Burn Notice

Season 7 Episode 12

Sea Change

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 05, 2013 on USA

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  • Sea Change

    I just don't believe that Michael would turn to the dark side like this, but I guess anything is possible. The cliffhanger at the end was great, and this episode was still strong, but some of the progressions in this season are simply head-scratching.
  • Is It Thursday yet?!

    holy sea change batman! so I totally agree with everyone saying Michael has his own team now why couldn't his friends just let him be because the whole series has been them helping people outside the law. but then again, I also think what Sam, Fi and Jesse are thinking is that Mike is going a step further from what they have been doing, like from burning teddy bears to burning animals kind of leap. but then again... he will be in charge of everything though so he gets to call the shots. hmmm... so confuse right now.

    my 2 choice ending though is... ONE, let mike and Sonia run their network because he can do a lot of good.

    TWO, james dies after a gun battle, Sonia gets convince to leave the network behind with mike.. our favorite heroes disappears from CIA scope presumed KIA. Mike and Sonia go to Rio where they have beautiful westen babies, grandma and Charlie to help them raise them. Fi and Carlo are now bounty hunters in some foreign land, partners with sam and jesse. yey!

    however, after rewatching the whole series again. I think the show will end with Mike not joining the network AND quit the CIA. James dies in hand to hand combat with Mike after he shoots Sonia coz she was going to kill Fi. Mike, Sam, Jesse, Fi, his mom and Charlie jets off to a new place and live happily ever after. CIA presumes them all KIA. no more missions, no more spying. because the entire series, mike and fi has been talking about leaving it all behind. and it will end with them finally have.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see. is it Thursday yet!?
  • I didn't get it

    Am I missing something here? Why on earth didn't Mike just tell Sam and Fiona that he was about to capture James with the FBI? It's like the whole show this time made no sense; totally unnecessary complications. It doesn't even matter if Mike wants to support the CIA or James organization because which ever he choices, it's a lot easier when he is basically running things. I sure hope this isn't the ending since I've enjoyed Burn Notice and I'd hate for it to end in a way that makes the whole series just stupid. Kinda like how the TV series Merlin was ruined with one stupid final episode.
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