Bus Stop

Season 1 Episode 26

I Kiss Your Shadow

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 1962 on ABC

Episode Recap

The story begins with a car going off the road and tumbling down a steep hill. Joe Elliot, who was obviously thrown clear, begins crying he's sorry and it isn't his fault as the car burns up with his fiancee, Donna, inside. Later, in court, he tells that she pushed on the gas pedal and caused the car to go out of control. Through flashback we learn that Donna was rather possessive and whenever she would hold out her arms Joe would have to stop whatever he was doing and come into her arms. It was almost like she had him hypnotized. Her brother, Doug, told her she needed to let up and not smother him.

Back in the present, Joe insists that even though she is dead, she still comes to see him and holds her arms out for him to go to her. He is afraid to go home at nights for fear of her being there. He says her shadow appears with arms outstretched beaconing him to go to her. Joe sees a doctor, the Dr. winds up falling to his death and Joe says Donna did it. Joe apparently descends further into mental instability telling Doug "Please make her stop!! Please make her go back to her grave!!!" Doug, of course, insists it's all in his mind but Joe cannot be convinced.