Burst Angel

Season 1 Episode 6

Wash this Garden with Blood!

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM May 11, 2004 on TV Asahi
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Meg has been undercover as a transfer student at an elite prep school, but discovers some strange activities and a demon in the Ishtar Club. Jo rushes in to save the day, but she's dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, so it's looks like she's joining the school. The Ishtar Club gets suspicious of Meg and interrogate her. Later, the girls find themselves in deep trouble during swim class.moreless

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      • (Angelique makes an announcement.)
        Angelique: Earlier this morning, someone broke into the Ishtar Club, and with extreme prejudice, vandalized it. This is a horrible blight on our entire school. Some miscreant devil thought it would be funny to destroy the harmony of our environment.
        (later outside with Meg and Jo)
        Meg: Miscreant devil? Exaggerate much, drama queen?

      • Yoko: What's the matter? Aren't you going to eat? Lunchtime's almost over.
        Meg: Uh, I really wasn't very hungry today.
        (Meg's stomach grumbles loudly.)
        Yoko: Oh, my!
        Meg: Uh, you see.
        Jo: Meg's on a new diet.
        (Jo pinches Meg's waist.)
        Meg: Hey! Watch the hands!
        Jo: She was just telling me how careless she is about what she eats.
        (Jo giggles.)
        Yoko: Oh, Jo, you crack me up as much as Meg does.

      • Meg: This sucks. The biggest danger in this crappy place is starving to death.
        Jo: Dig in if you enjoy hallucinations.

      • Meg: (saying grace) "Dear Lord, please make this food taste just a little bit better than yesterday's."
        (Meg picks up a spoon while Jo sits next to her.)
        Meg: Only one way to find out. Gotta dig right in! Bon appetit, me!

      • Meg: Oh my god, oh my god, it's here, it's here, and it's like, totally going nuts on Jo!
        Sei: Meg, what are you talking about? Calm down and tell me what happened!
        Meg: There was, like, this giant algae problem! I mean, it was, like, a monster! And it attacked us in the pool! And then the other students went all "Night of the Living Schoolgirl" on us! This is really bad. Oh, and now Jo's fighting that monster thing!
        Sei: What did this monster look like?
        (A girl is holding Meg's cell.)
        Sei: Meg, are you there? Meg?
        (The girl drops the phone.)
        Meg: Not again.

      • Meg: Why did it happen? Why do you think Nadeshiko turned into that monster?
        Jo: Some bad people took advantage of her. It's sad, really.
        Meg: What's that supposed to mean? Bad people?
        Jo: The weak who are consumed by the demons inside themselves.
        Meg: Eh….What? What are you, a fortune cookie or somethin'?

      • Meg: You're wearing my favorite pair of panties!
        Jo: Sorry. I was in a rush, so I just grabbed whatever was clean.
        Meg: But that's my underwear! Who takes other people's panties?
        Jo: Who cares? We share everything else.
        Meg: Take 'em off!
        Jo: I was going to.
        Meg: I said off!
        Jo: Take it easy. What if an enemy showed up right now?
        Meg: What do you care? You're the one who prances around half-naked all the time.
        Jo: It's easier to fight that way.

      • Amy: So, Kyo, my little devil, how do ya suppose Jo's doing in there so far?
        Kyohei: She gets points in my book just for wearing that uniform.
        (Kyohei sips his drink.)
        Amy and Kyohei: (It's) so not her! (laughs)

      • Jo: Startin' today, I'm going undercover with you.
        Meg: Really?
        Jo: Yeah, you'd have a hard time fighting that thing by yourself.
        Meg: But, Jo.
        (Jo listens.)
        Meg: That uniform's not your style.
        Jo: (looks down and touches ribbon on her uniform) Ooh. You think?

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