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ITV (ended 1988)


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Button Moon

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Welcome to the Button Moon guide at TV.com Button Moon featured the adventures of Mr. Spoon, who in each episode would take off in his home-made rocket ship with his family; Mrs. Spoon and their daughter Tina Teaspoon to Button Moon which floated in blanket sky. Once on Button Moon they would have various adventures meeting creatures on Button Moon before heading back to Junk Planet. They would often use their telescope while on Button Moon to spy on creatures on other planets. The characters of the show were made out of everyday objects - paper, buttons, bottles, spoons, tins, etc. and were animated by puppeteers who wore black outfits to blend into the dark background of "blanket sky". The Spoon family (named so because all their arms were made from wooden spoons), lived in a house made out of a cardboard box for walls with a scrapbook roof a paint-pot for a chimney-pot, and knitting needles for a tv aireal, even their furniture was made from Junk; a old Tea box for a dresser, a candy box for a bed with a powder puff pillow, and a table made out of a old jam jar lid with pencils for legs. Even their rocket was made from junk; a plastic funnel for the top, a baked bean tin for the middle, and a sponge pudding tin for the base. The Spoon family lived in Treacle Street on Junk Planet. The show ran for seven seasons between 1980 and 1988, it lived on in tv cult-dom thanks to it's memorable theme song and distinct style until NickJr picked it up in 2005. (opening credits) We're off to Button Moon, we'll follow Mr. Spoon, Button Moon, Button Moon. (closing credits) We've been to Button Moon, we've followed Mr. Spoon, Button Moon, Button Moon. We've been to Button Moon, Button Moon x 4 (be back soon) Button Moon.moreless