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    Ooh! *joins*
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    Reasons I am not going to join this Xr Club is as follow. I checked it out an to me it is no diffrent than most Boards I see, It is like the Other Star Command Board. That went under 2 years ago, for the same reason yours is now diying now (from what I see of your members,but what is in numbers right.) to sad to say.

    See this is why I HATE These Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command Boards it is ether 1 A Buzz Lightyear Bashing Board when I visit it or 2 An this I have noticed On almost any Buzz Lightyear board (an I believe it's the same people that go around posting in an/or and making these boards) is A In your Face Hater Of 1 Couple over the rest,that attacks/assults anyone that like this said Couple so they will feel uncomfortable,unwanted unloved an Leave the Board; (an it's not Buzz/Omar) I CALL THAT DICTATING OTHERS! because they want all to like who they LOVE and LIKE As Couples and Charaters. that includeds ones that want to be Faithful an stay True to 1 unsaid Couple all their life unlike most,that think it is innocent to go around the bin an like all couples of the same to the swap around with others, this I find teaches kids and people to be Unfaithful and Untrue,Unjust to the one that comes along later on in life.

    As I myself use Cartoon Couples in my line of work to teach people to stay Faithful and True to Each Other,an it works and they learn to Stay Faithful and True through it,also I have did A Study of over 7,000 of people that have been Unfaithful and Untrue to their Husband and Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend an wouldn't you know it they told me the Caused was the Cartoon Boards and Fans in most Cases taught them it was ok to be Unfaithful and Untrue with Couples.

    Because it's not real just cartoon charaters, but they said it planted seeds later on to make them in REAL LIFE Lead by the Way they were Taught early on by theses Unfaithful Cartoon Boards. I started research on this back in 2003 , an then I open A Bussiness of A 1st Ever Couseling and Assitance for Animation and Cartoons fans it has proven proof of the Cause for me. (no offence to anyone here,this is just me sharing my line of work,an studies I conducted on Cartoons and Animation Actions and Causes,Results in peopleect.

    now back to my Grivance post about not joining this Xrfan club/ Buzz Lightyear Forums continued - Part 2- Well guess What Hate me if you want people but this Couple that is not Welcome to be Love/Liked on your Boards is what Killed the Cartoon Off of Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command at Walt Disney Animation Television. I have known this from the People that worked on Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command with Tad Stones and his Team that they said whanted this unsaid couple together AT THE COST OF THEIR JOB! EVEN an that SAYS ALOT!. they said ever since Day 1; theirs been A Underground Action and Movement and WAlt Disney Animation Television/The Disney Channel/ and Toon Disney to Axe out ALL Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command Airings at any Cost.

    This was put into Action by this Unsaid Couple Supporters at Walt Disney Television Animation and On the Net and in the Goverments of Toon Disney/The Disney Channel were do you think the Whole Disney XD Idea came from? it was from those that were going to make sure that Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command would not get A Chance to Return to the Airwaves of ANY Disney Channel WORLDWIDE. it started in 2006 Mid Summer when Toon Disney Axed Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command off their Lineup and Station. then it would be now ONLY AIRING ON 1 last Station Disney Channel. well The Fans of the Unsaid Couple within Disney Television Animation and the Net Fans; that Supportered this unsaid Couple, that were Angry and Mad that the Unsaid Couple did not get together in Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command.

    Worked together to Axe Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command off The Disney Channel, to do this they had to make some QUICK Changes to their Lineup and start A CArtoon Traditional Animation is Not Loved,Dead and not worth it,dont need airtime anymore Ploy and Stradgey,Agenda. This then Lead to Moving all the Cartoons to LATENIGHTS ON THE DISNEY CHannel and la la the Perfect Attack PLAN!,soon after Disney Channel started Airing Marathons of Kim Possible,Zack and Cody ect. EVEN OVER LATENIGHTS making Latenights to seem UNWANTED FOR Cartoons.

    Then The Final Blows came as The Disney Channel Moved Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command to Weekends at 1:00 A.M. soon the Unsaid Couple Fans within Disney and Without Disney their were on the net,WOULD HAVE THEIR AVENGING and Sweet JUSTICE. Well on May 17,2008 it finally Came the Day when... Disney Channel Axe Buzz Lightyear OF Star Command Off The Air in the United States an; All Unsaid COuple Supporters At Disney and over the net were Avenged and given their Justice and Amnesty for A Half A Decade Of Aching and Heartbrake,Grivings of not seeing this said Couple together for 7 years an A Half more than they wanted to see,by Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command Airing. so on

    This also showed Roots As Far Back as UPN Stations Axing the whole 1 Too Block off UPN Stations do to YES! THAT'S RIGHT VERY LOW PLUMMETING RATINGS FOR BUZZ LIGHTYEAR OF STAR COMMAND AND OTHER CARTOONS TO. then theirs that Whole thing About Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command not Getting Picked Up By Jetix's Block even after Promos for it Aired Saying it was going to be On? in 2003 and 2004? something is proving true to my facts on this,my friends have told me is going on at Disney TV Animation in the Past and in the Present. "IM Not Making this Up".

    It's so hard for anyone to believe people that say they have people that worked on this Cartoon Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command and others ect. at Disney ect. that know more about what's going on than Disney and the Fans do together in their own thinking and to their Aknowlegementment. I wouldn't Believe at 1st to so you have every right to be taking this with A grain of salt people,an put on the shelf I only saying what I heard that's all,an it is not because I am also A Supporter of that Unsaid Couple to alone mind you.

    In closing I will leave you Xr fan Club people in peace,I wont try an tell you what to do,but still I will not be A Member of A Board that goes Against my Convitions and Love and Morals to Cartoon Couples and Cartoons themselves that is personal to me. you go ahead an Live your life an let it Teach you as it taught me, so people have to learn for Expreience an you seem to be one that does,I have been their once (not with Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command Couples, but 2 other cartoons I went off base on) (an it did not make me feel right, so I stop doing it an regained my Joy and Contentment) not as bad but once an it did A Number to my Life and Emotions and Love Life and Love Ones,all Around me to. I could not stand it and I Sought the Divine Voice in me To Show,Give and Attain to me the way to Feel Love and Peace,and Give me Total Amnesty and Independance to my Heart and Spirit and Mind an most of all my Emotions,right then the Aching and Hurt stopped and the Grivings came to an end.

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    I agree, I don't like it when boards or people demand that you follow one pairing and one pairing alone, or spend all their time bashing. However... it seems to me like that's what you're doing, as well. Most of this sounds kind of rude and uncalled for. All the poster did was advertise their XR board when she didn't even mention pairings in the first place.

    I'm not sure what your "study" has to do with Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, or adultery on a whole. I think it's the media itself and what people are exposed to that makes them think being unfaithful is okay, not just fan boards. Who knows, that might play some part too, but I doubt it. I also think your entire argument is rather... weak. I have never heard of this before (because if it is as you say there would be evidence online, when there is nothing) and the show itself never seemed to be heading for this "one couple" that you mention at all (which by now I suspect I know which one you're referring to) except for one scene, and that was only in the first episode.

    The show has been "hidden" and poorly advertised because the producers and companies involved were not happy with the result. People saw this show as a Toy Story knock-off, when it was never supposed to be compared in the first place. That's why the slow slowly started getting off the air and got low ratings. That, and it's been a decade since its release. And if they were clever up in marketing, they would have known that with Toy Story 3's release they would have had a great opportunity to showcase this series again, because there has been evidence that after Toy Story 3, people got interested in both Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command again.

    In conclusion, I think that the show turned out better not making the male lead and female lead fall in love. It shows that they are independent and that they don't have to rely on each other romantically for support; strong friendship and camaraderie is more than enough for Team Lightyear. You can ship what you want, just as I will ship what I want. And despite what may or may not have happened to get this show off the air, as long as there are fans out there who continue to support it, it doesn't matter who ships what. Fans ought to stick together despite their differences. That's pretty much what any show needs in order to thrive; fans.

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