Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 8

Where There's Smoke

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2010 on USA

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  • There may not have been fire but it was HOT

    I LOVE Burn Notice. I thought that this episode was an excellent showcase of Fiona's many skills. And boy, can she kick ass!!! I loved how she got them out of trouble, and Sam just was backup for her. She's smart, beautiful, sexy and deadly. What a great combo. She's been looking better & better, IMO. And then the scene where she and Michael kissed? HOT and a long time coming. I was so happy to see them back together. They have chemistry off the charts.

    The main characters were also excellent as usual. Bruce Campbell was outstanding with the "ball & chain" references, as was his repartee with Gabrielle. I'm warming up to Jesse and felt bad he got his heart broken. Loved how Maddy did the bank heist prep, and then got out of going to jail. Her character rocks, except for her smoking like a chimney. I wish they would have her quit - it really annoys me how she's so unhealthy, and a bad influence for kids watching. Her house is filled with smoke, yet they have people staying there all the time. Have you ever smelled a house like that? It's disgusting and everything has to be ripped out and thrown away. Just too much reality in that part (my FIL died from smoking) to be a total hour of enjoyment for me. PLEASE have her quit smoking, especially if she doesn't smoke in real life. It's a danger for all of the actors/crew etc and an unnecessary plot device. Thanks.
  • This show is never lets me down and the cliffhanger was in one word, JUICY.

    I missed the first ten minutes but I got home just in time to see Fiona and the client kidnapped. So in comes Michael, Sam and Jesse to save the day. But that's not all folks! Because they were kidnapped on the day a bankheist was planned we're throwing in a special surprise guest. That's right for the price of one kidnapping were throwing in the extra help of Mrs. Westin to keep the gang focused so they can solve one kidnapping in order to be able to rob a bank later that day. Forget the ShamWow, this is what I call a deal! Now back to the review, the gang save the day, like they always do but the last ten minutes are where it gets good. Madaline tells Jesse to watch his emotions because even though Fiona and Michael don't always see the same thing they are always going to be together. Then knowing how Fiona feels about Michael and his handling of Jesse after burning him Michael boldly lies to Jesse saying he has never heard of Simon. All I can say for Michael is Ahh-Ohhh! Now that's what I call Music...I mean a cliffhanger! Sorry for the pop-culture references, I guess I forgot to take my medicine this morning. ;)
  • Where there's smoke, there's Fi.

    This episode had a lot of good stuff in it. Storywise, things heat up as they found the bank that whoever released Simon tried to rob, and client-wise Fiona gets kidnapped. Of course, kidnapping Fi, not a good idea.

    Fiona uses her badass skills to trick the kidnappers and beat them at their own game, protecting the client at the mean time of course. At the same time, Michael, Sam and Jesse are at a race against time to get the client and Fi back alive knowing the kidnappers will probably kill the women as soon as they get their 10 Million dollars. At the same tim, they have to deal with the husband that is tempted to pay the money.

    After it's all said and done, and Fi is back, they rob the bank to find a family bible. The bible is owned by none other than Simon.

    Talk about a suprise.
  • 408

    What do you do when you have a struggling TV show? If you guessed have a hostage or kidnapping episode you would be right. Burn Notice is almost reaching Degrassi levels with how many hostage crisis episodes they are having, but this is a good show whereas that is not, so they get a pass here of sorts.

    Fiona was kidnapped and had to use some of her rarely seen skills to escape. We all knew she would get out so I think that hurt my enjoyment a little bit, but this was still 40+ minutes of pure adrenaline.

    B Note had a strong episode here. Let's hope the next one is just as good.
  • Never mess with Fiona. Seriously...bad idea!

    After the previous episode, I was a bit puzzled over the complicated relationship between Michael and Fiona. I took it from the discussion on the podcast that this was not just me; others were seeing some oddities there as well. This episode may have addressed the matter more definitively.

    My impression was that Fiona, though quite capable and deadly on her own, came to realize after her experience that she was still in love with Michael. As Michael's mother put it, whether they love each other, hate each other, it's still "each other". Which not only makes sense of a few things, but also adds to the inevitable tragedy when Jessie learns the truth.

    It was bad enough when Jessie was simply an ally and perhaps a friend. Jessie's attachment to Team Westen was commonality of experience and purpose. There would have been feelings of betrayal, and it still likely would have been very personal for him, but it would have been largely a mess of Michael's own making.

    But now we have Jessie's emotional component: his fierce attraction to Fiona. And as evidenced by this episode, his impulsive and even irrational side is only going to be fueled by his bitterness over Fiona's attachment to Michael. This all promises to explode when all is said and done, and it all depends on how far Jessie goes when he learns the truth. Does he maintain some level of rationality, or does he snap completely?

    Add to all that a solid plot, and this was the second strong episode in a row. Now that the summer run is beginning its climb to the inevitable cliffhanger, I hope this trend continues. And at least there's no more Kendra!