Burning Zone

UPN (ended 1997)


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  • A Government Conspiracy Killed this Show!

    The first 10 episodes were classic! I remember coming back to the USA from 3 years in Japan. So this was one of the first shows I really started to enjoy. At the time, The X Files were number 1. However, this show dealt with real things and technology that was way ahead of it's time. I truly believe that the government stepped in to change how the show was produced.
    Now I know you may think this is crazy but at that time, the internet was just starting to take off. The dot.com craze had not happened yet. I know because I remember being the one of the first 20 web-masters to build a web page on AOL. I wish I could find my some old tapes of this show. However, what I do remember is various viruses being explained and how a terrorist group could go about and spread these to a general population. This show also had one of the first fan web pages. I remember reading reviews from other fans of how great the show was and then all of a sudden-.. Bam! The show got a new lead character/actor. Tamilyn Tomita(ex.Karate Kid girl) role was cut down and the focus of the show changed. There is no way the a studio producing a show would shift that dramatically if they were not pushed. I stopped watching after the change and the show got canceled. So if you get a chance to see this wonderful show (the first 10 episodes) then you will be in for some thought provoking Sci-Fi!
  • 2 virologists and a Special Agent, under a Government Representative, create the virus killer team "burning Zone". To obtain virus details and to try cure the viruses plus to challenge themselves. to hand a report to the Government.

    This is really an interesting TV-series, with a new idea, virus. The storyline may not be as interesting as those soap opera like friends, seinfields, spin city, etc. but the storyline is fresh, because in the world, there are rarely TV-series using VIRUS and DOCTORS to be created. This one is worth-watching. Not only me, those who really watched Burning Zone all say that u must watch, see? See? If not interesting/exciting, why they say that? People can choose but watching this make u never to regret. please try watch this, it's precious!