Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Season 1 Episode 48

First Missions

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Nov 26, 2000 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Professor Reddschift, Mira, Booster, and XR are pinned down by Zurg's hornets, who are attempting to kidnap Prof. Reddschift. The Prof. is worried that Buzz won't be able to arrive in time to save him from capture. To try to buck up his spirits, Mira relates her first encounter with Buzz, back before she enlisted in Space Ranger Academy. King Nova had been nabbed by Zurg and his Hyper-Hornet in the midst of a conference attempting to convince Tangea to join the Galactic Alliance, but Mira & Buzz managed to defeat Zurg, save King Nova, and convince Tangea to join the Alliance (and Mira to join the Space Rangers). This proves to be less than impressive to Reddschift. Booster then relates HIS first run in with Buzz. Zurg had attempted to take over Jo-Ad with his Mega-Hornet, thus cutting off food supplies to most of the Galactic Alliance. But with Buzz's timely arrival, and with Booster's strength, they managed to stave off Zurg. Again, Reddschift isn't impressed. XR then tells HIS story. A few hours after being on-line, he was in the Star Command commissary, attempting to buy some lime sherbet. Shortly after discovering that they were out of lime sherbet, Buzz stepped forward and gave XR the lime sherbet that he had bought for himself (...NOTE: This is the only conflict I have found between the series and the movie. Buzz's first meeting with XR was when XR was first turned on. But this might be able to be written down to XR's faulty memory. If one watches the movie, one will know why XR acts so "odd"...). This act of generosity and sacrifice manages to finally convince Reddschift of Buzz's capability, but Zurg then appears in his Grande-Hornet (...this time, a very large power armor unit, not unlike something from Robotech or Macross...). Almost on cue, Buzz arrives in Star Command's latest LGM creation, the Vente Ranger (...also a very large power armor unit, resembling a cross between Star Command and the Iron Giant...). The two then battle it out, and Buzz prevails.
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