Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 6

Shock Wave

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 26, 2012 on USA

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  • shocking ending

    I am dissapointed to see Nate go however Anson was around long enough. Nobody is safe on this show.
  • Poor Nate

    I liked him a lot, so sorry he had to go like that.
  • RIP Nate

    Oh my god, the ending of this episode was so sad. I hadn't seen the promo trailer so I didn't know someone was gonna die. Nate dying came as a shock to me. Nate was only trying to do good for Michael. Michael going home to tell his mom Nate was dead, broke my heart. I think she's going to blame Michael. I hope not, cause I like their relationship.

    Rest in peace Nate, we'll miss you...
  • Three storylines converging in one really good episode

    This was the best episode in a while. The same old same old (Michael getting Anson) was sandwiched with the continuation of Fi's prison antics and a fantastic Sam Axe adventure with our favorite juggler of finance.

    Many viewers, including myself, were tiring of "on-the-edge" Michael's never ending vendetta with Anson. Well, that one ended in a big sad way with Nate's death. The cloud that will put on Michael and his mom will be a big one and it's sure to have major repercussions that the forthcoming episodes will be addressing. In other words: Michael has a new score to settle. It was good to have the Fi in the joint storyline ending too, and it did go in a fairly gratifying way even though it really didn't have the action element of her being murdered at any moment. The big entertainment, however, was exactly what makes Bruce the best sidekick on TV. He was exactly the Sam Axe character we love doing the perfect Sam Axe Burn Notice schtick. Loved that part and it balanced the darkness well.
  • WOW..


    When we're promised a climax episode, Burn Notice almost always delivers the goods (last season's finale was a misstep). But nothing could prepare us for Shock Wave, probably the most fitting name possible for this episode. Promos advertised the death of a main character. As it turns out, two main characters exit the show in a body bag. The first was Anson, but Fi was still able to be released from prison. She is free. The other victim was Michael's brother Nate, someone I didn't think the show had the balls to kill off. But Michael's reaction (especially considering what transpired between them leading up to that point), and then his mother's, was absolutely gut-wrenching. Once again, the BN writers have found the perfect lead-in to a new saga that's so logical, but at the same time nobody (us) seemed to see coming. While running three mostly unrelated plots that were all thrilling to watch. Pretty impressive.

    What made this work so well was that despite being able to rule out who the show would definitely NOT kill, we were still left with several possibilities. Agent Pearce was a strong possibility, killing her off would have left its mark but the show still would have functioned as usual. Barry was my guess heading into the episode. Rebecca wouldn't have surprised me, though she didn't even appear (likely done for good, she has no reason to come back unless she was the assassin; I hope the BN writers don't go that route). I figured Jesse for the traitor in Fail Safe, and still wouldn't have been that surprised if he got hit here. There were those external red herrings, and there were also several that occured within the episode. Fi got a visit from a foreign suit intent on making her life hell, but that's moot since she's no longer locked up. In retrospect, Barry's plot was definitely created just to throw us for a loop in our death pools, but regardless that was pretty damn entertaining filler. Too bad Mapother's character is probably dead, he's someone I'd like to see again.

    Honestly, I think this is the best episode Burn Notice has ever put out. Good Intentions had been my favorite, but this tops it. So much suspense, so much intrigue right down to the final seconds. I thought last year's mid-season twist was excellent and really spiked my interest in what was to come, but now we're shifting into a new saga that should be even more emotionally grueling than Anson's, and we're going in completely cold. This just can't unfold soon enough.
  • Shock Wave

    Not a big fan of the character that passed, so I am fine with the decision. It was not that shocking, but still good TV. They went a little overboard with that annoying song for the final five minutes though.

    But the main storylines were all good. Sam seems to be reinvigorated this season, and even though it wasn't spectacular television, I'm a little disappointed by the end of Fiona in prison.

    Good episode, but really, that's how they end Anson's reign of terror? Weak.
  • Bring on the flames cos this was average

    Killing of nate ? yeah totally knew it, once barry and sam escaped

    the new credits for this season mean't jesse was safe

    i saw sam in a preview pic for next episode.

    they could of killed fi once she was released from prison that would of been different but to much of show ender..

    and i totally saw anson dying from bullet.. as i said in the forums the writers would kill him off rather than have him arrested

    another thing these american shows always portray british characters with the worst kind of stereotype accents...

    the bad guys after barry where lame the 'leader' of the group has always been a terrible actor...

    as for anson wtf ? he used a prostitute to get his stuff ? really ? after all his posturing and mind games he resorts to this ?! he may of been desperate but ffs.thats really lame... i would of prefered racheal to actually turn up and cause problems...
  • New beginning?

    First is first, this episode was indeed a shocking. We were informed that somebody in the 'team' was not going to make it.


    Seeing that they left Sam alone and he went on what appeared to be a quick errand for him and Barry turned out to be a major gun fight. Sam and Barry were ambushed, out gunned, and trapped in the middle of nowhere in one of Barrys client's house. Seeing that Sam was alone and carrying almost no ammo I for sure thought he was the one to be out but then i thought how could they? He is Sam Axe after all. Turning back to Michaels situation with capturing Anson I was 100% sure they would capture his a** this episode but little by little I started getting a feeling that Nate was going to be the one to get killed. They put a lot of drama and emotion between Michael and Nate to cause us, the audience, to be in shock at the end. Near the end where Nate has Anson at gun point really had me thinking that Anson was going to take Nate as a hostage and then take his life. At this point I am literally at the edge of my seat. Turns out I was wrong. A shot went off and Nate's face was covered in blood. I knew Anson is dead now and that Nate is in falling in shock and Anson was the one to die this episode. But as Nate fell I knew he was collateral damage. The sniper, shooting from a 50. Cal sniper, took out half of Anson's torso, took out Nate, and made a big whole on the sign which was directly behind Nate. Now, knowing Michael he will go out of his way to find Nates killer but it will not be easy for him. If this person found Ansons quicker than Michael could have I can conclude he is a smart guy/girl. But i also have my suspicions. It could have been the Weapon Dealer, Rachael, the British Spy but it could be a new twist to a new beginning. This will for sure lead to one amazing Finale and another exciting season!

    Amazing episode worth another watch.