Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Disney Channel (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 42
      Episode 13
      XR takes off with 42 and Buzz has to make a cover story for him. XR then gets kidnapped by the Valkyran raiders. Can Buzz rescue him?
    • Ancient Evil
      Ancient Evil
      Episode 12
      While on an archeological expedition, studying "Planet X", the LGMs stumble upon the quasi-Egyptian resting place of an ancient powerful being called "Natron the 1st."
    • Opposites Attract
      Opposites Attract
      Episode 11
      Comm. Nebula sends Team Lightyear to Mahambas 6 to investigate a gravity problem. It turns out to be Gravitina, making a distraction so she can see Buzz and ask him out. He, of course, refuses, and she's then convinced it's because of her head. To get even she zaps Buzz with a gun that makes HIS head huge, and since it's causing a problem at Star Command (he has a bit of a "head problem", if I may joke outrageously) he has to leave. Well, Buzz decided he didn't like these arrangements, so he went to confront Gravitina. Anyway, team Lightyear was there, they had tried the same thing before, it didn't work very well. Buzz Lightyear defeats Gravitina, his heads back to normal, everyone (except, possibly, Gravitina) lives happily ever after.moreless
    • Holiday Time
      Holiday Time
      Episode 10
      Evil Emperor Zurg steals the "Chrono-Disruptor" from Santa. This is a device that allows the Jolly Old Elf to stop time and deliver all those gifts in one night. Zurg then goes on a terror spree.
    • Speed Trap
      Speed Trap
      Episode 9
      Due to a "diplomatic faux pas" with the Porcelon Ambassadorial Delegates, Team Lightyear is delegated to traffic duty. They spot a large freighter going almost the speed of light, that isn't responsive to hails. The freighter slams into, and destroys, the resort moon Sand De Soleil, and continues on towards the sun of Capital Planet.moreless
    • Return to Karn
      Return to Karn
      Episode 8
      Mira is assigned to accompany the Galactic President and Smoltz (one of her advisors, and of the same race as the President) to a conference. Mid-trip, they're attacked by Zurg and forced to make a crash-landing on Karn. Forced to maintain radio silence, to prevent Zurg from tracking them, they attempt to prevent being eaten, mauled, and otherwise laid low by the various Karnian beasties. Not only is Zurg scouring the face of Karn looking for them, but so is the rest of Team Lightyear (aided by Dr. Furbanna). Eventually, it is disclosed that Smoltz is actually a turn-coat, working with Zurg to try to capture the President (he helped to choose Mira for the mission, thinking that she'd be the easiest to wrangle). With a bit of lucky assistance from a mother Narlzak and her young (...large tunneling Karnian beasts, resembling a cross between a mealworm and a Dune Sandworm...), manage to save Mira and the President from Zurg's plans.moreless
    • Good Ol' Buzz
      Good Ol' Buzz
      Episode 7
      After Team Lightyear thwarted Torque's latest plot, a 150-year-old Buzz travels back to the present with a time traveling device to prevent Mira from being killed. Unfortunately, he can't quite recall just how, when or where Mira is going to die. Will he remember a little too late?
    • Enemy Without a Face
      Team Lightyear get separated and meet up with the last Beletor and the last Krnozian, who're warring over possession of their home planet. It turns out that they're actually of the same race, but small leech-like critters had attached themselves to the backs of their necks and caused them to act violent (violent thought is what the critter feeds off of). In attempting to return the critters to Star Command for further study, they escape, reproduce, and attach themselves to Team Lightyears' necks. Upon arrival, they spill loose and ravage Star Command. Cold air stuns the critters, so XR turns the air conditioning to freezing, thus solving the problem.moreless
    • Star Smasher
      Star Smasher
      Episode 5
      LGMs develop remote trash compactor; Zurg steals it, compacts 42, and then compresses Capital Planet's sun in order to form a black hole. Buzz puts on heat resistant power armor (that reduce down to oven mitts when not in use), flies into the event horizon of the black hole, and activates trash compactors in reverse, thus returning the black hole to it's star-state.moreless
    • Rescue Mission
      Rescue Mission
      Episode 4
      Star Command receives a distress call, and the instructions on how to build a device that will teleport one to where the call is coming from. Buzz is sent; he is met by the insectoid Professor Samsa who informs him that his race's queen is in trouble, and that his entire race is also threatened by some large, powerful race that is attempting to wipe them out. The rest of Team Lightyear is sent to help w/ insect extermination at Cosmo's Diner. It turns out that the insects that are plaguing Cosmo's are the race that contacted Buzz (the device shrunk him). The biggest threat (and the major reason that Buzz is unable to contact Team Lightyear right away) is a Remote Disposal Unit that Cosmo is using to clean up the "bugs".moreless
    • Wirewolf (1)
      Wirewolf (1)
      Episode 3
      Ranger Ty Parsec has been assigned patrol duty on Canis Lupus, guarding a special Galactic Alliance power station that converts radiation from the planet's strange green moon into usable energy. Ty laments the boring responsibility, unaware that NOS-4-A2 is lurking nearby and stalking his robot teamate.
    • Rookie of the Year
      When a summit conferance of the Galactic Alliance is set to meet at Lumini 9 Space Station, Zurg hears tell of it and decides to attack.
    • Lost in Time
      Lost in Time
      Episode 1
      Zurg tricks Buzz into thinking that he is in the future to get him to tell all his secrets.
  • Season 1