Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kids

NBC (ended 1974)


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Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kids

Show Summary

The show was about a group of young people who were members of a band, the Sundance Kids. They had a lot of fans, had records, signed autographs, etc. But the band was just a cover. Actually, the Sundance Kids were undercover members of the CIA. They posed as a band to lift suspicion off of them while they solved the cases assigned to them.

They got their assignments from their 'manager' a branch of the CIA posing as The World Wide Talent Agency. The head of it was the manager, a huge computer called Mr. Socrates, who looked and sounded like HAL from '2001, A Space Oddessy', and who would contact the Sundance Kids va Butch's radio ring whenever he had an assignment for them. He would line up a gig for them so no one would wonder why musicians were there while they solved the case. There was at least one song in every episode.

The characters:

BUTCH CASSIDY (seriously!): (Not based on the character Paul Neuman played in the 1968 movie) The Designated leader of the Kids. He plays Lead Guitar and is the Lead Singer of the group. Unlike Fred of Scooby Doo, he only bossed people around because he had to, he was told to. Seeing as how he was the one chosen to lead the group, he takes his job very seriously and whenever he is on a case, almost everything takes a backseat to that. He's a good leader and deducter of facts, and can fly a plane. He is a very sweet and caring person who seems to favor Merilee a great deal seeing as how whenever the group splits up, he makes sure to have her with him. Unlike Fred, though, he doesn't take both girls, he always splits them up, one boy, one girl. He is fair and sometimes even asks people how hey would like to split up. However, he has a big fault, he does flirt with several girl who think he's handsome, whether they are fellow agents, or fans, which Merilee does not like too much, fueling the thought that they are a couple.

MERILEE (MERI): Butch's right hand woman who always goes with him whenever the group splits up. She and Butch seem to have feelings for one another seeing as how she seems to get jealous whenever girls flirt with him and he always addresses her first whever he speaks to the group. They do seem to care deeply for one another. She plays the tambourine and is a backup singer and dancer for the band, although she was seen playing guitar once. Despite the fact that she's an attractive blonde she is ANYTHING but dumb. She can fly a helicopter, a jet plane, and can drive a speedboat. She does ask a lot of questions, but they are good questions which play an important part in solving the case. She is also the groups 'Mistress Of Disguise" and can dress herself up in anything from an old lady to an Italian Flower Peddler. She seems to be a bit sensitive and insecure, but when thousands of girls are throwing themselves at your David Cassidy look-alike boyfriend, she can't really be blamed for that.

STEPHANIE (STEFFY): She is the Bass Guitarist and backup singer for the band. She is the leader of her group whenever Butch splits them up. She is very kind and sweet..although she loves to tease her brother, Wally. But they do work well together and get along when they are on business. She's the navigator of the bunch and is the one to go to for directions. She is close to Merilee seeing as how they are the only two girls. She is a brunette and is the one to keep Wally in line when it looks like he wants to back out of it. She is responsible and caring, and watches out for Wally. Like Merilee, she's scared of mice and dark places, but she does brave them.

WALLY: The drummer, Steffy's brother, and backup singer of the band. He's the exception to the rule seeing as how he doesn't really want to be a CIA agent. He is the avowed coward of the group..but unlike Shaggy, only Steffy seems to pick on him. He does try to get out of it whenever he can, but someone pulls him back and reminds him it's their job to do the case. But he is loyal and devoted to his friends and seems to be close to Butch. He does whatever Butch tells him to, even when he doesn't want to cause he does know it's his job. He is a good agent and does ask good questions, even though he doesn't want to be there. He does care for everyone, especially his sister Steffy.

MR. SOCRATES: The computer and head of the World Wide Talent Agency, the branch of the CIA that the Kids work for. He gives the Kids their assignments and seems to be more human than other computers. For one thing, he is seriously allergic to dogs, and can worry and be happy.

ELVIS: The Kids pet dog and mascot, he loves the Kids to death and always tries to be with them everywhere. Including sneaking in to the World Wide Talent Agency even though Mr. Socrates is allergic. He sometimes blows Merilee's disguises or gives away a hiding place....but other times he is very necessary by sniffing out clues and villains.moreless