Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Season 2 Episode 3

Wirewolf (1)

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Oct 28, 2000 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Ranger Ty Parsec has been assigned patrol duty on Canis Lupus, guarding a special Galactic Alliance power station that converts radiation from the planet's strange green moon into usable energy. Ty laments the boring responsibility, unaware that NOS-4-A2 is lurking nearby and stalking his robot teamate. When the energy vampire strikes, Ty informs Star Command but insists no backup is required. It arrives anyway in the form of Team Lightyear, much to Ty's chagrin. Ty has been rescued no less that 50 times by Buzz and is sick of being put in that position.

During their next patrol, Ty saves XR from NOS-4-A2, but requires Buzz to save him. The vampire is driven off but not before accidentally biting Ty through the flesh. This puts a werewolf-like curse on Ty who is changed into a robot-ravaging "wirewolf" when exposed to the strange moon of Canis Lupus. Team Lightyear and Ty himself are unaware of the periodic transformations. The wirewolf eludes a trap, shredding XR in the process, before they all discover what's happening. Buzz dispatches the rookies to perform the "Newzonian" manuever while he occupies Ty/wirewolf. Mira and Booster take the drastic action of overloading the core on Cruiser 42 and directing it at the moon. They abandon ship after launching a distress beacon, and the ship destroys the moon. Back on the planet, the wirewolf has bested Buzz and is draining his energy. Buzz appeals the the man within, and Ty gains self-control long enough for the moon to go boom. Buzz and Ty are reconciled as Buzz gives Ty credit for finally saving him.

At the end we see NOS-4-A2 recover a bit of blasted moon rock and fly off with the cry "The wirewolf will live again!" See episode "Revenge of the Monsters" for the continuation of this story.
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