Burn Notice

Season 2 Episode 15

Sins of Omission

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2009 on USA

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  • The Ex-Fiance

    Micheal's Ex-Fiance ask for his help in getting her son back from the kidnappers that wants the chip she stole for them. Michael agrees to help but causes problems with Fiona, Of course wouldn't expect anything new from Fiona. Michael and Victor try to make a deal that one of them ended up setting up the other. All in all I didn't care for the case it was boring to me, only interesting parts were Carla and the little entertaining situation with the ex-fiancee thing and the fight at the end with Victor. The double life mission thing is forcing to compare which is better, even though he does help people I think its becoming more of a front than a main story. I fear this because it makes me think all the episodes are fillers until Carla shows her face which is rare and when that does happen I just figure that 35mins of the show is a filler while the rest is main story. Maybe soon they can blend it all in together, because it's looking like to two separate shows in my book.
  • Pretty boring.

    It seems like every week that we get a great episode of Burn Notice we are guaranteed a lackluster one the following week. Outside of the scenes with Carla and Michael and the concluding fight at the end of the episode there was very little of note. The ex-fiancee showing up was so out of the blue, and so unnecessary in my opinion. Save that stuff for Gossip Girl, we deserve better with Burn Notice.

    I am hoping they are simply holding out for a blowaway Season Two finale next week, but as it stands right now it would be hard for that episode to be much worse than this.
  • Samantha, Michael's ex-fiance shows up and Michael and Fiona have to help her get out of trouble. In the meantime Michael's Mom stays with him because Victor is loose and Michael needs to speak with him before he does something bad like kill someone.

    I really enjoy this show and I have too say this episode really sounded great in the preview but just didn't deliver. The ex-fiance bit was poorly done and the interaction was stiff in general. Fiona was cute with her jealousy bit and Michael really revealed something big to Fiona (and his Mother) late in the episode, but other than that the job itself was pretty lame.

    The main bad guy Brennan wasn't overly clever. Actually he came across as sort of an oaf. The break in at the end was somewhat interesting, but not up to the usual show standards.

    I think you sort of wait for the Michael/Victor encounter to finally happen and when that occurred there was some satisfaction in that scene. Maybe a little more Sam might have fixed the storyline. Not sure in general. It had all the pieces to make it work it just didn't seem to come together.

    I gave the 7.5 score because I don't think I cared what happened to the Samantha character or really found the Brennan character that dangerous compared to Michael's usual challenges. The actors were fine, but the writing just was not up to the level of the second season in general.

    I am looking forward to the season finale and to next season just the same.
  • good setup for season finale

    Okay, maybe the ex finance aspect of the plot was a bit soap opera-y (especially Madeline's whining about never having heard about the finance before) but the latest move forward in the carla story arc was great and sets up next week's finale. Love it when they comment on Madeline's smoking ('you're Mom's a Chimney Mike'), which becomes more of an issue since she's now staying and smoking at the loft supposedly for her own protection while Victor is on the prowl but I did wonder how safe it is supposed to be there given that Mike recently almost got blown up there. It's true the weekly storyline was kind of weak- but the episode was worth it for the opening carla scene and then the final scene with Michael and Victor duking it out in the bathroom of a high security government building. Classic Jeffrey Donovan was the deadly serious yet strangely charming look on Michael's face as he matter of factly zaps Victor with a homemade taser then rolls him away in a wheel chair. And then there is that whole ethical grey zone again - he wants that information and he wants his life back; how far will he go to get it?
  • Victor, two Sam's and Jay Karnes! A girl can die happy! Review after the jump…if you need me I'll be running away to Nicaragua with Jay Karnes. What?..

    Michael's ex-fiancée (Sam, played by Birds of Prey's Dina Meyer) seeks his help in freeing her son, who was kidnapped by a black market dealer named Brennen (played awesomely by Jay Karnes, The Shield, Sons of Anarchy)
    Meanwhile, Michael has to get to Victor, the guy who tried to kill him. Of course there hand battle was the best I've seen on the show, I only wish there was more!!

    This episode was probably one of the best episodes not only of the season but of the series, not only did it have the usual spy gadgetry and goodness, but the progression of Michael's larger story arc was in full effect. More Thoughts on 'Sins of Omission: - Gotta say Michael Shanks has been great as Victor
    - the modified disposable camera as taser was great! I want one! - The fact that Jay Karnes played a bad guy that was actually onto them from the beginning was a refreshing change of pace.
    - We learn why Michael ended his relationship with Sam, to be with Fi!
    - Bottom Line: A let-down after last week's excellent episode, but Fi was in top form in this one! Can't wait for more Victor in next week's ep!

    Next week: Season finale time!! I can't believe it's come so quick!

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