Burning Zone

Season 1 Episode 2

The Silent Tower

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1996 on UPN
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Episode Summary

The Silent Tower
After a large number of suicides in an apartment building, the team is called in to investigate.

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    James Black

    James Black

    Agent Michael Hailey

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    Dr. Edward Marcase

    Michael Harris (I)

    Michael Harris (I)

    Dr. Daniel Cassian

    Tamlyn Tomita

    Tamlyn Tomita

    Dr. Kimberly Shiroma

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      • (Edward and Kimberly want to know what The Dawn is)
        Daniel: Nothing I tell you will be true.
        Edward: Tell us anyway.
        Daniel: You want me to tell you a lie?
        Edward: Amuse me.
        Daniel: Alright... Imagine, in the world, a secret international organisation, it's leaders are in positions of vast power, the top scientists of the medical elite. Now, imagine that this organisation has one goal - the total extinction of the Human race.
        Edward: Oh, come on, give me a break, Cassian. Why would anyone in the medical community want that?
        Michael: Think about it - wouldn't the world be a better place without us? Aren't we the most lethal virus in all of history? Intelligent, yet destroying our host?
        Daniel: Now, imagine that this organisation, with all of it's vast, vast biological resources has established a timetable - the day that Humanity will end will be called... The Dawn.
        Kimberly: That's completely insane.
        Daniel: Well, of course it is, fortunately for us, none of it is true.
        Edward: Then what is The Dawn?
        Daniel: You go home and look out your window. You'll see it tomorrow morning at 5:56am.

      • (Edward finds Cassian too secretive)
        Edward: If we're gonna work together, there's gotta be trust.
        Cassian: I trust you completely!

      • Edward: (initial voiceover) Under special mandate from the White House, a secret bio-crisis team has been formed. The assignment: to fight microscopic enemies in zones that are burning, to enter places no-one else would go – on the front lines of the plague wars, we are the point of the spear.

      • (After entering a circular anti-eavesdropping area, there's a blue flash as it activates)
        Edward: What's it do? Electrocute us if we misdiagnose a patient?

      • (After a war of words with the new director…)
        Edward: I don't like you.
        Daniel: Awww… you hardly know me.

      • (After Kimberly explains the pathology findings on the victims)
        Edward: So before they died, they went frickin' nuts?

      • Edward: So why do we get all the groovy assignments?
        Daniel: Because you're young, brilliant and expendable.
        Edward: That's good stuff, Doctor, did you think that up all by yourself?

      • (Cassian confronts the head of the committee, eventually accusing him of being the supposed dead Dr Wilson Pride)
        Cassian: A bit of trivia: during the cold war, Soviet spies were indistinguishable from normal Americans… except for one article of clothing – their shoes – all of which were made, strangely enough, at the same factory in Eastern Europe, the same factory where this shoe was made.
        Pride: I don't understand…
        Cassian: Of course… I believe Dr Pride made a deal to sell his new chemical warfare agent to the Soviets – the night of the transaction, something went wrong, he killed their representative. In desperation, he hid everything in a secret tunnel room and escaped. He approached his handlers at the CIA, and told them he was in danger. Because of his value to our government, he was given a new identity, he was able to continue his research and his life. Everything remained safely hidden… until someone decided to build a tower.

      • (Cassian threatens to expose Pride with DNA from the skeletal foot)
        Pride: You… are a very dangerous man.
        Cassian: You cannot begin to conceive how dangerous.
        Pride: What do you want from me?
        Cassian: A small favour… your personal access code to the global database known as the Dawn.
        Pride: That is … impossible!
        Cassian: This is not a negotiation. I'll give you till 3 o'clock this afternoon.
        (Cassian leaves but moments later hears a gunshot)

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