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  • This is appointment television baby!

    I have been a fan of Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless for years in their various starring roles. I was not as familiar with either Jeffrey Donovan nor Gabrielle Anwar, though I had seen a limited amount of their work. That said, I do troll for new series premiers regularly and when Burn Notice premiered in 2007 had it on my schedule to watch. From the two-part pilot to present day I have not missed a single episode. I will even find myself watching re-runs of episodes I have already seen several times, - I am a Burner and we Burners should have a 12-step program 'cause once you're hooked it sinks deep down in your blood and there is no turning back. :-)

    When I heard the news earlier this year that this season, season 7, was to be the final season of Burn Notice, I could scarcely believe it. Why? The show is always at the top of the ratings, is a fan favorite and is used to premier new shows on the network. So why end the most popular show on the USA network? I have had to accept that no answer that is given will ever appease the heart or mind of the true Burner - we will still be crushed. But the reality is - no matter how long the show could have been produced, at some point there had to be an end. And how best to approach that end? On your own terms? Or dictated by the fickle whims of fate? The cast and crew of Burn Notice decided to dictate their own terms, to go out the same way they came in - and though my heart is breaking, I love and salute them for making this call for themselves and for the fans.

    So, thank you Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Coby Bell, Matt Nix and all the cast and crew of Burn Notice who have done such an amazing job over these past 6+ years now. Your efforts have been very much appreciated, celebrated and will continue to be long after the last "That's a wrap" has been shouted on the sets of Burn Notice. Job superbly done! Thank you!