Burst Angel

TV Asahi (ended 2004)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Angels, Explode!
      Episode 24
      While Meg and Jo wash up on one of the Red Ocean's beaches, Sei is told by her Grandfather to follow her own path to happiness. Taking this opportunity for what it's worth, she devises a plan to destroy not only RAPT, but the dominance it has commanded over Tokyo. All she has to do is reassembling the team to do it.moreless
    • Red Sea Gallows
      Episode 23
      While RAPT controls the entire city of Tokyo, as well as the news media, Maria awaits the final battle she was originally programmed for. It's Angel vs. Angel as Maria and Jo face off in the ultimate fight of their lives.
    • Genocide Angels
      Episode 22
      The truth behind Jo's existence is revealed and nothing seems the same. Meg is concerned by a strange woman from Jo's past and finds herself in the clutches of evil. Glenford tightens his grip on Tokyo as dark clouds move in overhead! Will Sei find a way to make things better again? Or will Jo be left floating in oblivion?moreless
    • 8/24/04
      Another terrorist attack rocks the city and grips the citizens with fear. But the girls won't be saving Tokyo this time: they've been de-commissioned! Will Sei and Jo make it through another mutant attack? Will Meg get back to the team before it's too late?
    • Blood Red Highway
      Episode 20
      A new cybernetic police unit is put into commission in order to patrol the highways and keep the peace. But what happens when the regulators become unregulated? As the unit goes haywire the government struggles to regain control, but their efforts are in vain. Then the malfunctioning unit sets its lethal eyes on Takane. Can she escape it's malicious glare?moreless
    • 24 Hour Strategy
      Episode 19
      Takane remains a somewhat unwelcome guest of the girls until she visits the set of her favorite soap opera and falls victim to a mysterious mind control device. When Takane is abducted from the hospital it's up to the girls to find and rescue her from the clutches of sinister men behind the mind control. Will they find her in time? And if they do, will they be able to fight off the powerful force holding her under their control?moreless
    • 8/3/04
      Kyo runs into an old friend from school and finds himself running for his life! A gang war on the verge of erupting pits brother against brother and man against machine. Will Kyo save an old classmate from his own destruction or will mayhem once again steal the day?
    • Dueling Angels
      Episode 17
      Jo is in an alternative world where a giant demon is about to attack a village guarded by a mysterious samurai. Jo tries to help the samurai out but just when she's about to land a finishing blow, she is hit by a strange emotion and faints. The samurai helps her retreat. Jo realizes the demon is somehow related to her past and she hatches a plan to confront it.moreless
    • 7/20/04
      When Meg and Jo are sent to stop a cold-blooded killer, Joe begins to suffer painful visions. A routine Jango session with Leo leads to a violent attack and Jo is on the run. A formidable foe and a ghostly warrior send Jo into a battle for her very soul!
    • Slingin' Oil
      Episode 15
      Sei and the gang are enjoying a summer day at a recent opening of a water park island, but a day in paradise turns into a nightmare when a greedy executive decides to sabotage the grand opening by staging an oil leak and involving a mysterious monster.
    • Wild Kids
      Episode 14
      Some street kids find a girl's near lifeless body in the river and debate whether to pull her out. They take her back to a young teen who, after seeing the mysterious girl fight off some bad guys, decides to have her join the gang on their next heist. The young teen turns out to be Meg, and the girl eventually remembers her name: Jo.moreless
    • Showdown in Osaka
      Episode 13
      The city of Osaka is under siege due to Iriki's tyrannical actions, and Takane finds herself, as well as the people she needs to defend, backed against the wall. With Meg being held hostage, Sei finds herself on a short leash in dealing with Iriki, as any brash moves could spell a fatal end for her colleague.moreless
    • Tower of Tears
      Episode 12
      Has Jo met her match when she's hauled in by an elite, Hawk Squad Cop? Will the city of Osaka crumble under the iron first of RAPT? Can Sei reveal the mystery involving the siege and the mutant creature? Or will Jo go down as just another warrior slain on the battlefield of domination?moreless
    • 6/15/04
      A passenger train in Osaka hits a crossing train cabin and derails; the local police are on the alert when they receive a phone call warning of future attacks. Jo goes to Osaka on assignment to protect a fighter in a D.D.D. stadium event, but something goes wrong when his opponent goes berserk and attacks the hero for real.moreless
    • 6/8/04
      Amy usually is proud of her reputation on the 'nets, but finds herself smeared in a campaign full of embarrassing pictures. In order to clear her good name, she has to get to the electronics district, but Sei tells her to stay home while she and Meg go out, and Jo gets Django fixed up. Amy ends up dragging Kyohei along in her electronic adventure.moreless
    • 6/1/04
      Meg and Amy join Sei at a boat party hosted by Sei's Grandfather, Don Laoban. Sei learns of a family secret and her Bai Lan group heritage, but she is also to be married to a member of the Kokuran (Black Lotus) clan as part of a unification plan. But Sei's suitor has other plans.moreless
    • 5/25/04
      Jo and Kyohei try to make their way to Tokyo Tower to find the Crow's nest in the late night hours, but Sei is intent on stopping them, sending Bai Lan troops all over the city. Kyohei only has hours left before a nasty nanobot virus kills him. Will Jo be able to save Meg? Or will the Crow Monster take Meg and Kyohei down with it?moreless
    • Black Sky
      Episode 7
      A mysterious giant bird is rumored to be flying around and preying on young girls. Kyohei's classmate Kazami gets snatched, and Kyohei rushes to find help. Meg ends up getting snatched as well, and Jo must decide whether to obey Sei's orders in a recent assignment or go after Jo. To make things worse, the deal goes wrong when the crow attacks and forces Kyohei to get involved.moreless
    • 5/11/04
      Meg has been undercover as a transfer student at an elite prep school, but discovers some strange activities and a demon in the Ishtar Club. Jo rushes in to save the day, but she's dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, so it's looks like she's joining the school. The Ishtar Club gets suspicious of Meg and interrogate her. Later, the girls find themselves in deep trouble during swim class.moreless
    • 5/4/04
      Meg goes undercover as a high school student at an elite girls academy. Apparently a daughter of a Bai Lan member had gone insane and is recuperating at a nearby hospital. Meg tries to fit in and befriend some of the senior girls while dealing with bland dorm food. But one night, as Meg makes her report, a girl goes out on the roof and is about to jump! Could there be more than meets the eye?moreless
    • 4/27/04
      A train heads off carrying Wong in a liquid casing ready for more experiments. Meg is taken along for the ride and finds herself at gunpoint by Liang who is Wong's twin brother! A minor slip and soon Meg finds herself captured again. The experiments take a toll on Wong. Jo and the rest of the gang are on the pursuit, but so are some other gangs as the train loses control.moreless
    • 4/20/04
      Kyohei gets called back by the girls to do more cooking. Meg and Jo have a new mission: find a crazed man named Wong and bring him back alive. They manage to find him but then another guy shoots him down with a knockout dart and delivers him to RAPT who carry him into another location. Meg and Jo follow and discover a secret lab, and some trouble to go along with it.moreless
    • 4/13/04
      Jo tries to rescue Meg but the mysterious cybot gets away. Jo returns to the trailer with Kyohei, about to shoot him for being a spy. The girls manage to get a lead as to Meg's whereabouts. Jo goes on the rescue mission to the Shibuya District, and her partner is the "helpless victim" Kyohei.moreless
    • 4/6/04
      Kyouhei is a cullinary student who needs a job. Luckily, his teacher passes him just the right flier. And before he knows it, Kyouhei is smack dab in the middle of more action than a kid like him could ever hope to see. And it's all thanks to his beautiful new bosses: Sei, Amy, Meg, and Jo.moreless