Burst Angel

Season 1 Episode 7

Black Sky

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM May 18, 2004 on TV Asahi
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A mysterious giant bird is rumored to be flying around and preying on young girls. Kyohei's classmate Kazami gets snatched, and Kyohei rushes to find help. Meg ends up getting snatched as well, and Jo must decide whether to obey Sei's orders in a recent assignment or go after Jo. To make things worse, the deal goes wrong when the crow attacks and forces Kyohei to get involved.moreless

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    Jessica Dismuke

    Jessica Dismuke


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    Douglass Burks

    Douglass Burks

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • The cooking festival is dated 2050.

      • Kyohei's profile
        File 05
        CODE No. 2246
        Name: Kyohei Age: 18
        Height: 170 Sex: Male

        Kyohei's profile right side data verbiage
        The boy who goes to a cooking
        school aiming at PATISHE.

        It is TSUKI of its luck that the
        point which went to a chef's
        byte was the trailer of SEI.

        and it is involved in their incident.
        Although it returns so that it may
        escape, if preparation of a meal
        finishes, in order that four
        persons may expect the
        arm of cooking, it will lapse into
        the panel returned to a trailer
        similarly [each time kidnap ].

        Name: Kyohei
        Age: 18
        Height: 170
        Sex: Male
        Eye Color: Dark Brown
        Nationality: Japan
        Weapon: No date

      • The dub says she's 18 years old, but her computer profile says that she is 17.

        Jo's profile
        File 02
        CODE No. 1022
        Name: Jo Age: 17
        Height: 162 Sex: Female

        Jo's profile right side data verbiage
        True character ignorance.
        The girl gunman of a go-getter.
        If it is sleeping by the trailer of SEI
        usually or turn corner
        But as horror video is shown, it will
        act actively, like another person.

        Name: Joe
        Age: 17
        Height: 162
        Sex: Female
        Eye Color: Red
        Nationality: No date
        Weapon: Heavy automatic pistol * 2

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Jo: That's what's in the case the crow grabbed? Sucks to be the new guy.

      • (Kyohei looks at Kazami as they walk.)
        Kyohei: (thinking) It is nice being around a normal girl for a change.
        Kazami: You know, I was actually kind of worried. You've been missing a bunch of classes lately, and half the time you are there, you seem sort of spaced out. I thought, maybe something was bothering you?
        (Kyohei looks surprised, but then thinks.)
        Kyohei: Well, yeah, kind of. But it's nothing, really.
        Kazami: Do you think it would help if you talked about it? As team leader, I'd be happy to lend a friendly ear.
        Kyohei: (giggles) Because you're team leader? Is that the only reason?
        Kazami: If you screw up on our next group project, then everyone on the team winds up with a bad grade.
        Kyohei: (disappointed) Yeah, I see. That is a good point.

      • Girl: (talking on phone) So, like, then I said to him, like, "I just don't think we should be, like, going out anymore, you know? " And he goes, like, "I bought you a lot of stuff and took you out, like, every night." And then he starts crying. If he only knew, like, I hated the junk he bought me. I threw it all away. And he's, like, asking, "Why don't you like me anymore? What's wrong with me? Tell me! Tell me!" And now he keeps calling me. He's, like, left me a million messages. Seriously, men are such little babies these days. If only they could see how totally pathetic they are.

      • Kyohei: But I'm telling the truth.
        Meg: Do we look like complete idiots? You expect us to believe that a giant bird swooped down and stole your little girlfriend?
        Amy: There are stories on the net about the crowman, but the only sites referring to it are urban legend boards and weirder cult sites, nothing legit.
        Kyohei: Then where's Sei? She would listen to my story and not think I'm crazy.

      • Jo: You're gonna be my collateral so I can fight that crow. I don't give a damn about anyone but Meg. If you try to run, I'll kill you.

      • Sei: Trust me, Jo, just do what I say until then. That was our agreement.
        Jo: You trying to give me an order? I told you, a crow the size of a small truck just kidnapped Meg! I've got my mission!

      • (Jo draws her pistol and points it at a tree.)
        Meg: Don't shoot, it's just me.
        (Meg steps out from behind the tree.)
        Meg: Look who's here.
        Jo: You're supposed to watch the trailer.
        Meg: Don't worry about it. Besides, I wanted to check out this giant crow-man of his. Come on, Jo, don't be mad. It's not like I get captured all the time or anything.
        (Jo continues to stare at Meg with a pause.)
        Meg: Uh, okay, let's not get crazy with the gun there, Jo.

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