Busou Renkin

Season 1 Episode 4

Another New Life

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 2006 on TV Tokyo



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    • Koushaku: This mask is magnificent. The butterfly is magnificent. From an ugly caterpillar that no one cares about, transforming into a beautiful creature which people can't draw their eyes away from...The papillon mask is a magnificent symbol of tranformation.
      Kazuki: (remembering what Tokiko said) You'll know when you see his eyes. Eyes with rotten color.

    • Kazuki: (about Papillon Mask) I'll be hard to distinguish his characteristics with only that memo from before.
      Tokiko: You're right...Then should we draw a composite sketch? But I'm no good at drawing.
      Kazuki: That's okay! There's nothing to hide! I'm a master of portraiture!
      Tokiko: You just blurt things out without even a thought...

    • Koushaku: (to Kazuki) I told you before, everyone values his own life above all else. I'll do anything in order to be able to live. What about you? You died once, didn't you? If you don't want to live, then you should just die. You, who merely exists, are telling me to die like this? To accept my illness as fate and just die?

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