Butt Ugly Martians

Nickelodeon (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • This is...the Butt-Uglies
      Dr. Damage proves once and for all that the Uglies aren't conquering Earth but goofing off. He shows Emperor Bog a tape of them making a video showing that they are friendly to get the humans to trust them. That's proof enough for bog and any trust he had for them just went right out the window.moreless
    • Let's Make a Deal
      Let's Make a Deal
      Episode 25
      The Butt Uglies make a death-survival deal with Emperor Bog to see who can make it past Lava Canyon.
    • If the Suit Fits
      If the Suit Fits
      Episode 24
      Do-Wah-Diddy is destined to find a yellow suit and if it fits him than he owns the suit.
    • Alien Games
      Alien Games
      Episode 23
      Emperor Bog gets a game where he can challenge the Doom Race 2000 - which Mike is playing! However there is a catch if Mike loses then Earth is destroied and when you're playing against Bog and Damage they never play fair.
    • Big Bash in Britain
      The Uglies win a contest that wins them a trip to Britain to play in a concert. Dr. Damage tricks them and replaces the announcer with a robot and plans to put brain wash into the music.
    • Bye Bye B-Bop
      Bye Bye B-Bop
      Episode 21
      Shaboom has been accused of stealing the Scorpidian (Bog's new weapon, which is almost invincible) and now is on the run and come to arrived on Earth. Pecan has been assigned to arrest her and after saving her he retreats to get some more fire power. B-Bop then goes into space with Shaboom to help her get a new identity. Also Pecan has returned to arrest the kids, Martians and Shaboom and he now has the Scorpidianmoreless
    • Unbrainwashing Muldoon
      Dr. Damage creates a program that will brainwash the Butt Ugly Martians, but it accidentally gets sent to Stoat Muldoon.
    • Everybody Loves Angie
      Emperor Bog wants to hire a bounty hunter, Chitzok to invade Earth. Suddenly, Chitzok falls in love with Angela.
    • Better Off Without Us
      The Martians decide to leave Earth, believing they are the reason why Earth is in danger so much.
    • Bog's Missing Trophy
      It's galactic hunting season and a mythical, Snarlick has been spotted heading to Earth by the Karsch twins. However Bog wants the Butt Uglies to get the Snarlick because legend has it that who ever eats the Snarlick will super strength and powers. The Karsch twins don't want to lose their Snarlick the Uglies go into combat to stop them from getting it. The take the Snarlick and send it back into space but to stop Bog from getting powers they instead send him a hamburger from Quantum burger. Even though Bog doesn't have his prize he still doesn't want to share.moreless
    • Emperor Damage
      Emperor Damage
      Episode 16
      Dr. Damage sends Shaboom and Emperor Bog into a Red Hole (red holes are worse than black holes) so than he can become Emperor.
    • Muldoon's Big Catch
      While Emperor Bog is trying to make an alliance with the King and Queen of Trakton, Dr. Damage is sent to look after the young, Prince Netzor.
    • Bog in Charge (Part 2 of 2)
      Now with a lot of evil aliens on earth, and the Uglies are stuck on Bog Star, with no BKM, Earth is in grave danger. The only thing they can do to get BKM working is to get the part needed for Ultra BKM but it's in Infi Knight.
    • Bog's Not So Dumb After All (Part 1 of 2)
      2T-Fru-T decides to make BKM Ultra for them, but when they try to transform, it doesn't work, and the only problem is that the regular BKM doesn't work either but the worst part is Rinko has proved to Bog that the Martians are traitors.
    • Out of Sync
      Out of Sync
      Episode 12
      The Butt Uglies and Cedric make a music video for a contest. The Martians than find out Stoat Muldoon is fired and has been replaced by the scientist that tried to disect them once before.
    • Thats No Puddle, That's Angela
      2-T-Fru-T has come up with a way to let the Martains walk around invisible. Mike borrows the device and is surprised to find out it works differently on humans - and accidentally turns Angela into a puddle. Meanwhile in the desert Lt.Pencan is setting up an earthquake device.
    • Brothers from Another Planet
      The Martians are filming a fake progress report using a hologram of a made-up alien named a Karsch.
    • Introducing...the Ultimate Infi-Knight
      Dr. Damage shows Emperor Bog that the Martians are goofing off by showing a clip of Angela kissing Do-Wah-Diddy. He sends down a robot called Infi-Knight but how can the Martians and Muldoon fight something that only gets more powerful when they shoot it. There's only 1 way use the infi-Knights greatest power against it.moreless
    • Damage's Little Girl
      A female Butt Ugly Martian named Shaboom-Shaboom arrives, saying she ran away from Bog Star. The Martians immediatly fall for her but Dog and Angela are suspicious of her strange actions and it is confirmed when she sends a transmission to Damage saying that she stole their powers. Worst of all is that she has implanted them in a giant robot that will destroy the city. Their only hope is to get Shaboom to go onto their side bt another problem is she is midn controlled by Damage.moreless
    • Big Bang Theory
      Big Bang Theory
      Episode 7
      Muldoon sees Dog in the streets while he is flying home with Mike to upload his essay and Muldoon takes Dog. When the Martians find out, they hi-jack a top-secret government facility owned by a mad scientist named, Dr. Brady Hacksaw. There are two problems though, this scientist is obsessed with dissecting anything that isn't from Earth. Also a little alien (called a nitchip) is let out of it's cage while the Martians go to get Dog and when it's exposed to Earth's atmosphere it reaches critical mass exploding and destroying the whole planet.moreless
    • Koo Foo
      Koo Foo
      Episode 6
      Koofoos are ruthless according to the Martians. The Martians tell the kids a story about the Koofoo that they were an alien race that were so powerful that there was no alien race that could stop the Koofoos not even the Martian fleet but all of a sudden the Koofoos dissepeared without a trace. That's when a Koofoo ship lands in the Sahara the Martians go there to destroy it but spare his life because Angela tells them that the Koofoo wants peace. The show ends with them becoming friends.moreless
    • Mike in Space
      Mike in Space
      Episode 5
      Mike is accidentally sent to Bog with a few other things. It's up to the B.U.M. team to save him. However Damage and Bog don't want to give up Mike that easily.
    • You Bet Your Planet
      The Martians used to be record holders at a game called Toget, a game in which one team tries to send a meteor to a planet and the other team tries to prevent the meteor from destroying the planet. They are talking with someone named Rinko who basically has pre-bet that the Martians win a game of Toget. Obviously they don't want to do it but he captures them in a bubble and threatens to squish them if the don't so the Martians except. The Martian's opponent is an alien named Humunga. The Uglies have never lost at defending a planet but Humunga has never failed at destroing a planet.moreless
    • Meet Gorgon
      Meet Gorgon
      Episode 3
      A fire breathing, shapeshifting alien named Gorgon finds out about Dr. Damage's newest invention, "the deatomizer" which can basically deatomize anything that it shoots at.
    • Jax, the Conqueror
      A Martian that was a conquerer in the past is sent to help the Martians destroy Earth. However are his intentions really to help the Martians or are some old grudges still being held and new secrets being kept.
    • Playback / Payback
      The Butt Uglies send a progress report to their emporer (Bog). However Damage (Bogs assistant but he doesn't really like him) finds it too good and convinces Bog (rather quickly) to send his robot to spy on them to see if they really are conquering Earth and it discovers some secrets that are meant to be kept away from Bog and Damage.moreless