Burst Angel

TV Asahi (ended 2004)




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Burst Angel

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Also known as Bakuretsu Tenshi. This guide will cover both the original Japanese and Funimation dub. In the mid-21st century, crime and devastation has taken over most of Japan. Firearms are controlled but also more readily available to the masses. The police forces have all been privatized. Tokyo's largest police force is RAPT, which holds a martial law like stranglehold on its citizens with its heavily mechanized infantry of cybots. Kyohei is studying to become a patisserie (pastry chef). In order to do that, he needs to save up some money so he can go to France, and decides to take a part-time job making beautiful and delicious foods for a group of girls. But these girls are far from ordinary; they are part of an elite mercenary squad. Sei leads the group and coordinates the incoming jobs. Amy is a tween computer whiz kid. Meg is a redhead that dresses much like a cowgirl and does some of the reconnaissance although she usually gets captured by the bad guys. Jo is an expert fighter that wields dual pistols, and pilots a cybot named Jango. As the angels tackle various missions, they find that some of the more ferocious cybots are being controlled by some mysterious glowing brain, and some of the agencies and gangs they work for and against are harboring deeply guarded research secrets. Bakuretsu Tenshi aired on TV Asahi in Japan on Tuesday Nights in the wee hours of 2:10am, from April 6, 2004 to September 14, 2004 weekly for 24 episodes. An OVA called Burst Angel Infinity was broadcast on March 23, 2007. It was produced by Gonzo, which is known for integrating CG mecha into its animation. It was directed by Koichi Ohata (Gunbuster mecha design, MD Geist) and written by Fumihiko Shimo (Generator Gawl, Full Metal Panic, and Clannad). Funimation has licensed the series and has released boxsets in both DVD and Blu-Ray with an English dub script and Surround Sound.moreless

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Anime, 9/11 undertones, altruistic behavior, high stake situations, gunfights