Burn Notice

Season 7 Episode 11

Tipping Point

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 22, 2013 on USA

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  • Tipping Point

    Michael and Sonya have great chemistry, and I wish they could have paired these two together sooner. The battle with Simon was fun, and the ending shockingly brutal as we are seeing an edgier Michael than ever before in the waning days of this show. Nice evolution.
  • Heros - my fantasy about how this will end

    Nix is a master mind. The only way that he could really resolve the issue between Michael and Fiona was to 1) make Fiona stand in Michael's shoes for a moment so she can see why he has felt he had to work for the CIA and 2) have Michael see that Fiona was always right about the CIA being bad guys. In the first instance Fiona experiences new empathy for Michael when Carlos is tortured and rescued. She realizes that she had to do something she didn't want to do to save Carlos, just like Michael has been doing all along in trying to save his family by working for the CIA. Now for Michael's realization. Michael eventually had to see that the CIA were bad guys and didn't deserve his loyalty.

    Here's how I imagine the next two episodes wrapping things up.

    James has a monumental mission coming up to stop a terrorist group that is planning to kill thousands. Michael will agree to help him but not agree to accept his brutal methods or join forces with him permanently. He makes a deal with James to save his family. Jesse, Sam and Fiona just think Michael is 'lost' and step in to confront him. Fiona risks Sonya shooting her. Sam will then fight with Michael and they fall into the ocean together and almost drown. In my fantasy of how this will end - James respects Michael's virtue and sense of honor and tells him that he will save Michael's family if he will help him do this last mission. Michael is still trying to do both, the good thing (ie. the mission) and save his family. The gang gets on board with Michael and James to stop a deadly terrorist attack.

    James sets up a ploy so that the CIA will think that Michael and his whole family have been killed so they can leave the country. However we find out that Maddie has inoperable cancer and can't go with them. She and Michael are completely reconciled and she gives Charlie into his care. We already know by the end of episode 12 that Fiona is with Michael. In Episode 13 the whole family fights their last big battle against evil together and share an intimate moment with Maddie before they are freed from both James and the CIA forever.

    I have loved Burn Notice and am going to be sad to see it end. I haven't minded the intensity of Season 7. Yes, it has become more of a drama then a light hearted feel good show, but the core of the show has always been about Michael being a man of strength, truth and integrity who had a family who stood by his side no matter what. The show has raised moral and ethical questions that has shaken all of its viewers. It is also an epic romance. I have never seen the kind of chemistry that Michael and Fiona have on screen. They are both amazing actors. He is a true Hero and she is his perfect match.
  • everything changes

    Wow. Now, everything is more complicated than I can imagine. I can't wait for the finale. With this story arc, season 7 becomes one of my favorites.

    This episode brought back some of my faith in the writers. I knew when Michael went on the first job with James that Michael would be at risk of joining his cause because he had one. It has become increasingly obvious that exactly what Michael said to James is true ... he is fighting for nothing. But James has a passion and Michael gets that. I was happy to see he drew the line at danger to Sonya. I am intrigued by the preview for next weeks obvious set up of his choice between Sonya and Fiona. I was a bit afraid he was going to have to harm Sam and/or Jesse to keep his cover. Somehow I was glad that he offed Simon. It seems he has finally learned what we wished he would have when he had opportunities to end Anson, Dead Larry and Simon in previous seasons. I sensed that when the CIA guy told him to go ahead and assassinate his old friend last week that Michael was beginning to question his role in this guy's scheme. I wonder now if James will tell Michael his actual mission/cause and if it will be more compelling to him than working for the CIA. And if so, what will he do about everyone he love(d?) going to prison if he doesn't take James down. It's like Madeline alluded to in a past season when she told Michael that he was just like his father, always wanting to have it both ways. This time he can't. The only option would be to find out James' cause, believe in it, sell it to the CIA and somehow make them back off of James or help him complete his cause. But I don't see Jesse, Sam, Fiona, Sonya and James all joining together as one happy family. I am increasingly believing that Madeline and/or the little boy will be killed which will send Michael into a death spiral of revenge. In the end I think Fi and Michael will die together in some grand explosion while trying to avenge his mother/nephew's demise.

    There are three things that are spoiling this season because they are missing. They're the things that made me love this show in the first place and they're all gone: 1) the genuine affection and love between Michael and Fi that was sometimes so subtle, it was almost cute; 2) the altruism of helping an ordinary person to get free of some really bad person/s forever; and 3) the sense of humor in the characters. At times there is a small quip of comic relief from Jesse or Sam. But it was what made the show so clever and refreshing. THAT is what I miss the most this season. Without it, the specialness is gone. Without the acts of altruism, the fun is gone. And without the subtle affection between Michael and Fi and replacing it with her obvious contempt for him, the "nice" is gone from the show which was the essence of Michael that coming home to Miami brought out in him. This season is just a HUGE disappointment for me. It's not supposed to be REALITY; it's supposed to be ENTERTAINMENT. The entertainment is gone. The explosions are still there, but the purpose is gone.
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