Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Season 2 Episode 10

Holiday Time

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Dec 16, 2000 on Disney Channel

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  • Great holiday episode of a classic series.

    This was a great episode of this classic series. I have it on tape, and I watch it every Christmas. It stands out among the other eps of the series, and it is one of Disney's best holiday themed episodes of anything. The plot is good, the dialogue is appropriate, and the action scene is absolutely top-notch. The other review was right, it is like the Matrix. I love this series, I love this episode, and I love Christmas!
  • A Christmas ep with a totally rocking battle, how cool is that?

    Yes, Santa exists in Star Command's corner of the universe, only the way he does things there is a little more high tech. That is, until Zurg swipes the Chrono Disruptor gizmo and goes on a Christmas-trashing rampage.

    The writing in this ep is your standard corny Christmas storyline, complete with XR being the skeptical one. But really, who needs a stellar plot when you're looking at some of the best animation in the series? And there's the fight between Buzz and Zurg on Tradeworld with both of them using time displacement devices . . . say what you will about Matrix-styled battles, but this is one of the best and wildest I've ever seen.

    So yeah, a Christmas episode that didn't suck, imagine that!