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TV Tokyo (ended 2007)


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      Episode 26
      Tokiko attacks Papillion in an attempt to settle the debt Kazuki made with him. Papillion makes no move until she threatens the large flask behind, which contains something he wishes not to be destroyed. Tokiko, thinking its his weapon to destroy the world, manages to crack the flask open only to reveal a white kakugane, made in one month from scratch. As everyone watches, the moon shines a light like the sun, proving that Muto Kazuki still lives on. Using aid from the General and others, Buster Baron launches into space to retrieve Kazuki. But upon his return, Papillion chooses this time for his duel. What outcome will this duel between Papillion and the now human Kazuki be? What will happen to Victor? The end of Busou Renkin is here.moreless
    • Substitute Is Not Required
      Kazuki had sacrificed himself to save the world and left Tokiko in tears. Life continues–Captain Bravo relays the news of Kazuki to his friends as Tokiko is hospitalized, Chouno is left reminescing in Kazuki’s memory.

      Tokiko goes through a series of thinking and rethinking (in her own way) and finally comes to a conclusion that the last thing she can do for Kazuki before she leaves is to defeat Chouno in his place.

      Her friends, Gouta, Hayasaka Oka, Oka’s Busou Renkin: Gozen Angel, and Hayasaka Shuusui goes with her to defeat Papillion/Chouno/butterfly man. Can they manage it? Will Papillion even acknowledge Tokiko as a formidable opponent–one as worthy as Mutou Kazuki?moreless
    • When I Die At The Time When You Die
      The completion of the White Kakugane draws closer and Kazuki still must decide on how to use it. Meanwhile the battle with Victor continues to rage with the Alchemic warriors barely holding their own. Elsewhere Kazuki and Tokiko arrive early where they are supposed to meet everyone for the fireworks. As they draw closer they are interupted by Mahiro and then the alchemic warriors to inform him about the completion of the White Kakugane. Has Kazuki made his choice?moreless
      Kazuki and Tokio return for the new sesmester at school. With their friends, they decide to have a fun-filled day at amusement park. Through the trip, Kazuki and Tokio come to their peak and reveal their true feelings about one another. Meanwhile, the Regiment continues its attack against Victor's new battle form. The final battle comes closer with each passing moment.moreless
    • The Required Decision
      Kazuki, Tokiko, and Gouta arrive at Newton Apple Girl’s Academy and meets up with Papillion and Gozen. However, their meeting was cut off short when a mysterious figure shows up on the other side of the gates; the gates that came between them and Newton Apple Girl’s Academy.

      General Sakaguchi Shousei’s Busou Renkin is revealed, along with how they can un-Victorize Victor and Kazuki. But are they willing to make that sacrifice? Or will one of them be doomed to destroy the world?moreless
      Episode 21
      Hiwatari makes his grand entrance and attempts to do what Captain Bravo has failed: completing Operation Re-Kill. Even though Bravo has his order to kill Kazuki and retrieve the “Black Kakugane” he boldly takes a stand to protect him and faces off against an old comrade.

      When the battle begins to heat up though, it quickly ends with the appearance of General Shousei. All of the wounded Alchemic Warriors are being taken care of and Kazuki, Tokiko, and Gouta receives the chance to finally talk with the people who have been after them. Luck seems to be on their side–the regiment has managed to locate Victor!

      With Operation Re-Kill now suspended, Bravo unable to battle, and Gouta and Tokiko now no longer traitors, will the forces of the remaining Alchemic Warriors be enough to defeat Victor?moreless
    • Putting in Thoughts and Power
      Captain Bravo has come to finish the mission that he started, or so it seems. This time Kazuki is a bit more prepared and the two exchange blow for blow. This time it’s not just a battle of power, but a battle of ideals as well. As the battle rages on it seems that Bravo’s Silver Skin is a power that Kazuki simply can’t compete with, but with everyone’s life on the line can Kazuki really accept losing?moreless
    • If Only You Can Protect
      Kazuki, Tokiko, and Gouta are on their way to the Newton Apple Girls Academy in order to stop Kazuki’s victorization. They ran into Hiwatari and Negoro and were separated due to the battle. Now Kazuki is alone and Tokiko and Gouta are left to fight Negoro.

      However, someplace nearby, Ikusabe and Papillion are still fighting. Ikusabe continues to regenerate himself even after being blown up by Papillion’s Near-Death Happiness butterflies. Papillion finally figured out Ikusabe’s Busou Renkin’s weakness and finds out Kazuki’s destination.

      The Victor Search Team finally found Victor and the group, including Hayasaka Shuusui, face Victor and try to defeat him. But are they truly strong enough to destroy a being that is the closest thing to God? And what happened with Gouta and Tokiko’s battle against Negoro?? Where is Kazuki now?moreless
    • Flight Journey
      Flight Journey
      Episode 18
      Captain Bravo is now under question by the same people after Kazuki’s life. Having failed “Operation Re-kill,” Bravo has a lot to deal with–his loyalty and tactics being the main issue at this meet.

      To make matters worse, the regiment has found out where our heroes are heading! And the three alchemic warriors introduced last episode are hot on their trail. But, there is a speed bump on there path to Kazuki and the others. Chouno once again makes his appearance and puts a temporary halt to their plans.

      Chouno goes up against one of the warriors, but will he be able to defeat him? Will Captain Bravo attempt to fullfill his mission once again?moreless
    • When the Night Ends
      Operation Re-Kill which was carried out by Captain Bravo seemed to have succeeded. Thanks to Kazuki’s energy drain ability along with Tokiko and Gouta’s presence however, Kazuki managed to survive. After seeing how close Tokiko is to Kazuki, Gouta leaves the group without a word and runs into Commander Hiwatari. Hiwatari discovers from Gouta that Kazuki managed to survive and reinstates Operation Re-Kill and adds another object to the mission, the death of the traitor Tokiko. Gouta won’t stand for this and engages Team Re-Kill in order to protect Tokiko.

      Meanwhile Oka overhears the doctors discussion of recovering Kazuki’s Black Kakugane. Fearing for Kazuki’s safety she runs to the only person who she knows might help, Papillion! Papillion seems interested in helping Kazuki but he also dislikes being manipulated. Will Oka be able to enlist the help of Papillion or is it a lost cause?moreless
    • New Power
      New Power
      Episode 16
      Kazuki asks Bravo to start training him again after the day is over and they meet up at the rocky outcrop to the west at midnight. Meanwhile, Tokiko meets up with the blond boy that had been surfing at the beach when they first arrived there.

      However, both Bravo and the mysterious boy are both acting strangely suspicious. What’s going on? What has Bravo found out about the Black Kakugane that may endanger Kazuki’s life?moreless
    • Existence of Middle
      Kazuki tranforms into a being just like Victor. And with that, our hero beings his battle against the new nemesis.

      Just as quick as it started, it ends. Victor leaves the battlefield, with a vow to return and destroy anything associated with alchemy; alchemic warriors and homunculi alike.

      Kazuki tries to stop Victor from departing, but is stopped by Tokiko. The Victor-like appearance of Kazuki crumbles and he returns to normal. Kazuki hitches a ride with Chouno and Tokiko takes a ride compliments of Okakura to the L.X.E base, where Captain Bravo continues to face up against Moonface.

      Why did Kazuki turn into a being like Victor? Will Captain Bravo be able to defeat Moonface? And who is the blonde kid?moreless
    • Who are you?
      Who are you?
      Episode 14
      The “traitor” has finally woken up and that spells trouble for Kazuki’s high school as everyone’s energy is being drained. Chouno’s face off against Dr. Butterfly results with his “Near Death Happiness” Arms Alchemy has ended with the defeat of Dr. butterfly. Chouno interrogates his grandfather as Kazuki and Tokiko race to the top of the high school. Kazuki attempts to destroy the “traitor” but he’s too late and Victor is released. The two warriors and Victor duke it out in what seems to be a losing battle for our heros.moreless
    • Signs Of Death
      Signs Of Death
      Episode 13
      The truth behind Tokiko and Kazuki is known through various events and now the school has finally come to their senses, they cheer their new heroes on! This mysteriously gives Kazuki power, power to defeat the homunculi standing in their way!

      Just when you thought it was going to all end right there and now, the freak in the speedo appears. Chouno has something new up his arsenal though–his own Kakugane!

      What is Chouno’s true intent? Will Dr.Butterfly fulfill his master plan? What about the school and the students destined to become Homunculi fodder? And what is this new Homunculus that Dr.Butterfly has created?!moreless
    • Carnival
      Episode 12
      Chou’s grandfather and Moon Face discuss the inevitable battle that will soon take place; Homunculi vs. Alchemic Warriors. What they don’t know though, is that Chou hears the whole thing, including the small excerpt from his grandfather. He says that his grandson would never stand a chance, that he and Chou are on a different level. With those words now engraved in his mind, Chou moves on and tells himself that he is on the same level…and is determined to prove it!

      Dawn breaks and the time to infiltrate the base is now! The three warriors make their move and after some interesting manuveurs and a enraged Tokiko, they finally enter only to realize that the revitalization tank and most of the labratory is gone!

      What will they do? Action will be taken place at Kazuki’s school…but will they be able to save the school and hide their identities in time? And what about Chou? What is he planning?moreless
    • Two People Separated By Death
      Hayasaka twins’ childhood and just how they became so dependent on one another and why they wanted to become homunculi. They were saved by Dr. Butterfly when they were younger and trapped.

      However, after Shuusui tells this tragic story of their childhood, Tokiko still intends to fight them. But what is this? Is Kazuki intending to save the twins and fight Tokiko?moreless
    • You and I have A Affinity
      Kazuki leads Shuusui out into the open where there are no walls or obstacles to worry about. Ouka tries to ambush Kazuki but Tokiko quickly saves him with her own Busou Renkin. Tokiko and Ouka commence battle. While Tokiko's Busou Renkin is of her death scythes, Ouka's is that of a bow and a weird looking creature that shoots the arrows named the "Angel Gozen". As the battles wear on, who will be the victor?? Who are the Hayasaka siblings??moreless
    • The Hayasaka Sister and Brother
      Kazuki recieves the day off, after Tokiko calls Captain Bravo asking for permission. On this rainy day off, we meet the Hayakasa Twins: Hayakasa Ohka and Hayakasa Shuusui. Shuusui, being head of the kendo club, and someone you generally don't want to mess with. Is challenged by none other than our hero Kazuki, who loses in the process. The twins may seem like average teens, but there is a small fact they are concealing. Something that could spell the end of the two Alchemic Warriors attending Ginsei High School.
      What is it that these siblings are plotting? Why do they both have Kakugane?moreless
    • Night In the School Dormitory
      After Captain Bravo defeated the Busou Renkin-wielding Homunculus, they attempted to question him about the L.X.E. organization. However, before they could get any information out of him, he was killed by his comrade “Jinnai” who claims that he will soon return to steal back the kakugane.

      Kazuki undergoes a special training given by Captain Bravo as Tokiko is placed under another mission: a mission to keep the kakugane safe. However, there was a transmitter within the kakugane that forces “Jinnai” and Tokiko to fight each other.moreless
    • If You Suspect Hypocrisy
      Being called a ‘hypocrite’ by your mortal enemy must take a huge blow to one’s ego–and there goes Kazuki’s ego. Being the nice guy he is, he even shedded tears for the Papillion. And here, we’re introduced to “Captain Bravo”, who states that, should Kazuki agree to it, he can become a Renkin warrior, just like Tokiko!

      Tokiko joins Kazuki’s high school the next day due to Captain Bravo’s plan (and Captain Bravo himself becomes the new dormitory manager.) However, when a funny situation comes around, a serious one follows. We discover that Papillion Mask is actually alive–all thanks to his great-great grandfather.

      After a nice history lesson from his great-great grandfather, Papillion decides to meet up with Kazuki at a local restaurant in a completely new (but no less homo) outfit that is befitting to his second resurrection. Of course, thanks to his new bizarre costume, he frightens normal people and then–comes in Captain Bravo, in his full silver uniform glory. Those poor workers.

      We get to see Captain Bravo in action against a homunculus wielding a Busou Renkin–and we get to see another homunculus’ butt kicked!

      A declaration of war is set between Kazuki and Papillion Mask and Kazuki agrees to become a Renkin Warrior. A new battle awaits!moreless
    • Butterfly of Black Death
      Kazuki learns the truth of Koushaku's intentions. He has been sick all his life–he wants to become immortal and never become weak again. And he gets his wish after a struggle with his brother, turning into a one-man freak show when his prized homunculus latches to him. Transforming him into a "beautiful" butterfly. Killing his whole family after the process, he and Kazuki face off once again. But, being immortal was not what Koushaku imagined it to be. With two Kakugane at his disposal–one of which is Tokiko's–will Kazuki be able to defeat Koushaku and save Tokiko? Or is Kazuki as good as dead and Tokiko's fate sealed?moreless
    • For the Sake of the Person Who Must Be Protected
      Kazuki and Tokiko retreat to form a plan on how to defeat the eagle Homunculus but not all goes as planned when Tokiko receives possibly critical injuries. Hurt but not out for the count the eagle Homunculus plans to target Tokiko, but Kazuki won't hear of it and they face off in an exciting and explosive duel. Kazuki learns the reason behind this Homunculus's awesome strength is quite similar to the source of his own will to fight. When the battle turns against him and all seems lost Kazuki decides to go for broke and unleash a powerful but dangerous attack. With Tokiko's life on the line will Kazuki succeed in defeating the Homunculus? And even if he does with only one day left can he hope to save Tokiko's life?moreless
    • Another New Life
      Another New Life
      Episode 4
      After searching hard for the Papillion Mask, they finally found him–although he was definitely not what they were expecting. He supposedly wanted to bargain with Kazuki: the antidote to the Homunculus attached to Tokiko’s body for his Busou Renkin, but Kazuki refused. With a single Kazuki punch, The Papillon Mask was knocked out and brought to be questioned. (The “antidote” was a fake.) As soon as they finished “talking”, the super-powerful Homunculus came to save the Papillion and thus–A NEW BATTLE BEGINS!moreless
    • You Became A Little Strong
      Muto Kazuki and Tsumura Tokiko are investigating who is behind all the homunculi appearances and hostile acts. Only with two leads: He wears a Papillion Mask and attends Kazuki’s high school.

      With that in mind, Kazuki and Tokiko do a thorough search of the high school–searching for more leads as to who this mysterious ” Papillion Mask Creator ” is. Time is short because of the Homunculus attached to Tokiko, which threatens to take control and transform her into one of the Homunculi in one week!

      However, the Papillion Mask Creator knows of the seek-and-destroy mission they are conducting, and sends a Frog Homunculus after them. Kazuki, who does not wish for Tokiko to fight in her current state, battles with the frog homunculus. The outcome?moreless
    • The True Form of Homunculus
      As Kazuki begins to learn more about his enemy and the source of his power he decides to assist Tokiko in the eradication of the Homunculi in his town. As Tokiko begins investigating the "haunted factory" of the Homunculi she discovers a very disturbing thing, apparently the Homunculi have been developing a new weapon, a parasite that turns people into man eating monsters! Not only that but apparently the Homunculi are not doing this alone, but are being led by someone who goes to Kazuki's school. Matter's get even worse when the parasite chooses it's target, and you'll never guess who it is! With danger in the air Kazuki must learn to master the power of his lance, in one week!moreless
    • A New Life
      A New Life
      Episode 1
      While exploring an old run-down building, Kazuki Muto witness a girl being attacked by a monster. In an attempt to save her, he is stabbed through the heart. Although it all seemed real, Kazuki wakes up in his bed the next morning. Thinking it was a dream, he heads off the school. Things change when he is attacked by the monster. Was it really a dream?moreless
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