Butt Ugly Martians

Season 1 Episode 26

This is...the Butt-Uglies

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 2003 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The show starts off with Bog being mad fun of at the Cantina. When he hears it he threatens the aliens and tells them they are next. The starting begins. We resume with the Martians, Angela, Cedric and Mike waiting for Quantum burger to close. Unfortunatly with Ronald doing the cleaning and singing while doing it things aren't going well with that. Just when he is getting ready to leave he sees he left a table un clean and now Do-Wah can't take it any more and scares Ronald silly. The kids later are telling Ronald that Do-Wah was there friend tring on his Halloween costume. Ronald is confused about why their friend is doing that in July but is too tired to figure it out and leaves. 2T and B-Bob lecture Do-Wah about scaring an inocent human and the kids tell them that a human who never met them before will get pretty scared of him. That's when the Martians decide to get the planet to know them so they can do what they want and won't be in hiding anymore and the scene changes to the ZAPS acrade. Angela, Mike and Cedric decide to start with changing a Stoat Muldoon comercial from hating aliens to loving aliens. The comercial goes from "So remember aliens are not to be trusted, or accepted because aliens are not our amegos" to "So remember aliens are to be trusted, accepted because aliens are our amigos" The scene then changes to Stoat Muldoon showing off a new weapon which is a disentigrater that can destroy anything. Which he accidentaly shoots at his camera. With that it goes to Emporer Bog and Damage who once again tries to convince Bog that the Martians are traitors and this time has a video of them acting to save Angela. Now Bog is real ticked and tells Damage to destroy them so he shoots a beam at them whic creates an avalanche and almost kills Angela. After everything is done Dog gets a transmission from Bog so B-Bop and the other martians tell him that they are trying to make a movie to trick the planet but after they cut lines Bog doesn't believe them. So he has Damage send a robot which looks like a human but has weapons on it's fingers. We return to Earth where Mike has brought Muldoon to see the martians doing a boy band music video. They convince him that they are friendly so Muldoon leaves to get his camera to film him with the martians. Right there Damage's robot warps in. The robot tries to catch them off gaurd but it fails and they destroy it in front of Muldoon who doesn't know that it was a robot. He threatens them and says he's gonna destroy them but Bog, Damage and an army in Infinites make the scene. Muldoon a little scared takes the kids and hides in his van. Bog tells the martians that he's now gonna destroy them but the martians go BKM and begin the fight. While they are doing that Bog activates a camera and interferes with the Cantina's TV to tell everyone there that he is an amazing conquerer and shouldn't be questioned. Back at Muldoons van Angela show Muldoon that the "human" was actually a robot by how she caught it on tape. Back at the battle the martians are captured and about to be destroied but Muldoon makes the scene and stops them. The battle continues and Bog and Damage are glotting on camera but a few lazers wiz by them and they run screaming. After the infinites are destroied Bog and Damage try to escape but B-Bop 2T and Do-Wah tell him to leave Earth alone. Damage gloating and saying how that will never happen but Bog tells him to zip it and that the martians got a deal. They martians know they won't keep their promise but B-Bop says that they can't destroy Bog they aren't killers. Just as Bog and Damage are getting ready to leave Muldoon who was hiding in a rock formation shoot their ship with his disentagrater. The martians aren't happy over this but Muldoon doesn't relize that. Dog recevies another transmission from Bog and Damage who apparently sent robots of themsleves to Earth during the battle so all they really destroied was a ship. Bog tells them that he will destroy them then leaves but as soon as the transmission is over Muldoon says "Bring it on wort head any time is go time for Stoat Muldoon and his martian budies!!!!". All of a sudden we go to space to see the martian fleet orbiting around Earth. The show ends on that note.
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