Butt Ugly Martians

Nickelodeon (ended 2003)


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  • I'll never know how this got greenlighted

    No seriously, this show's concept should have been thrown into the garbage day 1. Butt Ugly Martians? Who in their right mind is going to want to watch a show with that kind of title? Even if it's meant as a joke, it's not funny. It's just a dumb name and a show that's even more brainless as well.

    Nickelodeon, what happened to you? You used to bring us really good cartoons, and then you slipped into this drivel?
  • How did this get a 5.1?

    And it was 5.2 before I voted. And no I never watched this show. Why? Because just the name makes it sound stupid. I mean Butt-Ugly Martians. Does that sound like a good show to you? To me it seems like it's going to be butt-ugly! I forgot this show even existed until I found a site that had lists like "Top Ten Most Ridiculous Television Series From Nick, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel", "Top Ten Least Funny Shows From Nick and Cartoon Network", and "Top Ten Least Funny Shows From Nick, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel". And they had this show on all these lists. I mean who came up with this show? The saddest part of it all is this may actually be better than Rabbids Invasion, Sanjay and Craig, or Breadwinners. And it's still bad! Oh well, at least it's off the air. Also, I found out S. Scott Bullock is in this. You know what other terrible Nick show he's currently in? Breadwinners!
  • Imagine Invader Zim, but take the humor away and make it cheesy, put in bad CGI, and make the characters annoying, and you got Butt Ugly Martians.

    You ever meet one of those people who said they were probed anally by aliens? Well watch this show and you will know how that feels. Seriously, Butt Ugly Martians is one of if not the worse show about aliens ever. Everything in this show is bad, the CGI, the characters, and the humor. The story is about a group of aliens that have come to take over Earth and have to deal with each other along the way, but they come to love Earth and defend it. If you thought the premise was stupid, trust me when I say it's the least bad thing about this show. All the characters from the martians to the humans are downright terrible. Everyone is just a cardboard device and have no personality. The humor in this show is just so cheesy, the aliens always give wise cracks that are neither charming or funny and become very annoying very quick and there are a lot of bad puns. The CGI artwork is terrible, the colors are very bright, and the aliens and humans look very terrible. As for the animation, the characters barely move and it's very choppy. The stories are generic and bland that are forgettable. Nothing is new and unique and will make you fall asleep, but at least you won't have to see this show. Butt Ugly Martians has everything that makes this show one of the worst. The plots are weak, the premise is stupid, the characters are one dimensional, the humor is too cheesy, and the CGI is just abysmal. Pass this show up and just stay far away from it forever.
  • Usually Slated as a Series, but not as bad as it's (presumably) thought of as.

    This early 00's Series used to be shown at about 16:00pm on CITV during on Weekdays,usually along with "Digimon".

    While even at that age i knew it was rather Bad, it still made me laugh & provided escapism after a long day (this series certainly was good for that).

    If given a choice between this and the Purile & Innane Rubbish on TV today (especially on CBBC / CITV / Nick & Disney's Networks) i for one would rather have this.

    I can also say as a 1990's - 00's Kid this WASN'T the "beginning of Nick's Decline" (as one user puts it), as they were already going down the toilet long before this series was even made, apart for "Hey Arnold" & "Avatar: the Legend of Anng" Nick haven't made a notable series since 2003.

    Animation: As it's the same style used for "Jimmy Neutron" the only word can be... Equally Bad.

    Characters: Surprisingly few of them overall, some of them really badly designed (Mike & Cedric being the worst examples) but not all("Angela" / "Daa-maj" & "Emperor Bog" [who always seemed to me to have been modeled after "Benito Mussolini";]to name 3).

    Story: Not much i can say to defend that i'm afraid, as it certainly wasn't a strong point of the series, but as "B.U.M" was never supposed to be serious that's beside the point.

    Soundtrack: Probably the most original part of this series, and argueably somewhat catchy

    Overall: Not a Special Series it has to be said (except in th easpect of early 00's Kitch Appeal) but not as bad as it's usually described.

    My Score: 06/12.

    I've never thought I'd care to watch a show less then a Spanish Soap Opera, honestly The Butt Ugly Martians is the worst show to ever air on television. Super Duper Sumos is better then it! What were the creators thinking? Just because Invader Zim got canned doesn't mean you have to create an Alien show right away about Peace loving aliens that like to gorge themselves and ride hoverboards with teenagers. BKM is also the worst idea of all time, "I'm a giant robot! Now I have to fight off our boss to save that guy that looks gender confused!"

    Please do not watch this show, if this show ever comes on again, kill yourself.
  • none

    I like this show alot. It is awesome. I used to watch every sunday whenever i got the chance to. Those were good days. Alot of people say that this show sucks but it is certainly better than some of that new dumb stuff. I know some people would agree this show is better that catscratch or el tigre. Dont be mad at this show be mad about the other dumb shows. they are much worse that this. I love their songs in this show it is so so....!!!!!!!!! gosh dont know how to describe it. Well thats all for now. please dont hate this show it is a memory of the old days.
  • i don't know whats to say except that this was the worst crap that ever went on a tv screen

    They should of put up a warning saying that you will lose your ability to see and 10 brain cells for second of staring at this garbage. i'm so glad it ended thats possibly the best thing to ever happen in the hystory of television. i'm sure people 40 years ago would of never imagined that crap like this would be on their tvs.
    the artwork was below par it looked like it was drawn be a 2 year old. the story plots and voice acting was poor. the writting was about the same level of the show terrible. thank you nick for cancelling this crap.
  • This is probably one of the worst shows ever created.

    This show was so awful, it deserved to get canceled from day one. The characters had unoriginal and "cheesy" personalities, each story-line was terrible, and worst of all, the animation was so terrible, it made me want to kill myself. The show itself was just not interesting at all. My message to the person who thought of this show would probably have to be " Look at this, and Never Do It Again ! " ....
  • Yeah this show influentuces kids to jump off bridges , skip school and join suicidal cults with aliens! Thats how this influences kids

    Wow of all the idiotic crap Nick has shown this is probably the worst. Topped only by the upcoming show Mr. Meaty. this so much crap i dont think I can say it enoguh times to express my feelings for it. But I\\\'l try

    crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap ! What kind of name is Butt ugly any way. Butt is exaclty what this show comes out of
  • I personally liked it to bad it got cancled.

    I think it was an exciting show and not something where nothing happens. The animation was good and also I think that if it wasn't canclled before it went into season 2 they would have had some great ideas for what would happen. Like instead of trying to cover up how they love Earth than they now need to protect it with Muldoon that would've been a nice change of pace. The only thing I would change would be how they made it sort of like the Martians were from the 1960s and also take out the boy band stuff. Other than that I liked it. Also just to say this to anyone thinking it. The show wasn't made to replace Zim. The fact that it used to come after Zim means nothing. It is just another tv show not made to replace anything. They are too different.
  • pretty good show

    The Butt Ugly Martians came to invade specific planets managed by the evil, Emperor Bog. The B.U.M team were forced to do evil schemes to do conquering for the evil emperor. The Butt Ugly Martians had no choice but to conquer Earth, itself. The Butt Ugly Martians were not surprised at all, there opinions would soon change. The Butt Ugly Martians became addicted to Earth. They found out about comic books, hamburgers, video games and music videos. The Martians were astonished! The B.U.M. trio said they would never hurt Earth. There new friends, Mike, Ronald, Cedric and Angela showed them that Earth was the best. The Martians think over their plan and how much trouble they will be in if Emperor Bog finds out. \"Who cares?\", they think. However defending Earth won\'t be an easy thing to do so their tech officer creates BKM which allows them to go giant and kick anybody\'s butt. But not everyone on Earth is very welcoming of aliens (like Muldoon alien hunter) so the Uglies are gonna stay hiding but they don\'t care.The Butt Ugly Martians will continue to hang out on Earth as long as Emperor Bog never finds out. Butt Ugly Martians, go! The Butt Ugly Martians will never tell a soul about their awful plan of conquering planets! Let\'s get ugly!
  • What is this?

    What is this show? Is this supposed to take over Invader Zim? I dont think so. I only watched the first episode of this show and I was appualed I never tried it again. Thank God Nick cancelled it Nick does that alot they have this weird shows on have like 4 or 5 episodes and then take it off (I guess to test it out) and half the time it doesnt work.
  • Show about martians

    I hate this show so unbelivably much. There is not one good quality of this show. The writing is bad, voice acting is awful, CG is pretty cheap, the characters aren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t likeable, the show is unfunny, unorginal, repetitve(each episode is identical), and overall, I hate this show. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m amazed at how long this crap lasted.
  • As Nickelodeon's first CG cartoon, the plot was simple enough: Martians come to invade the earth and decide they like it too much to conquer.

    I liked it alot. Sure the CG was somewhat shoddy, but this was made in 2002, what do you expect? It DEFINATLY is not a Zim copy cat, as the plot lines are totaly oposite. I watched and taped nearly every episodes(thank god I still have 1 tape) THe Martians were cute, named after dance/music styles, which was clever in a way. Even when the show ended, the plot was left wide open in case the creators wanted to return. Wish it would. All in all, the show was awesome.
  • A sad try to replace Invader Zim.

    I only watched it one time for Robert Stack. And boy did it stink!. It was just nick's way of replacing Invader Zim, for the kids. Well it did not, I hated it. The C.G.I was ok, but the plot stunk. Like Cartoon network, nick is going down hill fast. It has been years since nick has made a show that did not deserve to be cancled.
  • This show has a poor plot, and the title is a bit...weird. So, why do I like it so much?

    Why do I like the Butt-Ugly Martians? Is it because of the cool action put into the show? Is it because the characters are 3-dimensional, literally and figuratively? Is it because this show is also hilarious?

    I used to wake up early and watch this TV show before going to school. Good times. I always remembered it as a great show, but for some reason nobody else liked it. I would really like to see this show again, now that I am a bit older, and see how I like it. But, the last time I checked (3 years ago), I have to admit, this is an okay show.
  • It was an okay show, the intro song was nice. It needed a better plot if this show needed to succeed. Nickelodeon made a risk putting this show on the air in 2002 and it turned out as a turn off. The makers should have thought of a better plot.

    It was an okay show, the intro song was nice. It needed a better plot if this show needed to succeed. Nickelodeon made a risk putting this show on the air in 2002 and it turned out as a turn off. The makers should have thought of a better plot.
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