Button Moon

ITV (ended 1988)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • The Snoring Princess
      The Spoon family, and the Bottles go to the Button Moon Theatre where they watch Rag Doll and Freddy Teddy's play.
    • Cold Cows On Button Moon
      The Spoon family land on Button Moon to find it is covered with snow. Through the telescope they see Freddy Teddy trying to get food to the cows, but because of the weather the Rainbow Book Tunnel has frozen over, meaning Freddy has to find another way of getting the hay to the cows.moreless
    • Egbert's Birthday
      Egbert's Birthday
      Episode 11
      It's Egbert's birthday and Mr Spoon and Tina decide to take him to Button Moon, whilst Mrs Spoon decorates the house in streamers for his birthday party. On Button Moon everyone is dressed as nursery rhyme characters. But when Captain Large goes to give Egbert his present he finds that someone has stolen it.moreless
    • Whats The Matter With Marrow
      The Spoon family and Egbert go to Button Moon to find Reggie Veggie trying to help his friend Marrow get rid of his root rot. Reggie Veggie pours Marrow a bath and puts in powder that will cure him but Marrow runs off. Through the telescope we see Brew the witch and Thunder trying to redecorate the bedroom.moreless
    • Rag Doll Moves House
      Rag Doll decides she wants a change of scenery, so she calls up Captain Large and Small Bottle to help her move house. Even though she hasn't told him yet she plans to move in with her friend Freddy Teddy.
    • Dotty Teapot
      Dotty Teapot
      Episode 8
      Queenie Jellie is putting on a tea dance on Button Moon. But after Dotty Teapot misunderstands Queenie's instructions, she ends up hanging from the chandeliers and is in danger of falling.
    • Mice Play On Button Moon
      Some naughty mice land on Button Moon and wreck havok with Rag Doll and Freddy Teddy. Rag Doll has an idea to get rid of them though and puts her plan into action.
    • Mr and Mrs Spoons Anniversary
      It's Mr & Mrs Spoon's wedding anniversary, and Mr Spoon is going to take his wife to the Button Moon theater to watch a play. Daddy Egbert and Vanilla bring the Spoon's some flowers, so the Spoon's ask them to join them.
    • Button Moon Talent Show
      The Spoon family, and Egbert land on Button Moon to watch a talent show. Whilst Little Bottle is nervous and gets stage fright, Rag Doll is determined to win at all cost with her dance routine.
    • Little Bottle Floats Away
      It's very windy as the Spoons visit Button Moon. Captain Bottle starts a game of hide and seek, but the only place Little Bottle can find to hide is in a hot air balloon, which considering the weather may not be the safest place for him to be.
    • Benny Bin
      Benny Bin
      Episode 3
      Rag Doll and Freddy Teddy decide to bake a cake for everyone on Button Moon, but after Little Bottle tidies up the mess his friend Benny Bin runs off with the cake.
    • Vacuum Cleaner For Sale
      Vacuum Cleaner seems to be broken so Captain Large decides to replace him with a new cosmic cleaner. All of the bottles are sad to hear that their friend has left and want him to come back.
    • Button Moon Boat Race
      Mrs Spoon and Tina blast off for Button Moon whilst Mr Spoon stays at home to cook dinner. On Button Moon they watch Freddy Teddy, Rag Doll, and Wibbly Wobbly Man have a boat race on Blue Ribbon River.
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