Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 8

Where There's Smoke

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2010 on USA

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  • Never mess with Fiona. Seriously...bad idea!

    After the previous episode, I was a bit puzzled over the complicated relationship between Michael and Fiona. I took it from the discussion on the podcast that this was not just me; others were seeing some oddities there as well. This episode may have addressed the matter more definitively.

    My impression was that Fiona, though quite capable and deadly on her own, came to realize after her experience that she was still in love with Michael. As Michael's mother put it, whether they love each other, hate each other, it's still "each other". Which not only makes sense of a few things, but also adds to the inevitable tragedy when Jessie learns the truth.

    It was bad enough when Jessie was simply an ally and perhaps a friend. Jessie's attachment to Team Westen was commonality of experience and purpose. There would have been feelings of betrayal, and it still likely would have been very personal for him, but it would have been largely a mess of Michael's own making.

    But now we have Jessie's emotional component: his fierce attraction to Fiona. And as evidenced by this episode, his impulsive and even irrational side is only going to be fueled by his bitterness over Fiona's attachment to Michael. This all promises to explode when all is said and done, and it all depends on how far Jessie goes when he learns the truth. Does he maintain some level of rationality, or does he snap completely?

    Add to all that a solid plot, and this was the second strong episode in a row. Now that the summer run is beginning its climb to the inevitable cliffhanger, I hope this trend continues. And at least there's no more Kendra!