Busou Renkin

Season 1 Episode 15

Existence of Middle

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 2006 on TV Tokyo



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    • Tokiko: (in her swimsuit) What is it? Is something unusual?
      Kazuki: Oh no, it's nothing strange. (points at Tokiko's navel) It's just that your navel is exposed...
      Tokiko: (covers her navel) Don't point! I only bought this one because it was the only one they had. It couldn't be helped! And anyway, you've seen my navel before, haven't you?
      Okakura: You've seen it?
      Kazuki: Did I?
      Tokiko: I told you to stop looking!
      Saa-chan: They're so intimate!
      Chii-chin: Or rather, it's like something out of a junior high school student's diary...

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