Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 1

Scorched Earth

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 2012 on USA

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  • Starting Off with a Bang

    Burn Notice strikes back into it's sixth season at full speed. Season 5's game-changing finale saw Michael trying to deal with the damage his actions have caused the team. The biggest of which is that by saving CIA agents from being burned, Fiona was turned into prison by Anson.

    Season 6's first episode is all about Michael going crazy. And one hell of an episode it is. Sure, the other characters are in it too, but Michael and Sam are the real stars here. Michael chases Anson throughout the streets of Miami, eventually finding him and beating the crap out of him. However, Anson outsmarts Michael yet again and escapes.

    This episode also set up the goal for this season: finding and taking down Anson in order to release Fiona from prison.

    All in all, this episode was very strong and got us all back in the mood for the new season of Burn Notice to come.

    +Michael going crazy

    +Sam and Michael acting

    +Michael beating up Anson in the end

    +Return of Agent Bly

    +Madeline home invasion

  • Fantastic

    Fantastic season opener! didn't waste single minute for what happened B4! scorched Earth picked from d minute where we left off @ S5!, Good to see d burn notice team back in action! though Fi is in federal custody!, Anson is on d loose! Whats next? can't wait for nxt ep.
  • Burn Notice Storms Back

    Let's be honest, the show was still good, but it had been getting a bit stagnant over the past year or so. "Scorched Earth" proved what Burn Notice can do and that is an incomparable action and comedy experience. From the opening moments of Fiona's arrest, to the hunt for Anson, to Madeline saving Jesse, this was an exciting offering from the USA Network series. Any thoughts of it being past its prime were put to rest immediately.

    Excellent way to begin the new season.
  • Scorched Earth

    Solid follow up to last season's subpar finale (which I disliked even more the second time around, as it was reran right before this was). There was a good deal of suspense and turbulence tonight, a contrast from the usual uneventful Burn Notice premieres that get bogged down with laying groundwork for future episodes. But given how many threads Fail Safe left hanging last December, I guess it's to be expected. I have some pretty high hopes that this season will be the change-up that Burn Notice could use.They did kinda tip their hand as to what the summer finale will consist of, but whatever.


    A problem that's bothering me more and more though is how the show's way of making Anson smart is by making the main characters stupid. The 'oversight' excuse only works so many times. All of last fall Westen and company were shockingly careless with Anson, basically opening up the doors he was able to 'magically' slip through. Scorched Earth did no better, we saw Mike and Sam just stroll into a toxic waste plant where they imagined Anson was holed up, without even thinking about what a dangerous and ideal location for a trap that place is. A mistake that nearly got Sam killed. Come on, BN writers, give Mike his brains back.