Burn Notice

Season 7 Episode 2

Forget Me Not


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Michael comes back to Miami to protect his cover. Sam, Jesse and Fiona are also trying to hunt Mystery Man down themselves. Michael spies on his friends from a safe distance and he remembers his first meet with Fiona.

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Jan 16, 2015
JANUARY 15, 3015 .....
BOTH TRIVIA & QUOTES ... For a variety of reasons, I am just NOW beginning to watch the final season of BN. I am on epi #2 - "Forget Me Not"- originally aired 6/13/2013.

I have a very slight hearing loss &, at times, I also have difficulty understanding certain "accents." To remedy this dual problem, I always watch TV using the "closed caption" option. While watching Season 8, epi #2 tonight, I discovered something very surprizing, & possibly even rare. At the 26-minute mark, where there should be a voice-over narration by Michael Westen detailing sniper surveillance ... the version of epi #2 that aired in my area & on my cable network (Charter) had NO VOICE-OVER NARRATION! The only sound is BACKGROUND MUSIC!! To those watching this WITHOUT closed caption, nothing seems to be amiss. This scene appears to be seemless. Had it not been for the CONTINUOUS DISPLAY of dialoge via closed caption, I would have neve noticed that there something was missing!!

I realize this post is 1 1/2 years LATE, but .... I was just wondering if anyone else was aware of this fluke or perhaps experienced it firsthand like I did. I searched the net regarding "missing dialogue" from this particular epi, but my search turned up zero results. If anybody ever sees my post here, I will be VERY CURIOUS to know if they saw & DIDNT HEAR what I did!

I have taken screen shots of the missing monologue/narration & will post it - word for word - in the QUOTES section.moreless
Jun 14, 2013
What is that song in about 10 minutes in, in the bar?
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