Bus Gamer

Season 1 Episode 2

Price of Tomorrow

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Very actiony! Great episode with loads of fighting.

    Mishiba Toki is definetly my favorite character right now, he's awesome! So at the beggining of this episode they manage to win the first challenge and obtain the disk, great... then we see a few flashbacks of Toki's past and brother (I think). Then they do the second challenge which is on their own territory. They suffer quite a few casualties. Mishiba holds his own against this guy but his right arm gets injured, and I wonder what Nobuto's relationship with blood is. Kazuo's light trick was pretty cool, but in the end Mishiba did the real work. They won that challenge. In the future when Kazuo is playing that video game with that girl, that was funny. And then Kazuo drops his backpack (with his gun in it). The girl turns out to be working with the police, and the three of them must come with her. Interesting turnout, hopefully the third episode gives it a proper ending.