Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 17

You Can Run

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 20, 2012 on USA

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  • You Can Run

    Another solid season finale for Burn Notice here.

    We knew it would be ridiculous for Michael and the team to get out of this one (even though they didn't do anything wrong) but I didn't mind it much from that perspective. It was really exciting, well-done and had the action movie feel to it.

    Strong finale.
  • spoilers

    After three uneventful episodes of Patton Oswalt related side-quests, Burn Notice finally cut to the chase for the two part season finale, and laid their current storyline to bed, albeit in fairly typical fashion for this genre. That said, it was a fun ride, and by no means was it a BAD ending. Riley finally got something to do other than stand with her hands on her hips and scowl, as we saw her take Jesse in and use some below the belt techniques on him, and eventually sending cartel guns after Mike and the crew, which in the end comes back and buries her. Sam's injury was very believable, and for a very short time I wondered if the show might actually kill off Sam Axe. We got a take a trip into Jesse's mind, finding out what makes him tick, and the show finally addressed something that's been bugging me; that Jesse is in this mess because of Michael, someone he's known for a fairly short amount of time and who initially got him burned, yet he still sticks by his side, to what end? No answer other than the usual loyalty speech, but at least the elephant's been acknowledged.

    As far as season finales go, this one was as about by the numbers as it gets. One or more of the main characters is in immediate peril, the big bad gives their enough is enough speech and goes nuclear (figuratively), the good guys find an angle on the big bad, it backfires, the big bad is eventually taken down after some impressively intense maneuvering, and an ambiguous ending is squeezed into the last five minutes that leaves plenty to be answered for the following season. This time around it appears that Mike has accepted a deal with the CIA and joined their ranks once again (maybe taking Riley's old position?), to ensure that he and his friends/family see the light of day again instead of 'accidentally' getting lost in the shuffle of some cover-up. As expected, Fi is not at all pleased that Mike isn't done with... 'this'.

    I don't have many nitpicks. I wish the plot didn't follow such a well-worn path, but if Matt Nix and company had decided to shake things up too much we might have ended up with another Fail Safe, and nobody wants that. I was disappointed to find that the mystery phone number from last episode was Agent Bly, I was hoping for someone more sinister, say Simon. Bly essentially getting killed by his seatbelt in part 2 was annoying, you'd think there's some sort of spy rule about not wearing your seatbelt if you don't need it at that moment (and Bly really didn't). But, Burn Notice has reached much more than that to move things along, so I'll forgive. Lastly, it was mentioned in the first five minutes of part 1 that Sugar was taken in and the rulebook was thrown out, but never addressed again.

    Satisfying end to the season. The next one is most likely the last, so I'm expecting 13 episodes of fireworks in the summer.