing. A friend gave me Season 2 on DVD about 5 years ago. I had never seen it, so it sat around collecting dust.. until one rainy springtime Sunday afternoon... I finally decided I would give it a try after a few friends told me I had to watch it. I wasn't expecting much more than a typical, worn out, cliche, over-used 007 spy genre type show.. My friend that owed me a lot of money, had just given me his 50-something inch SONY HDTV as payment and I was kind of looking to try it out anyway... As soon as the intro was over and the show started, the room brightened up with clear blue Miami skies, tropical green oceans, girls in bikinis, and a very surreal Hispanic-Cuban-Miami vibe, that was SPOT on. It seemed that the cast were all well experienced actors, which gave me high hopes as well. The beautiful scenery alone started to brighten my mood somehow, and surely the good TV helped. Right off the bat, after only a half hour or so, I noticed that the cast were all EXCELLENT, and that they all meshed together in such a harmonious way. So far it had these huge positives working for it. As the first episode finished, I was in disbelief that one episode was already finished. It felt like only 15 minutes had passed.. but no, it was the full episode. I realized that it had already captivated me and completely drawn my attention 100%. There was not a second of boredom or redundancy. I couldn't remember feeling this way about a show since I was much younger. When the second episode started, I already knew that I wanted more. I quickly threw some shoes on, ran to the store, grabbed some munchies because I knew I was locking myself in my living room, phone off, Facebook off, laptop and all devices - OFF! I spent the ENTIRE day watching all of season 2. When the last episode drew closer to the end, and Michael had to kill Victor, and started tearing up, so did I. A show had actually made me cry - first time, ever, that a show had made me tear up. I remember sitting there on my couch, almost in shock, thinking, "What in the Hell did I just watch?! Why have I never watched this show before?!" I knew already that this was going to be my all time favorite TV show! That same night, I went online and ordered all of the first 3 seasons on DVD, and over the years I bought every season as soon as they came to DVD. The way Michael, Maggie, Sam and Fiona were all PERFECT for their roles was something I had never seen in any movie or show. I had never, and still have not see a cast that was so perfect, and so natural in their characters, with no exceptions. Each episode seemed to be written and executed so smoothly. I noticed that the shows had plots that carried over through the season, the entire show, and included multiple sub-plots in each episode. Another thing that stands out in Burn Notice, is that unlike the majority of shows (especially action/ mystery/ suspense and crime genres), the writers and directors usually use simple, predictable, desperate, lazy, unrealistic, and just plan stupid events to move the plot along, Burn Notice uses well thought, seamless, realistic, original and unexpected events and twists to naturally move the plot forward. And yet another good quality of this show, is that it actually has substance and is not geared towards people with 6th grade levels of intelligence (as almost all other shows are, because most people are immensely ignorant). It is actually packed with intelligence and a wealth of knowledge. I don't care who you are - if you have half a brain, and are not a miserable heathen, Burn Notice is an absolute MUST watch!
  • One of the most underrated shows ever

    This show is just perfect. From start to finish. Every episode is fun to watch, has amazing pacing, has amazing characters. This is the kind of show that only comes along once in a decade. Anyone who refuses to watch it is an idiot!
  • Fan Too Late

    Only started watching after Burn Notice had been cancelled, but love the show. They left it in a great place to pick up again with a movie or spin-off, so we'll just have to hope...

    Spin-off Ideas:

    Axe / Chuck Findley, PI

    The Charley Westen Chronicles: (8-10 years later) Hardy Boys meets Spy Kids meets Mission Impossible
  • Looking for those sun glasses..

    My son wants to dress up as Micheal from Burn Notice for his piano recital. Running around looking for the beige suit and aviator glasses. He will look just like him. I just got a TV that I gave to my mother (didn't care to have one before) and I am impressed and watch from eight AM to three AM and getting other people to watch Burn Notice.
  • I can't believe Burn Notice got Burned!

    I loved this show and am really disappointed that they cancelled a quality show like this one yet they renew so many god awful shows with the horrible canned laughter and bad acting. What were they thinking with this one?
  • SO SAD

    i am so sad that this show is no longer. i wish another show with the cast could be made.
  • My favorite obsession

    I've been watching Burn notice since the very start. Even when i moved to another country and my TV provider didn't air the episodes, I found a way to watch them. I found a new TV show to be obsessed with soon after, and even though my friends and family may tease me and say that I gave up on Michael by becoming obsessed with a new show, Michael Westen and his clan will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Burn Notice

    This is a perfect show it has everything for everyone my favorite show
  • Best show ever made

    You will always be my fav .. Good bye Micheal Westen
  • nick 1

    it will be missed
  • WOW!!

    This season was just insane. It completly blew my mind from the first ep to the last. I've always thougth of Burn Notice as an above average show, but this season it just exploded. Litteraly. I have to go back an check all the shows i've watched through the years, but right now i think this is the best final season i've ever watched. They really brought out the big guns, lost of action and an unbelivable amount of good guest actors!


    I'll admit that i got really pissed of when he killed his "friend". But that was the changing point when he went darkside.

    He has really turned in to a good actor over the years.

    Wow, just wow. Im gonna miss this show, this season was really emotionale.
  • Perfect Ending

    That was the perfect ending to this show. The whole time i was wondering who he was talking to. Now we know. Best final i have ever seen. I can't think of a better ending to this amazing show. Thank you
  • great finale is this the end

    after surviving the big blast, fake funeral full of sunshine, they are together with Charlie in a cottage surrounded by snow. Michael says to Fiona "what do I tell him" Fiona reply's" the truth tell him the truth I am Michael Weston, I used to be a spy". I'm gathering this is the end of Burn Notice.

    Man that sucks just when a series is really good the writers give up.
  • How will this go down..

    Michael will become James.

    He will take over and become a rogue.

    I'm telling you this because that's the path this has to lead to.

    He can't be CIA anymore, it's clear in 7x11.

    He's not suicidal, he's just tired of the BS and he will basically fight for the causes he believes in. In his own way.

    Sadly, this unto itself could lead to a new series which in a way could be more akin to one of my favs which is "Leverage". But with more of an edge.

    As for who will die in sacrifice. Fiona, I suspect.

    This isn't going to be a happy ending where Michael and Fiona raise his nephew like he was his own son deal. Nope.

    But they I could be wrong, so, 2 more episodes to go to see where this leads.
  • Michael a murderer...

    Michael murdering someone attempting to come to his aid and doing it the same way his brother was murdered, to me, killed a lot of the value of the series. Horrible, horrible decision by the writing staff. I don't see how Michael can walk away from the series alive now, or how anyone could want it.. Invites tragedy and signals the meaningful end of the series three strides before the bad.
  • Could see the writing on the wall.

    Loved the show but these last few episodes are so annoying with Fiona narrating them ! And when mom quit smoking & took on the kid it was doomed.
  • All Great Show's must come to a END


    YOU'll be MISSED!!!!
  • robot sound track is ANNOYING

    I'm finding season 6 almost unwatchable because the so-called sound track is so irritating.

    Lots of cheap drum machine noise (to show us kiddies that it's REALLY! exiting!) instead of a real sound track.

    Is this simply a cost-cutting measure in an otherwise well-produced show? What happened to the "music by John Dickson" type of score that added so much to the visuals?

    I used to rate this show a 9, but it's so hard to watch that now it's a 6--all because of the background audio.
  • hard to replace when you get a burn Notice-

    another great episode. it had all the exciting elements. Fiona was hot as always. Michaels nemesis was like this Stone Cold interrogator from hell or Texas. but being the pro spys both smiled at the end of Michaels psychedelic bad trip bonanza. it reminded me of an old spy movie with Michael files,the.

    Fiona sure has got down the movies with that little car. even advertising it at commercial time. and negative, it's a two parter. I hate two parters. they should have this a two hour show that's leaving if you more since it's the end of the series. there's talk now say in there will be a new style Burn Notice but without the main guy.
  • With the addition of a baby

    I love this show.

    But as soon as the baby was introduced the "Jump the shark" was started.
  • This show works

    I love every love how the plots love how Michael is made of sad that its the good ones die have to be subjected to crap like graceland hotincleveland the land of tv, they still don't get will just watch reruns of Law and Order, Andy least these were the good old shows that rocked.
  • This is appointment television baby!

    I have been a fan of Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless for years in their various starring roles. I was not as familiar with either Jeffrey Donovan nor Gabrielle Anwar, though I had seen a limited amount of their work. That said, I do troll for new series premiers regularly and when Burn Notice premiered in 2007 had it on my schedule to watch. From the two-part pilot to present day I have not missed a single episode. I will even find myself watching re-runs of episodes I have already seen several times, - I am a Burner and we Burners should have a 12-step program 'cause once you're hooked it sinks deep down in your blood and there is no turning back. :-)

    When I heard the news earlier this year that this season, season 7, was to be the final season of Burn Notice, I could scarcely believe it. Why? The show is always at the top of the ratings, is a fan favorite and is used to premier new shows on the network. So why end the most popular show on the USA network? I have had to accept that no answer that is given will ever appease the heart or mind of the true Burner - we will still be crushed. But the reality is - no matter how long the show could have been produced, at some point there had to be an end. And how best to approach that end? On your own terms? Or dictated by the fickle whims of fate? The cast and crew of Burn Notice decided to dictate their own terms, to go out the same way they came in - and though my heart is breaking, I love and salute them for making this call for themselves and for the fans.

    So, thank you Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Coby Bell, Matt Nix and all the cast and crew of Burn Notice who have done such an amazing job over these past 6+ years now. Your efforts have been very much appreciated, celebrated and will continue to be long after the last "That's a wrap" has been shouted on the sets of Burn Notice. Job superbly done! Thank you!
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  • Spies don't get fired; But Actors who play Spys DO!

    or the show ends, which means the actors are Laid-off which is basically like being fired. :o(

    I loved this Show, it was the best thing on .

    I will miss it. I hope they do a few movies later.
  • I don't care if the spycraft is fake, the show's a blast.

    This show has the right character chemistry, great action and fun stories, so if you're the kind of person that wants some classic good-guy action and doesn't freak out over minor technical inaccuracies, you should get a kick out of this show. One of its more appealing aspects is it has a bottle episode contained within a long term plot, so even if you don't watch every episode you can still see a stand-alone story start and finish within that episode.
  • Love this show

    The entire ensemble is terrific !. It is a great show and I just found it .
  • I love this show

    I hope here will b more shows
  • what ???

    I cant begin to understand how this show gets renewed over and over again. Terrible acting. Incredible poor storyline. A waste of airtime.