Burnout: The Ultimate Drag Race Challenge

Saturday 12:00 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 25, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 0.0
      Both teams have put their all into the cars and now it comes down to how they perform on the track. One team will see their hard work crushed and one team will win it all.
    • 0.0
      With the race just days away, the red team struggles to be ready in time, and the blue team is dealt a set back that could cost them the entire competition.
    • Focus
      Episode 7
      With time running out, the teams are burning the midnight oil to try and finish their cars and Top Fuel driver Antron Brown returns to give the teams their toughest challenge yet.
    • Out With The Old
      Episode 6
      Clay Millican takes the team's newly crowned drivers to a raceway for some drag race lessons and Pro-Stock driver Jason Line presents the teams with tire-change challenge of massive proportions.
    • Fail And Bail
      Episode 5
      As the builds move forward, some team members find the extra hours hurt their school work and the blue team gives Chops one more chance to be crew chief.
    • Wheelman
      Episode 4
      Carey Hart and Clay Millican take ten driver hopefuls through their paces and the teams find out who their drivers are, then the parts start to arrive but the blue team still struggles to get started on their build.
    • Waiting Game
      Episode 3
      The red team begins work on its car while the blue team is stuck waiting on parts, later both teams head to Vegas to hang with Clay and meet Funny Car driver Cruz Petragon.
    • Do Over
      Episode 2
      After realizing their car is beyond repair, the red team strikes a deal with a local auto shop to get a new car, then Top Fuel driver Antron Brown stops by to drop the second challenge on the teams.
    • One Owner
      Episode 1
      The top 20 students at UTI are selected to build the ultimate drag race car, after they are broken up into two teams they face their first challenge and get to work on their cars.